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Ain-Shams Journal of Anaesthesiology

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2016| October-December  | Volume 9 | Issue 4  

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Perioperative nutrition to enhance recovery after surgery p. 469
Dina Salah
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Addition of dexamethasone–chlorpheniramine mixture reduces the incidence of vomiting associated with oral ketamine premedication after pediatric dental procedures p. 478
Ayman A Abdellatif, Manal M Kamal, Rania A.H. Ishak
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Dexmedetomidine infusion versus fentanyl for analgesia and prevention of emergence agitation and delirium in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy p. 485
Sanaa M Elfawal, Abeer M Eldeek, Manal M Kamal
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Comparison of caudal epidural clonidine with fentanyl as an adjuvant to ropivacaine 0.25% for postoperative analgesia in children undergoing various infraumbilical surgeries: A prospective randomized study p. 493
Sudheendra Saini, Veena Patodi, Surendra K Sethi, Neena Jain, Pooja Mathur, Beena Thada
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Patient-controlled analgesia versus patient-controlled analgesia by proxy for the management of postoperative pain in major pediatric cancer surgery p. 501
Essam Mahran, Ahmed H Abou El-Soud, Ahmed S Ragab, Fatma H Elshamy
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Lidocaine versus dexmedetomidine infusion in diagnostic laparoscopic gynecologic surgery: a comparative study p. 508
Sherif G Anis, Ghada M Samir, Heba B ElSerwi
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Dexmedetomidine versus granisetron for the management of postspinal shivering p. 517
Usama I Abotaleb, Abdalla M Abdalla, Ahmad S Abdelrahman, Gad S Gad, Abdalla M Elsayed
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Intravenous low-dose ketamine injection versus dexmedetomidine infusion for prevention of intraoperative shivering during spinal anesthesia p. 524
Mostafa Mansour Houssein, Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim
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Intraperitoneal bupivacaine plus fentanyl after laparoscopic pyeloplasty p. 531
Hoda Shokri
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Postoperative analgesia for arthroscopic shoulder surgery: comparison between ultrasound-guided interscalene block and combined suprascapular and axillary nerve blocks p. 536
Abdalla Waleed
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Ultrasound-guided caudal analgesia using fentanyl versus dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant for levobupivacaine in infraumbilical pediatric surgeries p. 542
Mai Mohsen Abdel Aziz, Amr Mohamed Abdelfatah, Hadil Magdy Abdel Hamid
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Midazolam as an adjunct to lignocaine at two different doses in ultrasound-guided supraclavicular brachial plexus block: a randomized controlled trial p. 549
Jai Singh, Versha Verma, Priyanka Sood, Aman Thakur, Shelly Rana, Lokesh Thakur
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Ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block for control of postoperative pain after laparoscopy-assisted robotic abdominal cancer surgery p. 558
Essam Mahran, Mohamed E Hassan
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Monitored anesthesia care with propofol or dexmedetomidine for patients undergoing upper limb surgeries under brachial plexus blockade: a comparative study p. 563
Kumkum Gupta, Vasundhra Tyagi, Prashant K Gupta, Bhawana Rastogi, Manish Jain, Manoranjan Bansal
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Systemic versus perineural dexamethasone as an adjuvant to bupivacaine in combined femoral and sciatic nerve blocks in lower-limb vascular surgeries: a prospective randomized study p. 569
Hala E Abdel Naim, Khaled A Elshafaie, Sherif M Soaida, Mohammed M Abdel-Haq, Kareem M Nawar
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Comparison between dexmedetomidine and verapamil as an adjuvant to local anesthesia in intravenous regional anesthesia in upper limb orthopedic surgery: a randomized double-blind prospective study p. 576
Medhat M Messseha Gerges
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A comparative study of propofol and isoflurane for the maintenance of anesthesia in spine surgery using the bispectral index monitor: a randomized control study p. 584
Manisha , Babita , Tarun Lall, Bhupendra Singh, Kanchan Sharma, Rajat Dadhich
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Preoperative external nasal compression: does it decrease emergence agitation after nasal surgery? p. 593
Ayman Kasem, Ashraf Abdelkader
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The effects of adding lidocaine hydrochloride nasal spray (10%) to xylometazoline nasal drops (0.1%) in functional endoscopic sinus surgery: a comparative study p. 598
Ghada M Samir, Niven Gerges-Fahmy, Heba A Labib
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Control of autonomic dysreflexia in patients with high level of chronic spinal cord injury during cystoscopy p. 606
Ibrahim A Nasr, Khaled M Elnaghy
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Endobronchial tumor laser resection: handling anesthetic challenges through a modified technique p. 612
Malik Sunny, Puri Arun, Bhandari Hricha, Malik Shraddha
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A case report of asystole after a test dose of ceftriaxone in an adult man p. 617
Sawsan Aboul-Fotouh, Yosra M Magdy, Rania M Ali
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Case report and review of the literature. Novel anesthetic technique in laparoscopic myomectomy p. 620
Megahed M El Fattah, Samia A Gamie
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Severe pre-eclampsia masquerading as peripartum cardiomyopathy in an emergency cesarean section: a challenge to the perioperative physician p. 623
Vishal K Pai, Mridul Dhar, Anil P Singh, Atchya A Kumar
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Pin index safety system and color coding: is it enough? p. 626
Udita Naithani, Sneha Arun Betkekar, Devendra Verma, Ravindra K Gehlot, Rajkumar Sundararaj
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