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Anesthesia: Essays and Researches

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2011| July-December  | Volume 5 | Issue 2  

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Pediatric neurosurgery, special attention is required! p. 127
Raed A Alsatli
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Current role of dexmedetomidine in clinical anesthesia and intensive care p. 128
Manpreet Kaur, PM Singh
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Palonosetron and palonosetron plus dexamethasone to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A prospective, randomized, double-blind comparative study p. 134
Soumyendu Ghosh, Anirban Pal, Amita Acharya, Chaitali Biswas, Tirtha Ratan Ghosh, Subhabrata Ghosh
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Efficacy of thoracic epidural anesthesia for laparoscopic cholecystectomy p. 138
Amit Gupta, Kumkum Gupta, Prashant K Gupta, Nivesh Agarwal, Bhawna Rastogi
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Wound infiltration with plain bupivacaine as compared with bupivacaine fentanyl mixture for postoperative pain relief after abdominal surgery p. 142
Reetika Chander, Dootika Liddle, Baljinder Kaur, Mary Varghese
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A double-blind study on analgesic effects of fentanyl combined with bupivacaine for extradural labor analgesia p. 147
Gaurav S Tomar, Rajan B Godwin, Neeraj Gaur, Ashish Sethi, Neeraj Narang, Veena Kachhwaha, TC Kriplani, Akhilesh Tiwari
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Coma in the elderly: Etiological factors, management, and prognosis in the department of anesthesia and intensive care p. 153
D Diango, M Moghomaye, Y Maiga, SA Beye, AS Dembele, Y Coulibaly, A Diallo
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A comparative study of efficacy of oral nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents and locally injectable steroid for the treatment of plantar fasciitis p. 158
Chaitali Biswas, Anirban Pal, Amita Acharya
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Do pencil-point spinal needles decrease the incidence of postdural puncture headache in reality? A comparative study between pencil-point 25G Whitacre and cutting-beveled 25G Quincke spinal needles in 320 obstetric patients p. 162
Anirban Pal, Amita Acharya, Nidhi Dawar Pal, Satrajit Dawn, Jhuma Biswas
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Comparison between preemptive gabapentin and paracetamol for pain control after adenotonsillectomy in children p. 167
Sabry M Amin, Yasser M Amr
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Intrathecal nalbuphine as an adjuvant to subarachnoid block: What is the most effective dose? p. 171
Arghya Mukherjee, Anirban Pal, Jitendra Agrawal, Amrita Mehrotra, Nidhi Dawar
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Comparison of sodium diclofenac, ketamine and propofol with fentanyl and midazolam in balanced anaesthesia p. 176
Mozaffar Rabiee, Ebrahim Alijanpour, Ali Jabbari, Farzan Khirkhah, Yousof Mortazavi, Ali Bijani
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Ondansetron, ramosetron, or palonosetron: Which is a better choice of antiemetic to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy? p. 182
Sarbari Swaika, Anirban Pal, Surojit Chatterjee, Debashish Saha, Nidhi Dawar
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Continuous spinal anesthesia with epidural catheters: An experience in the periphery p. 187
S Parthasarathy, M Ravishankar
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Comparison of intrathecal bupivacaine-fentanyl and bupivacaine-butorphanol mixtures for lower limb orthopedic procedures p. 190
Binay Kumar, Aparna Williams, Dootika Liddle, Mary Verghese
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A comparison between intravenous paracetamol plus fentanyl and intravenous fentanyl alone for postoperative analgesia during laparoscopic cholecystectomy p. 196
Anirban Hom Choudhuri, Rajeev Uppal
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Heimlich's maneuver-assisted bronchoscopic removal of airway foreign body p. 201
Sohan Lal Solanki, Shivendu Bansal, Arvind Khare, Amit Jain
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Giant cervical lipoma excision under cervical epidural anesthesia: A viable alternative to general anesthesia p. 204
Ram Pal Singh, Aparna Shukla, Satyajeet Verma
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A very common case become rare: Anesthetic considerations of lepromatous leprosy p. 207
Sandeep Sahu, Vipin Goyal, Sanjay Dhiraaj, Kamal Kishore, PK Singh
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Bronchospasm following supraclavicular brachial plexus block p. 211
Rohini V Bhat Pai, Harihar V Hegde, M. C. B. Santosh, S Roopa
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Postoperative tension pneumocephalus following cerebral aneurysm surgery in supine position without prior lumbar drainage p. 214
Chaitali Biswas, Saswata Bharati, Anirban Pal
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Adrenal incidentaloma: Anesthetic management, the challenge and the outcome p. 217
Reema M Al-Hadhrami, Nehal Gahndour, Sherine Qudeera, Maher Moazin, Razan Nafakh
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Dexmedetomidine and fentanyl combination for procedural sedation in a case of Duchenne muscular dystrophy p. 224
Ashish Kulshrestha, Sukhminder Jit Singh Bajwa, Amarjit Singh, Vinod Kapoor
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Amniotic fluid embolism: A diagnostic dilemma p. 227
Ashish Kulshrestha, Megha Mathur
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Amniotic fluid embolism: A catastrophic problem in need of a prepared team with a plan p. 230
DO Karen Nelson, Michael S Firstenberg
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Hemoglobin drop after anesthesia in craniosynstosis: Dilemma of operate or not to operate p. 233
Nihal El-Ghandour, Salah Kassem, Abdelrahman J Al Sabbagh, Ayman Al-Banyan, Firas A Shubbak, Ahmad Hassib, Hazem Zaki
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Historical report account on the development of anesthesiology and medical services in Kingdom Saudi Arabia 1956-1987: M. I. Al-Khawashki's letter dated April 25 th 1997 p. 236
Mohamad Said Maani Takrouri, Farah Maani Takrouri
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Bone cement implantation syndrome: A rare catastrophe p. 240
Nikhil Mudgalkar, KV Ramesh
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Central venous catheter placement: An alternative of Certodyn® (Universal Adapter) p. 242
Manish Jain, Bhavana Rastogi, VP Singh, Kumkum Gupta
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Rare artifacts mimicking sinus tachycardia in a case of vaginal hysterectomy with situs inversus totalis p. 244
Sukhminder Jit Singh Bajwa, Sukhwinder Kaur Bajwa, Jasbir Kaur, Amarjit Singh
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An unusual foreign body in breathing circuit detected by capnography p. 245
Shivendu Bansal, Sohan Lal Solanki, Rupesh Yadav
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Anesthesia view of hematuria associated with cell saver use during scoliosis surgery p. 247
Manal Bakhsh, Muaz Al Ghadir, Razan Naffakh, Nahid El-Bakri
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