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African Journal of Paediatric Surgery

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2011| January-April  | Volume 8 | Issue 1  

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The perils of medical journal editorship in developing countries p. 1
FA Uba
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Survey of teaching, research and conference experiences of paediatric surgical trainees in Nigeria p. 4
Adesoji O Ademuyiwa, Emmanuel A Ameh, Chris O Bode, Olusanya Adejuyigbe
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Outcomes of surgical treatment of malrotation in children p. 8
AA Nasir, LO Abdur-Rahman, JO Adeniran
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Urethral mucosal prolapse in young girls: A report of nine cases in Cotonou p. 12
MA Fiogbe, GM Hounnou, A Koura, KA Agossou-Voyeme
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Childhood intussusception: The implications of delayed presentation p. 15
SO Ekenze, SO Mgbor
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Management of anorectal malformation: Changing trend over two decades in Zaria, Nigeria p. 19
CS Lukong, EA Ameh, PM Mshelbwala, BA Jabo, A Gomna, OT Akiniyi, PT Nmadu
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Audit of antibiotic therapy in surgical neonates in a tertiary hospital in Benin City, Nigeria p. 23
Osarumwense David Osifo, Sylvester E Aghahowa
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Challenges in the management of early versus late presenting congenital diaphragmatic hernia in a poor resource setting p. 29
Auwal M Abubakar, Mustapha A Bello, John Y Chinda, Kwari Danladi, Ibrahim M Umar
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Outcome of non-operative management of femoral shaft fractures in children p. 34
AL Akinyoola, OO Orekha, FO Taiwo, AO Odunsi
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Varicocoelectomy in adolescents: Laparoscopic versus open high ligation technique p. 40
João Moreira-Pinto, Angélica Osório, Fátima Carvalho, João Luís Ribeiro de Castro, José Ferreira de Sousa, Carlos Enes, Armando Reis, José Alfredo Cidade-Rodrigues
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Ten-year experience with the Swenson procedure in Nigerian children with Hirschsprung's disease p. 44
Oludayo Adedapo Sowande, Olusanya Adejuyigbe
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Nephron-sparing surgery for bilateral Wilms' tumours: A single-centre experience with 23 cases p. 49
AJW Millar, A Davidson, H Rode, A Numanoglu, PS Hartley, Farieda Desai
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Paediatric admissions and outcome in a general intensive care unit p. 57
Henry Y Embu, Simon J Yiltok, Erdoo S Isamade, Samuel I Nuhu, Olushola O Oyeniran, Francis A Uba
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Exploratory laparotomy for acute intestinal conditions in children: A review of 10 years of experience with 334 cases p. 62
Rajendra K Ghritlaharey, KS Budhwani, Dhirendra K Shrivastava
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Megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome complicated by perforation p. 70
Vishal K Jain, Saurabh Garge, Sangram Singh, Brijesh Lahoti
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Genitourinary complications as initial presentation of inherited epidermolysis bullosa p. 72
M Arifi, S Arifi, K Demni, MA Bouhafs, R Belkacem, M Barahioui
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Small bowel obstruction caused by congenital transmesenteric defect p. 75
F Nouira, Ben M Dhaou, A Charieg, S Ghorbel, S Jlidi, B Chaouachi
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Acute spontaneous gastric perforation in neonates: A report of three cases p. 79
Ashok Y Kshirsagar, Gaurav O.P Vasisth, Manoj D Ahire, Rajkamal K Kanojiya, Sanjitsingh R Sulhyan
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Alveolar soft-part sarcoma of the orbit p. 82
Anna M Rose, Joy Kabiru, Geoffrey E Rose
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Cystic hygroma of unusual sites: Report of two cases p. 85
Bilal Mirza, Lubna Ijaz, Shahid Iqbal, Ghulam Mustafa, Muhammad Saleem, Afzal Sheikh
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Missed diagnosis of anterior urethral valve complicated with a foreign body: A cause for concern p. 89
Rishi Nayyar, Sundeep Chavda, Prabhjot Singh, Narmada P Gupta
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Duodenal stenosis in a child p. 92
AY Kshirsagar, Sanjitsingh R Sulhyan, Gaurav Vasisth, Yogesh P Nikam
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Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the cervix p. 95
AN Ocheke, NI Umar, OA Silas, NM Tanko, JT Mutihir
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Complicated congenital splenic cyst: Saved by a splenunculus p. 98
Nina Karia, Kokila Lakhoo
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Vulnerability of children to gunshot trauma in violence-prone environment: The case of South Africa p. 101
Sudeshni Naidoo, AB Van As
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Avulsion fracture of the tibial tubercle associated with patellar ligament avulsion treated by staples p. 105
Essoh J.B Sié, Aka D Kacou, Bada L Sery, Y Lambin
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Novel bladder augmentation in a bilateral single system vaginal ectopia p. 109
Uday Sankar Chatterjee, Subir K Chatterjee
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Orchidopexy san ligation technique of orchidopexy p. 112
Vishal K Jain, Sangram Singh, Saurabh Garge, Milind Joshi, Jyoti Sanghvi
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Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome: Do we need to screen for associated renal malignancy? p. 115
Arun Seshachalam, Manjunath Nandennavar, Shashidhar Karpurmath, TG Sagar
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Anovestibular fistula in otherwise normal anorectum p. 117
Sandeep Hambarde, Pradnya Bendre, Rajeev Redkar
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Bilateral lens subluxation in a patient with suspected Loeys-Dietz syndrome p. 119
Anna M Rose, Daniel S Gradin, Daniel Mundia
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Abstracts of papers presented during the 9 th Scientific and Annual General Conference of the Association of Paediatric Surgeons of Nigeria (APSON), Ilorin, August 2010 p. 121
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Erratum p. 108
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