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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2015| September-October  | Volume 26 | Issue 5  

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Smokeless tobacco research p. 445
SM Balaji
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The comparative evaluation of fracture resistance and microleakage in bonded amalgam, amalgam, and composite resins in primary molars p. 446
HS Vanishree, BM Shanthala, W Bobby
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Upper airway dimensions and sleep efficiency - three-dimensional imaging analysis and assessment of the nasopharyngeal appliance p. 451
R Venkat, M Vasanthakumar, D Balakrishnan, P Deenadayalan
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Evaluation of the efficacy of a probiotic drink containing Lactobacillus casei on the levels of periodontopathic bacteria in periodontitis: A clinico-microbiologic study p. 462
Faizuddin Imran, Sushma Das, Shyam Padmanabhan, Ravi Rao, Aparnna Suresh, Dhana Bharath
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Soft tissue facial profile in Himachal population: A photogrammetric analysis p. 469
Vikrant Bhandari, Anil Singla, Vivek Mahajan, Harupinder Singh Jaj, Sukhraj Singh Saini
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Anti-microbial efficacy of Allium sativum extract against Enterococcus faecalis biofilm and its penetration into the root dentin: An in vitro study p. 477
Ourvind J.S. Birring, Iluminada L Viloria, Phides Nunez
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Qualitative and quantitative analysis of palmar dermatoglyphics among smokeless tobacco users p. 483
Athreya Vijayaraghavan, Nalini Aswath
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Lingual frenulum and malocclusion: An overlooked tissue or a minor issue p. 488
Anna Cecilia Vaz, Pavithra M Bai
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Oral health status and treatment need among institutionalized elderly in India p. 493
S Sabiha Shaheen, Suhas Kulkarni, Dolar Doshi, Srikanth Reddy, Padma Reddy
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Estimation of high sensitivity C-reactive protein in patients with periodontal disease and without coronary artery disease p. 500
V Anitha, Sushma Nair, V Shivakumar, M Shanmugam, B Meena Priya, P Rajesh
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Comparative clinical evaluation of glycosylated haemoglobin level in healthy and chronic periodontitis patients: A chairside diagnostic method p. 504
TS Srinivasa, Parul Agrawal, Pravesh Goyal, Sana Farista, NK Sowmya, Sushmita Deonani
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Effect of mouthrinses with different active agents in the prevention of initial dental erosion p. 508
Tatiane Alexandre de Oliveira, Tais Scaramucci, Fernando Neves Nogueira, Alyne Simões, Maria Angela Pita Sobral
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Comparative evaluation of tensile bond strength of silicone-based denture liners after thermocycling and surface treatment p. 514
Harsimran Kaur, Kusum Datta
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Effectiveness of different formulations of Endo-PTC to promote root canal cleaning p. 520
Evaldo Rodrigues, Sílvio Albergaria, Gabriela LR Barbosa, Mariana Santoro, Paulo Pacheco, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Silva
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An in vitro evaluation of antimicrobial activity of five herbal extracts and comparison of their activity with 2.5% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis p. 524
Divya Saxena, Suparna Ganguly Saha, Mainak Kanti Saha, Sandeep Dubey, Margie Khatri
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Antimicrobial and antifungal efficacy of Spilanthes acmella as an intracanal medicament in comparison to calcium hydroxide: An in vitro study p. 528
Savitha Sathyaprasad, Bijosh K Jose, H Sharath Chandra
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In vitro antibacterial activity of ethanolic extract of Morus alba leaf against periodontal pathogens p. 533
Shilpa Gunjal, Anil V Ankola, Kishore Bhat
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Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions among chewing tobacco users: A cross-sectional study p. 537
Sujatha S Reddy, Radha Prashanth, BK Yashodha Devi, Nidhi Chugh, Aninditya Kaur, Nithin Thomas
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Fracture management of an edentulous mandible in a geriatric osteoporotic patient p. 542
Sriram Krishnan, Dheeraj Koli, Aditi Nanda, Mahesh Verma
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Dens evaginatus and dens invaginatus in a double tooth: A rare case report p. 545
Gaurav Sharma, Anudeep R Mutneja, Archna Nagpal, Puneet Mutneja
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Surgical management of necrotizing sialometaplasia of palate p. 550
SM Balaji, Preetha Balaji
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