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Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation

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2009| September-October  | Volume 20 | Issue 5  

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Systemic lupus erythematosus conundrums p. 731
E Nigel Wardle
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Cancer screening in end-stage renal disease p. 737
Shobhana Nayak Rao
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The protective effect of thymoquinone, an anti-oxidant and anti≠-inflammatory agent, against renal injury: A review p. 741
Ahmed Ragheb, Ahmed Attia, Walid Shehab Eldin, Fawzy Elbarbry, Sana Gazarin, Ahmed Shoker
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Prevention of iodinated contrast induced acute kidney injury (ICI≠-AKI) - what have we learnt so far? p. 753
Muhammad Asim
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Relation of magnesium level to cyclosporine and metabolic complications in renal transplant recipients p. 766
Farrokhlagha Ahmadi, Rozita Naseri, Mahbob Lessan-Pezeshki
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Modifying cyclosporine associated renal allograft dysfunction p. 770
N Mohapatra, AV Vanikar, RD Patel, HL Trivedi
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Kaposi's sarcoma after renal transplantation p. 775
Shahin Abbaszadeh, Saeed Taheri
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Efficacy of folate and vitamin B12 in lowering homocysteine concentrations in hemodialysis patients p. 779
Nassim Azadibakhsh, Rahebeh Shaker Hosseini, Shahnaz Atabak, Navid Nateghiyan, Banafsheh Golestan, Anahita Hooshyar Rad
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C- Reactive protein, cardiac troponin T and low albumin are predictors of mortality in hemodialysis patients p. 789
Nazila Bagheri, Omolbanin Taziki, Kianoosh Falaknazi
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Application of intravenous electrocardiography for insertion of central veins dialysis catheters p. 794
Ali Akbar Beigi, Farzad Parvizian, Hassan Masoudpour
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IgG glomerulonephritis: A morphologic study of a rare entity p. 798
Sawsan M Jalalah
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Outcome of pregnancy in patients with inactive systemic lupus erythromatosus and minimal proteinuria p. 802
Saad Alshohaib
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Analysis of causes of mortality in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: A single center study p. 806
Ebadur Rahman, Faraz A Niaz, Abdulkareem Al-Suwaida, Shahpar Nahrir, Mohammed Bashir, Habibur Rahman, Durdana Hammad
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C-Reactive protein, a valuable predictive marker in chronic kidney disease p. 811
Georgi Abraham, Varun Sundaram, Vivek Sundaram, Milly Mathew, Nancy Leslie, Vijiaboobbathi Sathiah
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Renal duplex doppler ultrasonography in patients with recurrent urinary tract infection p. 816
Neveen A Soliman, Aasem Saif, Alaa Abdel Hamid, Hosna Moustafa
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Spontaneous rupture of tuberculous spleen in a HIV seropositive patient on maintenance hemodialysis p. 822
Shubhra Rathore, Pratish George, Michael Deodhar, Nalini Calton, Uttam George, Basant Pawar, Pankaj Sircar
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Mediastinal parathyroid adenoma p. 826
Faisal Al-Mashat, Abdulrahman Sibiany, Doaa Faleh, Kholood Kary, Adnan Y Alfi, Mohamed M El-Lakany
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Severe acute renal failure in a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis p. 831
Jamila Al-Matrafi, Jennifer Vethamuthu, Janusz Feber
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Adult wilms' tumor p. 835
Mriganka S Sharma, Mufiz Z Ahmed
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Emphysematous pyelonephritis - case report and evaluation of radiological features p. 838
Ritesh Mongha, Bansal Punit, Das K Ranjit, Kundu K Anup
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Granulomatous interstitial nephritis due to tuberculosis-a rare presentation p. 842
Krishnaswamy Sampathkumar, Yesudas S Sooraj, Amol R Mahaldar, Muthiah Ramakrishnan, Ajeshkumar Rajappannair, Seethalekshmy V Nalumakkal, Elango Erode
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The impact of diagnostic delay on the course of septic shock caused by extended-spectrum-beta≠ lactamase-producing Escherichiacoli p. 846
Musli Gashi, Lul Raka, Salih Ahmeti, Sanije Gashi, Ardian Dika, Goneta Gashi
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Primary cutaneous aspergillosis in renal transplant recipient p. 848
Ankur Gupta, Ambar Khaira, Suman Lata, Alok Sharma, Suresh C Tiwari
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Acute urate nephropathy precipitated by acute diarrhea p. 850
Wael Latif Jabur
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Achieving the aims of the SSN p. 852
Ayman Karkar
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Pattern of steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome in children living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A single center study p. 854
Jameela A Kari, Manal Halawani, Ghadeer Mokhtar, Sawsan M Jalalah, Wasim Anshasi
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Pathology of nondiabetic glomerular disease among adult Iraqi patients from a single center p. 858
Ali J Hashim Al-Saedi
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Prevalence of cigarette smoking and khat chewing among Aden university medical students and their relationship to BP and body mass index p. 862
Al Khader N Laswar, Hashem Darwish
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Post-transplant urological and vascular complications p. 867
Javid Safa, Nariman Nezami, Mohammd K Tarzamni, Shahriyar Zarforooshan, Babak Rahimi-ardabili, Abolfazl Bohlouli
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Assessment of frequency of complications of arterio venous fistula in patients on dialysis: A two-year single center study from Iran p. 872
A Derakhshanfar, M Gholyaf, A Niayesh, S Bahiraii
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Treatment of a common problem in Hemodialysis patients: Is the juice worth the squeeze? p. 876
Khalid Al-saran, Alaa Sabry, Naila Shaheen, Ahmed Yehia
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British doctor lectures in damascus. "human affiliation or belonging" p. 883
Sadek Pharaon
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