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Ain-Shams Journal of Anaesthesiology

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2015| July-September  | Volume 8 | Issue 3  

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Beyond the fire: smoke inhalational injury as a respiratory concern p. 283
Ayman M Kamaly
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Bilateral single bupivacaine injection ultrasound-guided paravertebral block facilitates early extubation and reduces perioperative opioids requirements in on-pump pediatric cardiac surgery p. 287
Hanaa M El Bendary, Ibrahim I Abd El Baser
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Evaluation and comparison of the three scoring systems at 24 and 48 h of admission for prediction of mortality in an Indian ICU: a prospective cohort study p. 294
Mohd Saif Khan, Pandey Maitree, Agarwala Radhika
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Progesterone versus combination therapy of progesterone, ω3 fatty acids, glutamine and vitamin D 3 in improving clinical outcome in patients with traumatic brain injuries p. 301
Nagy S Ali, Omyma S Mohamed, Medhat S Aead
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Tracheal intubation with the aid of fiberoptic bronchoscopy with or without the C-MAC device in patients with a suspected difficult airway undergoing elective uvulopalatopharyngoplasty p. 308
Khaled M Maghawry, Ayman A Rayan
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Nebulized versus intravenous fentanyl for postoperative analgesia after unilateral arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery: a prospective, randomized, comparative trial p. 316
Ahmed M Abd El-Hamid, Mohamed AI Elrabeie, Ehab E Afifi
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A comparative study of dexmedetomidine, magnesium sulphate, or glyceryl trinitrate in deliberate hypotension during functional endoscopic sinus surgery p. 320
Omyma S M Khalifa, Osama G Awad
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The emergence profile of propofol sedation compared with dexmedetomidine injection during ultrasound-guided oocyte pickup for in-vitro fertilization p. 327
Mayar H Elsersi, Wessam M Abuelghar, Ahmed K Makled
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Efficacy of systemic lidocaine infusion compared with systemic ketorolac infusion in improvement of recovery after laparoscopic bariatric surgery p. 334
Hesham F Soliman, Ahmed R Gharbiya
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Bispectral index-guided induction of anesthesia by ketofol infusion provides the same cardiovascular stability like that of etomidate infusion p. 341
Hesham F Soliman
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The effect of 6% hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 on hemodynamic efficacy and hemostasis in major orthopedic surgery: a comparison with 6% hydroxyethyl starch 200/0.5 p. 349
Hannaa F.M. Salama, Mohamad A Ameen, Mostafa A Aziz
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Bupivacaine in transverses abdominis plane block for postcesarean section either blindly or ultrasound guided p. 355
Mayar H El Sersi, Ahmed K Makled
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Intravenous esmolol versus ropivacaine abdominal wound infiltration for postoperative analgesia after inguinal herniotomy: a randomized controlled trial p. 360
Manal M Kamal, Mahmoud Hassan
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Epidural injection of methylprednisolone with levobupivacaine under CT guidance improve radicular pain in herniated disc versus spinal stenosis p. 364
Enas M Ashrey, Ashraf M Enite, Samy M Abdelraouf
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Epidural dexmedetomidine, tramadol, or neostigmine for postoperative pain after major breast surgeries p. 370
Mohamed Amr Abusabaa, Mohamad H Hamada, Mostafa A Abo El Enin, Salah M Kamal
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Epidural fentanyl for the prevention of autonomic dysreflexia in chronic spinal cord injury patients undergoing urological procedures p. 377
Dalia A Nasr, Tarek Osman Elsayed
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Preemptive analgesia of ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block compared with deep wound infiltration in patients undergoing urological surgery p. 382
Hoda Shokri, Karim O Elsaeed
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Safety and efficacy of intrathecal adjuvants for cesarean section: bupivacaine, sufentanil, or dexmedetomidine p. 388
Ibrahim A Nasr, Sherif A Elokda
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Caudal bupivacaine plus ketamine compared with bupivacaine plus tramadol for postoperative analgesia in children p. 396
Reda S Abdelrahman, Ahmad A Eldaba
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A comparative study between the addition of MgSO 4 against dexamethasone to bupivacaine in the prolongation of ultrasound-guided interscalene nerve block for shoulder arthroscopy p. 402
Niven G Fahmy, Dalia M Ahmed, Ghada M Sameer
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Role of oral clonidine in preventing postsubarachnoid block shivering in patients undergoing elective urological surgeries: an experience p. 407
Israr-UL-Haq Lone, Yasir Bashir, Ansar-UL-Haq-Lone , Nusrat Bashir, Sadat S Ali, Zahoor A Shah, Nadeem A Khan, Mohd A Shah, Abdul Q Lone
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Paravertebral block against intercostal nerve block for postoperative pain relief in open renal surgery: a randomized controlled trial p. 413
Hazem El Sayed Moawad, Diaa-Eldin Taha
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A comparison of different doses of spinal levobupivacaine combined with S-ketamine and clonidine for elective cesarean section: a prospective, randomized, and double-blind study p. 420
Ahmed M Abd El-Hamid, Mohamed A.I. Elrabeie, Ehab E Afifi, Mohamed H Abdel Fattah
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Norepinephrine versus ephedrine for the prevention of spinal anesthesia-induced hypotension in coronary artery disease patients undergoing knee arthroscopy p. 424
Mohamed M El Shafei, Hanaa A El Gendy, Dalia M El Fawy
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Perioperative acupuncture in asthma patients under general anesthesia p. 429
Maha M.I. Youssef, Amani Abou Zeid, Laila Ahmed Abou Ismail
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A comparative study between a small dose of ketamine, lidocaine 1%, and acetominophen infusion to decrease propofol injection pain p. 437
Ayman A Elsayed, Ayman A Rayan
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Cerebral oxygen saturation monitoring: a comparative study between bolus doses of ephedrine and phenylephrine in elective cesarean section p. 443
Khaled M Maghwry, Ashraf E Elagamy, Wael I Tahir
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Anticipated difficult intubation due to intraoral lipomatous polyp p. 450
Neeraj Kumar, Gautam Bhardwaj, Rakesh K Singh
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Acute airway obstructions after heparin-free hemodialysis: management outside comfort zone p. 453
Tushar Kumar
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Anesthesia for herniotomy in Schwartz-Jampel syndrome p. 455
Bahaa El-din Ewees, Dalia M El Fawy
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Postoperative complete amaurosis fugax in severe pre-eclampsia: a case report p. 458
Mohit Somani, Prateek Sharma, Vijay Mathur, Durga Jethava, Sudhir Sachdev
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Significance of preoperative endotracheal tube check p. 461
Ramaiah M Mohan Kumar, Nataraj M Srinivasan
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