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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2018| March-April  | Volume 21 | Issue 2  

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Heartfelt greetings on endo cons day p. 115
Aditya Mitra
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Rotary science and its impact on instrument separation: A focused review p. 116
Sandhya Anand Khasnis, Prem Prakash Kar, Apoorva Kamal, Jayaprakash D Patil
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Efficacy of different irrigation regimes on the push-out bond strength of various resin-based sealers at different root levels: An in vitro study p. 125
Diksha Verma, Sonali Taneja, Manju Kumari
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Effect of incorporation of zinc oxide nanoparticles on mechanical properties of conventional glass ionomer cements p. 130
Narges Panahandeh, Hassan Torabzadeh, Mohammadamin Aghaee, Elham Hasani, Saeed Safa
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The impact of artificially caries-affected dentin on bond strength of multi-mode adhesives p. 136
Andressa Cargnelutti Follak, Leonardo Lamberti Miotti, Tathiane Larissa Lenzi, Rachel de Oliveira Rocha, Fabio Zovico Maxnuck Soares
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Bonding effectiveness of self-etch adhesives to dentin after 24 h water storage p. 142
Mouhamed Sarr, Fatou Leye Benoist, Khaly Bane, Adjaratou Wakha Aidara, Anta Seck, Babacar Toure
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Apical dye leakage of two single-cone root canal core materials (hydrophilic core material and gutta-percha) sealed by different types of endodontic sealers: An in vitro study p. 147
Mohamed Abdel Aziz Mohamed El Sayed, Hussam Al Husseini
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Comparative evaluation of dentinal crack formation after root canal preparation using ProTaper Next, OneShape, and Hyflex EDM p. 153
Sanjib Das, Prasanti Kumari Pradhan, S Lata, Sachidananda Prasad Sinha
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Evaluation of retention and fracture resistance of different fiber reinforced posts: An in vitro study p. 157
Varun Pruthi, Sangeeta Talwar, Ruchika Roongta Nawal, Preeti Jain Pruthi, Sarika Choudhary, Seema Yadav
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Efficacy of denoising and enhancement filters for detection of approximal and occlusal caries on digital intraoral radiographs p. 162
Abbas Shokri, Shahin Kasraei, Sima Lari, Majid Mahmoodzadeh, Amin Khaleghi, Saeid Musavi, Vahid Akheshteh
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Analysis of mandibular second molars with fused roots and shallow radicular grooves by using micro-computed tomography p. 169
Pablo Amoroso-Silva, Ivaldo Gomes De Moraes, Marilia Marceliano-Alves, Clovis Monteiro Bramante, Ronald Ordinola Zapata, Marco Antonio Hungaro Duarte
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An in vitro evaluation of the degree of pulp tissue dissolution through different root canal irrigation protocols p. 175
Massimo Amato, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Dina Abtellatif, Andrea Blasi, Massimo Gagliani, Alfredo Iandolo
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In vitro evaluation of the contact angle formed between AH Plus, Hybrid Root Seal and mineral trioxide aggregate Plus sealer with dentin and gutta-percha p. 180
Vineeta Nikhil, Shikha Jaiswal, Gauravi Bajpai
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Evaluation of bioceramics and zirconia-reinforced glass ionomer cement in repair of furcation perforations: An in vitro study p. 184
Anish Kumar Lagisetti, Priyadarshini Hegde, Mithra Nidarsh Hegde
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Efficacy of new irrigating solution on smear layer removal in apical third of root canal: A scanning electron microscope study p. 190
Priyanka Himmatrao Patil, Meenal Nitin Gulve, Swapnil Janardan Kolhe, Roshan Mathew Samuel, Gayatri Balasaheb Aher
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Effect of acid etching on the micro-shear bond strength of resin composite–calcium silicate interface evaluated over different time intervals of bond aging p. 194
Neha Sultana, Ruchika Roongta Nawal, Sarika Chaudhry, Malavika Sivakumar, Sangeeta Talwar
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Influence of different resin cements and surface treatments on microshear bond strength of zirconia-based ceramics p. 198
Anderson Petrauskas, Karina Andrea Novaes Olivieri, Yasmine Mendes Pupo, Guilherme Berger, Ederson Áureo Gonçalves Betiol
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An in vivo comparison of the antibacterial efficacy of photoactivated disinfection, diode laser, and 5% sodium hypochlorite in root canal disinfection p. 205
Snehal S Sonarkar, Shishir Singh, Rajesh Podar, Gaurav Kulkarni, Rucheet Purba
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The effect of different geometric shapes and angles on the fracture strength of IPS e.max computer-aided designed ceramic onlays: An in vitro study p. 210
Jonathan Chu, Vincent Bennani, John M Aarts, Nicholas Chandler, Bronwyn Lowe
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Depth and percentage of resin-based sealer penetration inside the dentinal tubules using EndoVac, EndoActivator, Navi tip FX irrigation system: A confocal laser scanning microscope study p. 216
Ramesh Bharti, Aseem Prakash Tikku, Anil Chandra, Vijay Kumar Shakya, Simith Yadav
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Influence of ultrasonics on the penetration depth of AH plus, acroseal, and EndoREZ root canal sealers: An in vitro study p. 221
P Krishna Prasad, Abhishek Sankhala, Aastha Tiwari, Shrikant Parakh, Gagan R Madan, Ankita Singh
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Efficacy of titanium dioxide nanoparticle spray to disinfect mobile phones used by endodontist: A bacteriological study p. 226
Udayakumar Palaniswamy, Aisha Habeeb, Mohammed Mohsin
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Using a syringe needle to cut dentin and dislodge and remove a metallic obstruction from the root canal p. 230
AR Vivekananda Pai, Varun Arora
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Atypical radiographic presentation of a horizontal mid-root fracture in a maxillary central incisor tooth p. 233
Amandeep Kaur, Ajay Logani, Manish Chahar
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