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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2011| February  | Volume 133 | Issue 2  

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Dr Sambhu Nath De: Unsung hero p. 127
G Balakrish Nair, Yoshifumi Takeda
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The challenge of pneumonia & acute diarrhoea at global, regional & national levels: Time to refocus on a top most priority health problem p. 128
Alok Kumar Deb, Suman Kanungo, G Balakrish Nair, Jai P Narain
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The role of C-terminus carbohydrate-binding domain of Vibrio cholerae haemolysin/cytolysin in the conversion of the pre-pore β-barrel oligomer to a functional diffusion channel p. 131
Budhaditya Mazumdar, Sreerupa Ganguly, Amar N Ghosh, Kalyan K Banerjee
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Influence of relative humidity in Vibrio cholerae infection: A time series model p. 138
K Rajendran, A Sumi, MK Bhattachariya, B Manna, D Sur, N Kobayashi, T Ramamurthy
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A De in the life of cholera p. 146
Robert H Hall
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Cholera toxin - A foe & a friend p. 153
Joaquín Sánchez, Jan Holmgren
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Lessons from cholera & Vibrio cholerae p. 164
Asoke C Ghose
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The discovery of cholera - like enterotoxins produced by Escherichia coli causing secretory diarrhoea in humans p. 171
R Bradley Sack
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Cholera toxin: A paradigm of a multifunctional protein p. 179
Kaushik Bharati, Nirmal K Ganguly
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From cholera to enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) vaccine development p. 188
Ann-Mari Svennerholm
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Molecular mechanism of acquisition of the cholera toxin genes p. 195
Bhabatosh Das, Julien Bischerour, François-Xavier Barre
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The complexity of ToxT-dependent transcription in Vibrio cholerae p. 201
Gregor G Weber, Karl E Klose
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Cross-reactivity of outer membrane proteins of Campylobacter species with cholera toxin p. 207
M John Albert
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Genetic components of stringent response in Vibrio cholerae p. 212
Ritesh Ranjan Pal, Bhabatosh Das, Shreya Dasgupta, Rupak K Bhadra
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An experimental study of phage mediated bactericidal selection & emergence of the El Tor Vibrio cholerae p. 218
M Shamim Hasan Zahid, Zaved Waise, M Kamruzzaman, AN Ghosh, G Balakrish Nair, S.A.M Khairul Bashar, John J Mekalanos, Shah M Faruque
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Antimicrobials & cholera: are we stranded? p. 225
Amit Ghosh, T Ramamurthy
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Inhibition of virulence potential of Vibrio cholerae by natural compounds p. 232
Shinji Yamasaki, Masahiro Asakura, Sucharit Basu Neogi, Atsushi Hinenoya, Emiko Iwaoka, Shunji Aoki
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