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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2012| February  | Volume 135 | Issue 2  

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On the prognostic & predictive impact of immune cells system in colorectal cancer p. 147
Fabio Grizzi, Paolo Bianchi, Luigi Laghi
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The future of bioprosthetic heart valves p. 150
Rizwan A Manji, Alan H Menkis, Burcin Ekser, David K.C. Cooper
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Newborn hearing screening in developing countries: Needs & new directions p. 152
Bradley McPherson
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Prodromal symptoms of recurrences of mood episodes in bipolar disorder p. 154
YC Janardhan Reddy
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Do we care asthma? p. 157
SK Jindal
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Typhoid fever & vaccine development: A partially answered question p. 161
Sandhya A Marathe, Amit Lahiri, Vidya Devi Negi, Dipshikha Chakravortty
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Low cost calibrated mechanical noisemaker for hearing screening of neonates in resource constrained settings p. 170
A Ramesh, C Jagdish, M Nagapoorinima, PN Suman Rao, AG Ramakrishnan, GC Thomas, M Dominic, A Swarnarekha
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Detection of prodromal symptoms of relapse in mania & unipolar depression by relatives & patients p. 177
MK Sahoo, S Chakrabarti, P Kulhara
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Quality of asthma management in an urban community in Delhi, India p. 184
Anita Kotwani, SK Chhabra, Vandana Tayal, VK Vijayan
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Retrospective analysis of lung function abnormalities of Bhopal gas tragedy affected population p. 193
Sajal De
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Knowledge, experience & attitudes concerning electroconvulsive therapy among patients & their relatives p. 201
R Rajagopal, S Chakrabarti, S Grover, N Khehra
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Effect of intermittent hypobaric hypoxia on efficacy & clearance of drugs p. 211
Anjana G Vij, Krishna Kishore, Joginder Dey
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A study on inorganic elements in psammomas from ovarian & thyroid cancer p. 217
Pedro S Olivera Merlin, Paulina del C. Leyva Bohorquez, Ruth Martínez-Cruz, Socorro Pina Canseco, Pedro Hernandez, Margarito Martínez-Cruz, Manuel Sánchez Rubio, Lucía Martínez Martínez, Eduardo Pérez-Campos
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Efficacy of glucosamine alendronate alone & in combination with dihydroquercetin for treatment of osteoporosis in animal model p. 221
Natalya A Muraleva, Evgeniy N Ofitserov, Vladimir P Tikhonov, Natalya G Kolosova
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Chronic infections & coronary artery disease with special reference to Chalmydia pneumoniae p. 228
S Padmavati, U Gupta, HK Agarwal
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Effects of heat stress on endocrine functions & behaviour in the pre-pubertal rat p. 233
Fatih Mete, Ertugrul Kilic, Adnan Somay, Bayram Yilmaz
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Evaluation of disease modifying activity of Coriandrum sativum in experimental models p. 240
Vinod Nair, Surender Singh, YK Gupta
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How endemic is cholera in India? p. 246
BL Sarkar, S Kanungo, GB Nair
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Diagnosis of TB from smear & culture negative sputum specimens by IS 6110 based PCR p. 249
Philip Raj Abraham, VD Sharma, CT Shivannavar
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Evaluation of antibiotic & antibiotic modifying activity of pilocarpine & rutin p. 252
Mariana K.A. Araruna, Samara A Brito, Maria F.B. Morais-Braga, Karla K.A. Santos, Teogenes M Souza, Tiago R Leite, Jose G.M. Costa, Henrique D.M. Coutinho
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Medical PG seats being sold! The Conundrum of Privatized Medical Education p. 255
Anindya Das
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Lacunae of disability certification in mental health p. 258
MK Swami
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Authors' response p. 258
Suresh Bada Math, Maria Christine Nirmala
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Applied technologies in pulmonary medicine p. 260
D Behera
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Global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol p. 261
Rajat Ray, PK Anish
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