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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2015| January-March  | Volume 6 | Issue 1  

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Changing patient safety in India: Mandatory hepatitis B immunity p. 1
Raman Bedi
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Cancer: Forbidden cures? p. 3
SG Damle
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Accuracy of Demirjian's 8 teeth method for age prediction in South Indian children: A comparative study p. 5
Rezwana Begum Mohammed, Baratam Srinivas, Praveen Sanghvi, Gajjarapu Satyanarayana, Meera Gopalakrishnan, B Vamsi Pavani
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Periotest values: Its reproducibility, accuracy, and variability with hormonal influence p. 12
Swarna Chakrapani, Madireddy Goutham, Thota Krishnamohan, Sujitha Anuparthy, Nagarjuna Tadiboina, Somasekhar Rambha
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Comparative study of mechanical properties of direct core build-up materials p. 16
Girish Kumar, Amit Shivrayan
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Visibility of lamina dura and periodontal space on periapical radiographs and its comparison with cone beam computed tomography p. 21
Nimish Prakash, Freny R Karjodkar, Kaustubh Sansare, Heena V Sonawane, Neha Bansal, Reena Arwade
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Effect of advanced irrigation protocols on self-expanding Smart-Seal obturation system: A scanning electron microscopic push-out bond strength study p. 26
Vibha Hegde, Shashank Arora
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Dimensional changes in height of labial alveolar bone of proclined lower incisor after lingual positioning by orthodontic treatment: A cephalometric study on adult Bengali population p. 31
Amit Shaw
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Comparative assessment of Cranberry and Chlorhexidine mouthwash on streptococcal colonization among dental students: A randomized parallel clinical trial p. 35
Mahesh R Khairnar, GN Karibasappa, Arun S Dodamani, Prashanthkumar Vishwakarma, Rahul G Naik, Manjiri A Deshmukh
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Evaluation of specifically designed implants placed in the low-density jaw bones: A clinico-radiographical study p. 40
Sumit Munjal, Seema Munjal, Puja Hazari, Harsh Mahajan, Akshay Munjal, DS Mehta
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Estimation of changes in nickel and chromium content in nickel-titanium and stainless steel orthodontic wires used during orthodontic treatment: An analytical and scanning electron microscopic study p. 44
Vandana Kararia, Pradeep Jain, Seema Chaudhary, Nitin Kararia
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Dental arch changes associated with rapid maxillary expansion: A retrospective model analysis study p. 51
Ivor M D'Souza, H Kumar, K Sadashiva Shetty
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Comparison of risk indicators of dental caries in children with and without cleft lip and palate deformities p. 58
Rubina Shashni, Ashima Goyal, Krishan Gauba, Ashok Kumar Utreja, Pallab Ray, Ashok Kumar Jena
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A comparative evaluation of the blood clot, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-rich fibrin in regeneration of necrotic immature permanent teeth: A clinical study p. 63
Isha Narang, Neelam Mittal, Navin Mishra
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Prevalence of early childhood caries among preschool children in Trivandrum and its association with various risk factors p. 69
Sobha Kuriakose, Meenu Prasannan, KC Remya, Joy Kurian, KR Sreejith
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Frequency of second mesiobuccal canal in permanent maxillary first molars using the operating microscope and selective dentin removal: A clinical study p. 74
Suroopa Das, Manjusha M Warhadpande, Saurabh A Redij, NG Jibhkate, Husain Sabir
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A comparative evaluation of root canal area increase using three different nickel-titanium rotary systems: An ex vivo cone-beam computed tomographic analysis p. 79
Adrija Deka, AC Bhuyan, Darpana Bhuyan
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Reconstruction of pink esthetics: The periodontal way p. 84
K Balasubramanian, L Mohamed Arshad, B Dhathri Priya
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Management of grossly destroyed endodontically treated teeth with lock and key custom modified cast post and core design: A case series p. 88
E Deenadayalan, Ashok Kumar, Rajendra Kumar Tewari, Surendra Kumar Mishra, Sharique Alam
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Ridge split and implant placement in deficient alveolar ridge: Case report and an update p. 94
Reenesh Mechery, N Thiruvalluvan, AK Sreehari
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Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma: Case report with review on role of imaging in diagnosis p. 98
Shikha Gupta, Sunita Gupta, Sujoy Ghosh, Poonam Narang
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Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type V: Report of a rare case p. 103
Ritesh Kalaskar, Ashita Kalaskar
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Low dose amlodipine-induced gingival enlargement: A clinical case series p. 107
Amitandra Kumar Tripathi, Sudarshana Mukherjee, Charanjit Singh Saimbi, Vivek Kumar
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Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with ankylosis of temporomandibular joint and cleft palate: A rare presentation p. 110
Manisha Goyal, Gaurav Pradhan, Sunita Gupta, Seema Kapoor
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Rhabdomyosarcoma in a pediatric patient: A rare case report p. 113
SP Shrutha, GB Vinit
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Radiation-induced thumbs carcinoma due to practicing dental X-ray p. 116
Esam S Halboub, Imad Barngkgei, Osama Alsabbagh, Omar Hamadah
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Second premolar extraction: Not always a second choice p. 119
Rohan Mascarenhas, Parag Majithia, Shahista Parveen
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Rheumatoid arthritis affecting temporomandibular joint p. 124
Amandeep Sodhi, Shobha Naik, Anuradha Pai, Ardra Anuradha
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Surgical management of peripheral variant of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor: A rare case report with review p. 128
Karuna Jindwani, YK Paharia, ATUL PRATAP SINGH KUSHWAH
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Odontogenic myxoma of maxilla: A review discussion with two case reports p. 131
Piyush Limdiwala, Jigna Shah
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Sharp tooth induced sublingual hematoma in a patient with elevated international normalized ratio p. 137
John Baliah, Kayalvizhi , Vishwanath Rangdhol, David Livingstone
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Massive ossifying pleomorphic adenoma of the maxillary antrum: A rare presentation p. 139
Debarati Ray, Dibyendu Mazumder, Jaygopal Ray, Sourav Bhattacharya
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