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Indian Journal of Urology

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2009| January-March  | Volume 25 | Issue 1  

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Bladder outlet obstruction and non-invasive urodynamics - The future? p. 1
Nitin S Kekre
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Professor A. Venugopal: Founder of Urology at Madras Medical College p. 2
C Chinnaswami
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Percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Current concepts p. 4
Fabio C Vicentini, Cristiano Mendes Gomes, Alexandre Danilovic, Elias A Chedid Neto, Eduardo Mazzucchi, Miguel Srougi
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Venous thromboembolism: A problem in the Indian/Asian population? p. 11
Sunil Agarwal, Arvind Dhas Lee, Ravish Sanghi Raju, Edwin Stephen
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Feminizing genital reconstruction in congenital adrenal hyperplasia p. 17
Jeffrey A Leslie, Mark Patrick Cain, Richard Carlos Rink
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Minimally invasive surgical options for ureteropelvic junction obstruction: A significant step in the right direction p. 27
Stephanie J Symons, Victor Palit, Chandra Shekhar Biyani, Jon J Cartledge, Anthony J Browning, Adrian D Joyce
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Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux: Current status p. 34
Goran Lackgren
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The current role of telomerase in the diagnosis of bladder cancer p. 40
Sara Bravaccini, Valentina Casadio, Dino Amadori, Daniele Calistri, Rosella Silvestrini
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Role of maximum androgen blockade in advanced prostate cancer p. 47
Rajinikanth Ayyathurai, Rosely De Los Santos, Murugesan Manoharan
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Role of magnetic resonance urography in diagnosis of duplex renal system: Our initial experience at a tertiary care institute p. 52
Milind P Joshi, Heemanshi S Shah, Sandesh V Parelkar, Amit A Agrawal, Beejal Sanghvi
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Detection and treatment of transplant renal artery stenosis p. 56
Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Nitin Sudhakar Kekre, Ninan Chacko, Shyam Keshava, George John
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Tension-free vaginal tape versus lata fascia sling: The importance of transvulvar ultrasound in the assessment of relevant anatomical parameters in treatment of women with stress urinary incontinence p. 62
Frederico Teixeira Brandt, Felipe Lorenzato, Carla Daisy Costa Albuquerque, Agostinho de Sousa Machado, Amanda de Carvalho Poca, Raíssa Almeida Viana
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Minimal invasive treatment of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in low volume pelvis: A comparative study of endopyelotomy and laparoscopic nondismembered pyeloplasty p. 68
Pratipal Singh, Paresh Jain, Anand Dharaskar, Anil Mandhani, Deepak Dubey, Rakesh Kapoor, Anant Kumar, Aneesh Srivastava
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Closure versus nonclosure of buccal mucosal graft harvest site: A prospective randomized study on post operative morbidity p. 72
K Muruganandam, Deepak Dubey, Anil Kumar Gulia, Anil Mandhani, Aneesh Srivastava, Rakesh Kapoor, Anant Kumar
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Epidemiology of hospital acquired urinary tract infections in a medical college hospital in Goa p. 76
Umesh S Kamat, Agnelo Fereirra, Dilip Amonkar, Dilip D Motghare, Manoj S Kulkarni
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Noninvasive methods of diagnosing bladder outlet obstruction p. 81
Robert Pickard, Clive Griffiths
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Review of invasive urodynamics and progress towards non-invasive measurements in the assessment of bladder outlet obstruction p. 83
CJ Griffiths, RS Pickard
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Perineal sound recording for diagnosis of bladder outlet obstruction p. 92
Tim Idzenga, Johan J.M Pel, Ron van Mastrigt
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Development and application of the condom catheter method for non-invasive measurement of bladder pressure p. 99
R van Mastrigt, J.J.M Pel, J.W.N.C Huang Foen Chung, S de Zeeuw
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The use of ultrasound-estimated bladder weight in diagnosing bladder outlet obstruction and detrusor overactivity in men with lower urinary tract symptoms p. 105
Fadi Housami, Marcus Drake, Paul Abrams
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Use of Doppler ultrasound for non-invasive urodynamic diagnosis p. 110
Hideo Ozawa, Toyohiko Watanabe, Katsutoshi Uematsu, Katsumi Sasaki, Miyabi Inoue, Hiromi Kumon
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The penile cuff test: A clinically useful non-invasive urodynamic investigation to diagnose men with lower urinary tract symptoms p. 116
Christopher Harding, Wendy Robson, Michael Drinnan, Stuart McIntosh, Mustafa Sajeel, Clive Giffiths, Robert Pickard
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Gangrene of the penis in a diabetic male with multiple amputations and follow up p. 123
P Vijayan
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Intraparenchymatous adenomatoid tumor dependent on the rete testis: A case report and review of literature p. 126
A Jimenez Pacheco, JL Martínez Torres, F Valle Diaz de la Guardia, MA Arrabal Polo, A Zuluaga Gomez
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Epstein-Barr virus positive B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder/polymorphous B-cell lymphoma of the urinary bladder: A case report with review of literature p. 129
Sandhya Sundaram, Kai Zhang
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Rapid onset renal deterioration in an adult with silent ureteropelvic junction obstruction p. 132
Nicholas J Hellenthal, Sasha A Thomas, Roger K Low
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Penile shaft sinus: A sequalae of circumcision in urethral duplication p. 134
Lukman O Abdur-Rahman, AbdulRasheed A Nasir, John O Agboola, James O Adeniran
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Aggressive angiomyxoma of the spermatic cord: A rare entity p. 137
Ajay Malik, KJ Singh, Anurag Mehta
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Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy for lower ureteric stones: Steps to make it a simple procedure p. 140
Anil Mandhani, Rakesh Kapoor
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Primary adenocarcinoma of the seminal vesicle p. 143
M Tarjan, I Ottlecz, T Tot
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Prostatic fascia and recovery of sexual function after radical prostatectomy: Is it a "Veil of Aphrodite" or "Veil of mystery"! p. 146
Anil Mandhani
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Can tomato juice be used for prophylaxis in recurrent stone formers? p. 149
Madhu S Agrawal, Sanjeet Kumar Singh
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Antibiotic prophylaxis in vesicoureteral reflux: A paradigm shift p. 150
JS Banerji, JC Singh
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