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Indian Journal of Dermatology

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2010| October-December  | Volume 55 | Issue 4  

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Chicken pox in pregnancy : An obstetric concern p. 313
Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Leprosy therapy, past and present: Can we hope to eliminate it? p. 316
PVS Prasad, PK Kaviarasan
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Assessment of MC1R and α-MSH gene sequences in Iranian vitiligo patients p. 325
M Eskandani, S Hasannia, S Vandghanooni, N Pirooznia, J Golchai
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Study of reservoir effect of clobetasol propionate cream in an experimental animal model using histamine-induced wheal suppression test p. 329
Afroz Abidi, Farida Ahmad, Satyendra K Singh, Anil Kumar
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Salt split technique: A useful tool in the diagnosis of subepidermal bullous disorders p. 334
Abhishek De, Raghavendra Rao, C Balachandran
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Leiomyoma cutis: A clinicopathological series of 37 cases p. 337
Purnima Malhotra, Harpreet Walia, Avninder Singh, V Ramesh
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Assessing the autoantibody levels in relation to disease severity and therapy response in pemphigus patients p. 342
Deniz Aksu, Yavuz Peksari, Ibrahim Etem Arica, Erbak Gurgey
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Occupational skin problems in construction workers p. 348
Kartik R Shah, Rajnarayan R Tiwari
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Comparison of anxiety and depression in patients with acne vulgaris and healthy individuals p. 352
Javad Golchai, Soghra Hosain khani, Abtin Heidarzadeh, Shahriar Sadre Eshkevari, Narges Alizade, Hojate Eftekhari
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Dexamethasone pulse therapy in patients of systemic sclerosis: Is it a viable proposition? A study from kashmir p. 355
Farah Sameem, Iffat Hassan, Qazi Masood Ahmad, Dilshad Khan, Imran Majeed, MA Kamili, Parvaiz A Shah
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Mometasone-based triple combination therapy in melasma: Is it really safe? p. 359
Imran Majid
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Plesiotherapy for non-melanoma skin cancer: Innovating to overcome! p. 363
Amitabh Ray, Ayan Basu, Asit Deb, Ranen Kanti Aich, Litan Naha Biswas, JK Pal
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Autowart injection therapy for recalcitrant warts p. 367
PK Srivastava, AK Bajaj
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Efficacy of IPL in treatment of acne vulgaris : Comparison of single- and burst-pulse mode in IPL p. 370
M Kumaresan, CR Srinivas
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Nonmelanoma skin cancer in India: Current scenario p. 373
Saumya Panda
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Pyoderma vegetans with Ig A deficiency p. 379
Sandeep Kumar, Zac Boyce, Catherine McKay, Genevieve Casey
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Cryoglobulinemia in a child p. 381
Angoori Gnaneshwar Rao
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Pyrazinamide-induced maculopapular rash p. 384
Khalid Umer Khayyam, Faisal Imam, Manju Sharma, KK Pillai, D Behera
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Squamous cell carcinoma of the penis and scrotum in a patient with chronic scrotal and penile lymphedema p. 387
Suhas V Abhyankar, Ananta Kulkarni, Madhuri Kulkarni, Naveen Kumar Agarwal
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Pilomatricoma as a diagnostic pitfall in clinical practice: Report of two cases and review of literature p. 390
Ishita Pant, Sanjeev Chandra Joshi, Gurjeet Kaur, Gokula Kumar
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Kindler's syndrome: A case series of three Indian children p. 393
Sudip Kumar Ghosh, Debabrata Bandyopadhyay, Jayasri Das, Gobinda Chatterjee, Somenath Sarkar
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Extra digital glomangioma p. 397
A Gnaneshwar Rao, D Indira, J Kamal
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Unusual associations of necrotizing fascitis: A case series report from a tertiary care hospital p. 399
Radheshyam Purkait, Tryambak Samanta, Biswanath Basu, Sutapa Ganguly
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Severe chronic urticaria treated with oral mini-pulse steroid therapy p. 402
Kiran V Godse
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Malignant granular cell tumor of the anal-perianal region and suprarenal hyperplasia: A casual association? p. 403
Vincenzo De Francesco, Claudio Avellini, Salvatore Pappalardo, Davide Proscia, Fabio Piccirillo
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Hypothyroidism as a late manifestation of drug hypersensitivity syndrome p. 405
Veeranna Shastry, Jayadev Betkerur
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Familial koilonychia p. 406
Priya Prathap, N Asokan
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Benefit of iron therapy in the management of chronic urticaria due to nickel sensitivity p. 407
Ashimav Deb Sharma
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A 17-year-old woman with bullous lesions p. 409
Maria Crisan, Razvan Bucur, Diana Crisan
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Migratory polycyclic lesions with facial eczema since infancy p. 411
Puja Monga, Vandana Mehta, C Balachandran
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