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Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation

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2011| January-February  | Volume 22 | Issue 1  

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Epidemiology of hepatitis C in the middle east p. 1
Farahnaz Fallahian, Atabak Najafi
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The treatment of relapse in adults with minimal change nephrotic syndrome: Myths and facts p. 10
Mazin M.T. Shigidi
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Allograft renal rejection and chemokine polymorphism p. 18
Y Gorgi, I Sfar, S Jendoubi-Ayed, M Makhlouf, T Ben Rhomdhane, R Bardi, H Aouadi, T Ben Abdallah, E Abderrahim, K Ayed
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Three-year post-transplant medicare payments in kidney transplant recipients: Associations with pre-transplant comorbidities p. 24
Gerardo Machnicki, Krista L Lentine, Paolo R Salvalaggio, Thomas E Burroughs, Daniel C Brennan, Mark A Schniztler
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Outcome of patients treated with automated peritoneal dialysis: Effects of selection of patients p. 40
Ayman Karkar, Mohammed Abdelrahman
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Peritoneal membrane characteristics in patients on peritoneal dialysis p. 49
Jamal Al-wakeel, Mohammad Al-Ghonaim, Abdulkareem Al-Suwaida, Akram Askar, Saira Usama, Niaz Feraz, Iqbal Hamid Shah, Nawaz Memon, Abdo Qudsi, Fathia Sulaimani
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Can continuous venovenous hemofiltration prevent contrast-agent induced nephropathy in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease after coronary angiography? p. 54
Amal Abdel Ghani, Naser Hussain, Bassam Al Helal
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New indicator for prostate gland biopsy when malignancy is in question p. 61
Azmi A Haroun
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The anomalies associated with congenital solitary functioning kidney in children p. 67
Kamal Akl
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Management of ureteral complications in renal transplantation: Prevention and treatment p. 72
Amir Asadpour, Mahmood Molaei, Samira Yaghoobi
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Efficacy of low dose spironolactone in chronic kidney disease with resistant hypertension p. 75
Rozita Abolghasmi, Omolbanin Taziki
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Determination and comparison of mean random urine calcium between children with vesicoureteral reflux and those with improved vesicoureteral reflux p. 79
Hamidreza Badeli, Mehrdad Sadeghi, Omid Shafe, Termeh Khoshnevis, Abtin Heidarzadeh
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High mortality in critically ill patients infected with 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) with pneumonia and acute kidney injury p. 83
VB Kute, SM Godara, KR Goplani, MR Gumber, PR Shah, AV Vanikar, VR Shah, HL Trivedi
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Faculty-led faculty development: Evaluation and reflections on a distributed educational leadership model p. 90
Margaret Elzubeir
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Endothelial dysfunction and inflammation in different stages of essential hypertension p. 97
Vibhanshu Gupta, Sandeep Sachdeva, Anwar Salamat Khan, Shahzad Faizul Haque
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Post transplantation anemia: Re-emphasizing the use of erythropoietin p. 104
Wael Latif Jabur
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Fulminant hepatitis following primary herpes simplex virus infection in renal transplant recipients p. 107
A Al Midani, J Pinney, N Field, C Atkinson, T Haque, M Harber
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Drug interaction between rifampicin and sirolimus in transplant patients p. 112
BT Ngo, M Pascoe, Delawir Kahn
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A rare association of Castleman's disease and nephrotic syndrome p. 116
I Tazi, M Rachid, A Quessar, S Benchekroun
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Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma p. 120
Kafil Akhtar, Ahmad Shamshad, Zaheer Sufian, Mansoor Tariq
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Nephritic-nephrotic syndrome as a presentation of BK virus infection p. 123
Nima Derakhshan, Dorna Derakhshan, Simin Torabinejad, Ali Derakhshan
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Collagenofibrotic glomerulopathy in association with hodgkin's lymphoma p. 126
Sachin S Soni, Swarnalata Gowrishankar, Amit P Nagarik, Sriganesh R Barnela, Michelle De Padua, Gopal Kishan Adikey, Anuradha Raman
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Rare case of ureteral endometriosis presenting as hydronephrotic kidney p. 130
Shilpi Singh Gupta, Onkar Singh, Sumit Shukla, Raj K Mathur
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Insulin site wound in a renal allograft recipient p. 134
Ankur Gupta, Charanjit Lal, Pavitra M Dogra, Sandeep Mahajan, Sanjay K Agarwal
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B.K. polyoma virus nephropathy in renal allograft recipient p. 136
Aruna V Vanikar, Pankaj R Shah, Hargovind L Trivedi
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DMSA SPECT scan of dual transplanted pediatric kidneys in an adult recipient p. 139
Ammar Al Midani, Sridevi Parvathareddy, Mahmoud Al-Akraa, John Buscombe, Aine Burns
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Breast calcifications in women with end-stage renal disease on maintenance hemodialysis p. 142
V Sivakumar, Ch. Shoba Rani, AY Lakshmi, B Vijaya Lakshmi
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Fractures in patients of chronic kidney disease on maintenance hemodialysis p. 146
V Sivakumar, P Sriram Naveen, V.V. Sai Naresh, DG Sivaramakrishna
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Free water clearance: Its behavior in chronic renal disease at different ages p. 148
CG Musso, J Reynaldi, B Martinez, A Pierangelo, C Mombelli, M Vilas, L Algranati
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Remission of arterial hypertension after the treatment of a giant renal cyst p. 151
Sabra Aloui, Samia Bouraoui, Randa Salem, Mounir Toffahi, Hbib Skhiri, Ameur Frih, Nasr Ben Dhia, Mezri Elmay
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Giant adrenal cortical carcinoma p. 153
Onkar Singh, Shilpi Singh Gupta
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The elderly with advanced chronic kidney disease p. 156
Nasrulla Abutaleb
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Author's Reply p. 158
Aimun Ahmed
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Infective endocarditis in chronic hemodialysis patients: Experience from Morocco p. 160
Dina Montasser, Abdelali Bahadi, Yassir Zajjari, Mohamed Asserraji, Ahmed Alayoude, Omar Moujoud, Toufik Aattif, Moncef Kadiri, Nadir Zemraoui, Driss El Kabbaj, Mohamed Hassani, Mohamed Benyahia, Mustapha El Allam, Zouhir Oualim, Ismail Akhmouch
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Epidemiology of nocturnal enuresis in basic schoolchildren in Aden Governorate, Yemen p. 167
Khalida Anwer Yousef, Huda Omer Basaleem, Mariam Taher bin Yahiya
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A two-year retrospective analysis of renal transplant patients in Sri Lanka p. 174
Chaturaka Rodrigo, Ricaz Sheriff, Senaka Rajapakse, Rushika D Lanerolle, Rezvi Sheriff
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Immune response to hepatitis B vaccine in health-care workers p. 179
Farhad Zamani, Farahnaz Fallahian, Forough Hashemi, Zeinab Shamsaei, Seyed-Moayed Alavian
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Risk factors for chronic renal failure in Ivory coast: A prospective study of 280 patients p. 185
KC Ackoundou-N'Guessan, DA Lagou, MW Tia, DA Gnionsahe, MC Guei
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