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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2017| May-June  | Volume 27 | Issue 3  

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Stroke in patients with chronic kidney disease…: How do we approach and manage it? p. 167
S Nayak-Rao, MP Shenoy
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Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring – Kids need it too! p. 172
P Pais, A Iyengar
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Hemodialysis vascular access: The perils and potentials p. 175
D Banerjee, R Jenkins
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Brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis through the median antecubital vein p. 177
E Elamurugan, R Hemachandar
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Postpartum acute kidney injury: Experience of a tertiary care center p. 181
MM Mir, MS Najar, AM Chaudary, H Azad, AR Reshi, KA Banday, MA Bhat, IA Wani, MM Wani, M Ursilla
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A comparison of practice pattern and outcome of twice-weekly and thrice-weekly hemodialysis patients p. 185
T Mukherjee, G Devi, S Geetha, NJ Anchan, S Sankara Subbaiyan
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The relationship between metabolic acidosis and nutritional parameters in patients on hemodialysis p. 190
AD Sajgure, TA Dighe, JS Korpe, CB Bale, AO Sharma, NS Shinde, AA Goel, AV Mulay
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Baseline anti-blood group antibody titers and their response to desensitization and kidney transplantation p. 195
BV Shah, P Rajput, ZA Virani, S Warghade
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Prosthetic hemodialysis access-induced distal hand ischemia and its contributors in diabetics p. 199
SM Alamshah, I Nazari, A Nahidi, M Sametzadeh, S Khodabakhshi
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A single-center experience of kidney transplantation from donation after circulatory death: Challenges and scope in India p. 205
S Singh, S Kumar, S Dasgupta, DB Kenwar, M Rathi, A Sharma, HS Kohli, V Jha, KL Gupta, M Minz
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Unusual case of acute lung injury in a renal allograft recipient p. 215
U Anandh, S Marda
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Postrenal transplant metastatic colonic neoplasm: Posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder or adenocarcinoma? p. 218
H Lal, P Yadav, M Dey, N Kumar
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Clinical and genetic profile of Indian children with primary hyperoxaluria p. 222
A Pinapala, M Garg, N Kamath, A Iyengar
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Amelogenesis imperfecta with distal renal tubular acidosis: A novel syndrome? p. 225
RA Misgar, Z Hassan, AI Wani, MI Bashir
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De Novo collapsing glomerulopathy in renal allograft in association with BK virus nephropathy in a child and stabilization of renal function by elimination of viremia p. 228
DN Gera, MK Shah, VA Ghodela, VB Kute, HL Trivedi
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Acute ciprofloxacin-induced crystal nephropathy with granulomatous interstitial nephritis p. 231
R Goli, KK Mukku, SB Raju, MS Uppin
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A case of chylothorax in a hemodialysis patient with left innominate venous stenosis p. 234
M Limesh, A Desai, PG Kedalaya, S Renuka
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Successful treatment of multiple angiomyolipomas with sirolimus in a child p. 237
K Pabedinskas, M Kobrzynski, G Filler
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Lumps all over: A case of chronic tophaceous gout (Harrison syndrome) p. 239
SP Mirgh, MP Venkatesh
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Reusing immunoadsorption column – Making the ABO incompatible renal transplant affordable p. 241
PK Jha, AK Tiwari, SK Sethi, V Kher
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Nephrotoxicity in a patient treated with pemetrexed p. 243
Y Zajjari, M Azizi, Y Sbitti, D El Kabbaj
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