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Asian Journal of Transfusion Science

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2018| January-June  | Volume 12 | Issue 1  

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Haemovigilance Programme of India: Analysis of transfusion reactions reported from January 2013 to April 2016 and key recommendations for blood safety p. 1
Akanksha Bisht, Neelam Marwaha, Ravneet Kaur, Debasish Gupta, Surinder Singh
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Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in a blood donor: Chance finding due to unusual plasma discoloration p. 8
Ashish Jain, Dheeraj Khetan
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First Indian initiative for preparation of low-titer group “O” single-donor platelets with platelet additive solution p. 10
Puneet Jain, Anita Tendulkar, Abhaykumar Gupta
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Prevalence of irregular red cell antibody in healthy blood donors attending a tertiary care hospital in North India p. 17
Raj Nath Makroo, Saroj Rajput, Soma Agarwal, Mohit Chowdhry, Bindu Prakash, Prashant Karna
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Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome: A survey on the knowledge, attitude, and practice among medical professionals at a tertiary health-care institution in Uttarakhand, India p. 21
Ananya Doda, Gita Negi, Dushyant Singh Gaur, Meena Harsh
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Assessment of bedside transfusion practices at a tertiary care center: A step closer to controlling the chaos p. 27
Dheeraj Khetan, Rahul Katharia, Hem Chandra Pandey, Rajendra Chaudhary, Rajesh Harsvardhan, Hemchandra Pandey, Atul Sonkar
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Transfusion support in preterm neonates <1500 g and/or <32 weeks in a tertiary care center: A descriptive study p. 34
RA Shanmugha Priya, R Krishnamoorthy, Vinod Kumar Panicker, Binu Ninan
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Advantages of type and screen policy: Perspective from a developing country! p. 42
Geet Aggarwal, Aseem K Tiwari, Dinesh Arora, Ravi C Dara, Devi P Acharya, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Jyoti Sharma
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Identification of iron status of blood donors by using low hemoglobin density and microcytic anemia factor p. 46
Ashutosh Singh, Rajendra Chaudhary, Hem C Pandey, Atul Sonker
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An approach to incompatible cross-matched red cells: Our experience in a major regional blood transfusion center at Kolkata, Eastern India p. 51
Prasun Bhattacharya, Eeshita Samanta, Nowroz Afroza, Archana Naik, Rathindranath Biswas
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Effect of plasma component transfusion on conventional coagulation screening tests p. 57
Manish Raturi, Shamee Shastry, Mohandoss Murugesan, Poornima B Baliga, Kalyana Chakravarthy
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Heterogeneity of O blood group in India: Peeping through the window of molecular biology p. 62
Harita Gogri, Sabita Ray, Snehal Agrawal, S Aruna, Kanjaksha Ghosh, Ajit Gorakshakar
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Relationship between T2* magnetic resonance imaging-derived liver and heart iron content and serum ferritin levels in transfusion-dependent thalassemic children p. 69
Kiran Suthar, Vishnu Kumar Goyal, Pramod Sharma, Bindu Deopa, Pradeep Singh Rathore, Rama Krishan Bishnoi
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A rare case of hemolytic disease of newborn due to weak D (D unknown) antigen in child p. 75
Nirav Ramesh Dava, Alok Upadhyaya, Neha Agarwal, Amarjeet Mehta, Vijaypal Choudhary, Gourav Goyal
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Jehovah's Witness and consent for blood transfusion in a child: The Indian scenario p. 78
KG Gopakumar, T Priyakumari, Manjusha Nair, P Kusumakumary
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Anti Kpa alloantibody: Development of a rare alloantibody in a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patient of Indian origin p. 81
Sadhana Mangwana, Vivek Gangwar
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Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in an infant with multiple triggers!! p. 85
Sataroopa Mishra, Amitabh Singh, Lavleen Singh, Anirban Mandal, Rahul Jain
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Detection of antibodies to co-trimoxazole (preservative drug) interfering with routine red cell antibody screening p. 89
Deepti Sachan, S Aswin Kumar
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A curious case of thick white slick in a blood bag p. 93
Anju Dubey, Atul Sonker
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