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Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

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2016| April-June  | Volume 10 | Issue 2  

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Is enhanced recovery after anesthesia a synonym to enhanced recovery after surgery? p. 119
Abdelazeem Eldawlatly
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A comparison between intrathecal clonidine and neostigmine as an adjuvant to bupivacaine in the subarachnoid block for elective abdominal hysterectomy operations: A prospective, double-blind and randomized controlled study p. 121
D Bhar, S RoyBasunia, A Das, SB Kundu, RC Mondal, PS Halder, SK Mandal, S Chattopadhyay
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Effect of introduction of a new electronic anesthesia record (Epic) system on the safety and efficiency of patient care in a gastrointestinal endoscopy suite-comparison with historical cohort p. 127
B Goudra, PM Singh, A Borle, G Gouda
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Effect of intraoperative magnesium intravenous infusion on the hemodynamic changes associated with right lobe living donor hepatotomy under transesophageal Doppler monitoring-randomized controlled trial p. 132
G Mahmoud, E Sayed, A Eskander, M ElSheikh, M Lotfy, K Yassen
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Efficacy of two doses of tramadol versus bupivacaine in perioperative caudal analgesia in adult hemorrhoidectomy p. 138
Hanan M Farag, Ibrahim M Esmat
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Supraclavicular ultrasound-guided catheterization of the brachiocephalic vein in infants and children: A retrospective analysis p. 143
W Klug, L Triffterer, M Keplinger, R Seemann, P Marhofer
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Incidence of lower limb motor weakness in patients receiving postoperative epidural analgesia and factors associated with it: An observational study p. 149
A Ahmed, T Baig
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Comparison of caudal tramadol versus caudal fentanyl with bupivacaine for prolongation of postoperative analgesia in pediatric patients p. 154
NM Solanki, SR Engineer, DB Jansari, RJ Patel
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Evaluation of new approach to ultrasound guided stellate ganglion block p. 161
Anju Ghai, Teshi Kaushik, Zile Singh Kundu, Sarthak Wadhera, Raman Wadhera
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Evaluation of Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II and sequential organ failure assessment scoring systems for prognostication of outcomes among Intensive Care Unit's patients p. 168
M Hosseini, J Ramazani
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Does caval aorta index correlate with central venous pressure in intravascular volume assessment in patients undergoing endoscopic transuretheral resection of prostate? p. 174
GF El-Baradey, NS El-Shmaa
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Acoustic puncture assist device: A novel technique to identify the epidural space p. 179
MA Al-Mokaddam, MK Al-Harbi, ST El-Jandali, TA Al-Zahrani
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The correlation between body mass index, limb circumferences and blood pressure cuff fit in bariatric surgical patients p. 182
R Schumann, O Alyamani, A Viswanath, I Bonney
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Adding magnesium sulfate to bupivacaine in transversus abdominis plane block for laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A single blinded randomized controlled trial p. 187
K Al-Refaey, EM Usama, E Al-Hefnawey
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A randomized placebo-controlled trial to evaluate a novel noninjectable anesthetic gel with thermosetting agent during scaling and root planing in chronic periodontitis patients p. 192
MM Dayakar, SM Akbar
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Cadaveric feasibility study on the use of ultrasound contrast to assess spread of injectate in the serratus anterior muscle plane p. 198
V Daga, MK Narayanan, JD Dedhia, P Gaur, H Crick, A Gaur
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Clinical performance of cuffed versus uncuffed preformed endotracheal tube in pediatric patients undergoing cleft palate surgery p. 202
S Mukhopadhyay, S Mukhopadhyay, D Bhattacharya, BK Bandyopadhyay, M Mukherjee, R Ganguly
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Knowledge and attitudes of Saudi intensive care unit nurses regarding oral care delivery to mechanically ventilated patients with the effect of healthcare quality accreditation p. 208
AK Alotaibi, SK Alotaibi, M Alshayiqi, S Ramalingam
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Is it time for routine use of the retromolar fiberscope? p. 213
Nabil Shallik, Mohamed Hassan Soliman, Sami M Ibrahim, Ahmed Algeziry, Mohamed Magdy Hussein
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Videolaryngoscopes for placement of double lumen tubes: Is it time to say goodbye to direct view? p. 218
MR El-Tahan
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Caudal anesthesia in a patient with peritonitis: Is it safe?? p. 228
H Kako, M Hakim, A Kundu, JD Tobias
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Maxillary tumor in a child: An expected case of difficult airway p. 233
Reena , A Vikram
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Severe refractory hypertension during shoulder arthroscopy p. 236
RO Abrons, SE Ellis
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Managing diabetic ketoacidosis in pregnancy p. 238
MÁ Gómez-Ríos, D Gómez-Ríos, MJ Paech, M Diéguez-Fernández
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Novel positioning solution for difficult tracheostomy p. 240
RO Abrons
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Rare cause of failure of central venous catheter insertion in a patient with end stage renal disease-septum in internal jugular vein p. 241
Kamal Kajal, Anshuman Singh, Nitesh Agrawal, Mandeep Dhankhar
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Anesthetic management of an adolescent with congenital glossopharyngeal web p. 243
Balaji Kuppswamy, Wesley Rajaleelan, Nisha Sarah Jacob, Manickam Ponniah
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Airtraq laryngoscope: Embracing video laryngoscopy p. 246
MÁ Gómez-Ríos, E Freire-Vila, MJ Criado-Alonso, MC Fernández-Goti
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Pharyngeal tear during gastric calibration tube insertion for laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy p. 247
Bherya Gopalakrishna Arun, Srikanteshwar Sanjay
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Anesthetic management of a neonate with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome posted for repair of exomphalos p. 249
SM Channabasappa, SH Pradeep, S Dharmappa, D Sarji
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