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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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2010| July-August  | Volume 54 | Issue 4  

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Cardiopulmonary exercise testing - A new addition to pre-anaesthetic armamentarium p. 279
SS Harsoor, Zulfiquar Ali
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Medically induced trauma and compassion: Reflections from the sharp end of care p. 283
Frederick van Pelt
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Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing: An objective approach to pre-operative assessment to define level of perioperative care p. 286
Milind Bhagwat, Kaggere Paramesh
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Effects of retractor application on cuff pressure and vocal cord function in patients undergoing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion p. 292
Rakesh Garg, Girija P Rath, Parmod K Bithal, Hemanshu Prabhakar, Manish K Marda
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Effectiveness of thiopentone, propofol and midazolam as an ideal intravenous anaesthetic agent for modified electroconvulsive therapy: A comparative study p. 296
Pratibha Jain Shah, Kamta Prasad Dubey, Chhatarapal Watti, Jaya Lalwani
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Acute aluminium phosphide poisoning: Can we predict mortality? p. 302
Ashu Mathai, Madhurita Singh Bhanu
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Evaluation of the effect of magnesium sulphate vs. clonidine as adjunct to epidural bupivacaine p. 308
Tanmoy Ghatak, Girish Chandra, Anita Malik, Dinesh Singh, Vinod Kumar Bhatia
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We should care more about intracuff pressure: The actual situation in government sector teaching hospital p. 314
Lopa Trivedi, Pramila Jha, Narasi Ram Bajiya, DC Tripathi
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Remifentanil infusion as a modality for opioid-based anaesthesia in paediatric practice p. 318
Ahmed Mostafa Abdel Hamid, Ashraf Fawzy Abo Shady, Ehab S Abdel Azeem
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Locked-in syndrome during stellate ganglion block p. 324
A Chaturvedi, HH Dash
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Anaesthesia for laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Bartter's syndrome p. 327
Bala S Bhaskar, GV Rao, Sanjeev B Joshi, SK Arun, SK Ajay
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Early diagnosis of airway closure from pigtail signature capnogram and its management in intubated small infants undergoing general anaesthesia for surgery p. 331
Sanghamitra Mishra
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Antitubercular drug poisoning in a pregnant woman p. 335
Rahul Dutta, Surya Kumar Dube, Dinesh Kumar Singh
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Non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema after neostigmine given for reversal: A report of two cases p. 338
Lalit Kumar Raiger, Udita Naithani, Bhavani S Vijay, Pradeep Gupta, Vaibhav Bhargava
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Postoperative myocardial infarction after diagnostic video-assisted thoracoscopy and pleurodesis for catamenial pneumothorax: A unique case report p. 342
G Madhavi, N Satyanarayana
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Anaesthesia in a diagnosed VSD with Guillain-Barré paediatric patient for VATS p. 345
Gaurav S Tomar, Ashish Sethi, TC Kriplani, Shankar Agrawal
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Successful living donor liver transplant in a very small child p. 347
Vijay Kumar, Raman Raina
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Anaesthetic considerations in a child with rickets and craniosynostosis for linear strip craniectomy and frontal advancement p. 350
Rakesh Garg, Puneet Khanna, MP Pandia
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Coiled central venous catheter in superior vena cava p. 351
Pramendra Agrawal, Babita Gupta, Nita D'souza
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Dysrhythmias resulting from surgical manipulations of pituitary tumour and hydrogen peroxide irrigation of surgical wound p. 352
Hemanshu Prabhakar, Gyaninder Pal Singh, Ashish Bindra, Zulfiqar Ali
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Entrapped central venous catheter guide wire p. 354
Sarika Katiyar, Rajnish Kumar Jain
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Ventilatory obstruction from kinked armoured tube p. 355
PS Balakrishna, Anil Shetty, Gayathri Bhat, US Raveendra
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Difficulty beyond intubation p. 356
Sekar Michael
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Ventilation failure due to endotracheal tube T-connector defect p. 357
Chetna Shamshery, Ashish K Kannaujia, Shefali Gautam
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Reinforced ProSeal LMA - Revisited p. 358
Rajeev Sharma
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Total radical gastrectomy under continuous thoracic epidural anaesthesia p. 358
S Parthasarathy, M Ravishankar, U Aravindan
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Multiport epidural catheter without port and incomplete marking p. 359
Suman Lata Gupta, Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Lenin Babu Elakkumanan, Krishnappa Sudeep
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Postoperative hysterical symptoms in a patient with epidural catheter p. 360
M Ravi, PB Ramesh Kumar, K Dinesh, VD Deepak
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Negative pressure pulmonary oedema and haemorrhage, after a single breath-hold: Diaphragm the culprit? p. 361
John George Karippacheril, Tim Thomas Joseph
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Negative pressure pulmonary oedema after rhinoplasty p. 363
Rachna Wadhwa, Seema Kalra
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Recurrent episodes of intractable laryngospasm followed by laryngeal and pulmonary oedema during dissociative anaesthesia with intravenous ketamine p. 364
Neha Baduni, Manoj Kumar Sanwal, Aruna Jain, Nisha Kachru
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Do we really need to panic in all anisocoria cases in critical care? p. 365
Saban Yalcin, Kutluk Pampal, Aydin Erden, Sirali Oba, SelÁuk Bilgin
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Transportation of the patient: Legal binding of anaesthesiologist p. 367
Shivakumar Kumbar
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Dr. Syam Babu p. 353
Mohan Bhaskar, K Jhansi Laksmi Devi
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Dr. Satish S. Maniyar p. 366
SSC Chakra Rao
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