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Asian Journal of Transfusion Science

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2017| July-December  | Volume 11 | Issue 2  

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A handy chart for the interpretation of sequential differential adsorption–elution procedure p. 77
Shamee Shastry, Soumya Das
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Hemolysis during component preparation: An inadvertent cause p. 79
Puneet Sachdeva, Anubhav Gupta, Hari Krishan Dhawan, Ratti Ram Sharma, Neelam Marwaha
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Extracorporeal photopheresis: Review of technical aspects p. 81
Satyam Arora, Rasika Setia
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Effectiveness of team-based learning methodology in teaching transfusion medicine to medical undergraduates in third semester: A comparative study p. 87
Neena Piyush Doshi
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Factors influencing transfusion requirement in patients undergoing first-time, elective coronary artery bypass graft surgery p. 95
Ailin Mazuita Mazlan, Yasmin Ayob, Abd Rahim Hussein, Thiru Kumar Namasiwayam, Wan Mohd. Zahiruddin Wan Mohammad
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Role of low plasma volume treatment on clinical efficacy of plasmapheresis in neuromyelitis optica p. 102
Akshay Batra, Sundar Periyavan
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Compliance score as a monitoring tool to promote treatment adherence in children with thalassemia major for improved physical growth p. 108
Sarala Kannan, Amarjeet Singh
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Red cell alloimmunization in repeatedly transfused patients p. 115
Dimel K Bhuva, Jitendra H Vachhani
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INRA, a new high-frequency antigen in the INDIAN (IN023) blood group system p. 121
Sanmukh R Joshi, Ankita Sheladiya, Kinjal V Mendapara-Dobariya
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Dedicated donor unit transfusions reduces donor exposure in pediatric surgery patients p. 124
Satyam Arora, Neelam Marwaha, Hari Krishan Dhawan, K. L. N. Rao
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Comparison of antibody titers using conventional tube technique versus column agglutination technique in ABO blood group incompatible renal transplant p. 131
Amit Bhangale, Amardeep Pathak, Smita Pawar, Tarun Jeloka
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Evaluation of process excellence tools in improving donor flow management in a tertiary care hospital in South India p. 135
Divya Venugopal, Aboobacker Mohamed Rafi, Susheela Jacob Innah, Bibin T Puthayath
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Comparison of two algorithms to confirm and discriminate samples initially reactive for nucleic acid amplification tests p. 140
Aseem Kumar Tiwari, Ravi C Dara, Dinesh Arora, Geet Aggarwal, Ganesh Rawat, Vimarsh Raina
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Rapid dry plasma thawing system: An alternative to conventional thawing baths p. 147
S Sanooja Pinki, Ganesh Mohan, Aboobacker Mohamed Rafi, Susheela Jacob Innah, Tom Thomas
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Insight into donor deferral pattern based on peripheral blood counts: An experience from South Pakistan p. 151
Sadia Sultan, Syed Mohammed Irfan, Mohammad Amjad Baig, Syed Mohammad Usman, Umme Aiman Shirazi
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Therapeutic leukocyte reduction for acute and chronic myeloid leukemias: A 4-year experience from an oncology center in India p. 156
Anita A Tendulkar, Puneet A Jain, Abhaykumar Gupta, Nidhi Sharma, Anisha Navkudkar, Vijaya Patle
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Knowledge and attitude of donating and using cord blood for transfusion among patients attending Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, South East Nigeria p. 162
Chide E Okocha, Nkiru N Ezeama, John C Aneke, Chinyere U Onubogu, Charles I Okafor, Chijioke G Egbunike
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Detection of T and B cells specific complement-fixing alloantibodies using flow cytometry: A diagnostic approach for a resource limited laboratory p. 171
Dharmendra Jain, Pranav Dorwal, Amit Pande, Neetu Tyagi, Simmi Mehra, Vimarsh Raina
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Transfusion-related adverse reactions in pediatric and surgical patients at a tertiary care teaching hospital in India p. 180
Kunal J Ghataliya, Jigar D Kapadia, Mira K Desai, KM Mehariya, GH Rathod, Nidhi Bhatnagar, MD Gajjar
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The prozone effect exerted by the complement-binding anti-Lea on anti-D p. 188
Sanmukh R Joshi, Kamlesh H Parekh
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Successful surgical procedure in a patient of aplastic anemia with platelet refractoriness, using cross-match compatible platelets p. 192
Ritam Chakrabarty, Sudipta Sekhar Das
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Autoimmune hemolytic anemia caused by anti “e”: A challenge: A case report with review of literature p. 195
Sangeeta Pahuja, Deepti Verma
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Coinheritance of hemoglobin D-Punjab and β0-thalassemia 3.4 kb deletion in a Thai girl p. 199
Sitthichai Panyasai, Sarinna Rahad, Sakorn Pornprasert
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Acute respiratory distress syndrome in a neonate due to possible transfusion-related acute lung injury p. 203
Arti Maria, Sheetal Agarwal, Anu Sharma
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Daily plasma exchange in severe Guillain–Barré syndrome helps in early weaning from ventilator: A lesson from a case p. 206
Arunpreet Kaur, Archana Bajpayee, Nitin Kumar Bajpai, Nikhil Kothari
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Interference of daratumumab with pretransfusion testing, mimicking a high-titer, low avidity like antibody p. 209
Mei-Hwa Lin, Fei-Yun Liu, Hsiu-Mien Wang, Hsin-Ching Cho, Shyh-Chyi Lo
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Out of the blue: Blue blood.! p. 212
Lenin Babu Elakkumanan, Jayasree Cherukat, Jane Nithya Tolson, Sarath Sistla, Abhishekh Basavarajegowda
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HIV risk associated with nucleic acid testing tested seronegative blood donation where the donor was not preassessed for the risk p. 213
Kanjaksha Ghosh, Kanchan Misra
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Adding up the evidence: Trigger for prophylactic plasma transfusion p. 214
Manish Raturi, Shamee Shastry, Poornima B Baliga
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Hello…. there is a blob of quark in my cryo bag!! p. 215
Atul Sonker, Anju Dubey, Rajendra Chaudhary
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Use of “smartphone” technology for managing workload in transfusion-transmissible infection (nucleic acid testing) laboratory for platelet concentrate inventory management resulting in timely issue of platelets: Experience from a tertiary care center p. 217
Rekha Hans, Suresh Sharma, Neelam Marwaha, Suchet Sachdev, Hari Krishan Dhawan, Ashish Jain, Ratti Ram Sharma
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