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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2015| July-August  | Volume 47 | Issue 4  

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Antimicrobial resistance and inappropriate use of antimicrobials: Can we rise to the challenge? p. 347
Sujith J Chandy
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Paperless clinical trials: Myth or reality? p. 349
Sandeep K Gupta
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Imiquimod - Its role in the treatment of cutaneous malignancies p. 354
Aditya Kumar Bubna
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Estimation of the plasma effect site equilibration rate constant of sufentanil in children using the time to peak effect of heart rate and blood pressure p. 360
In-Kyung Song, Ji-Hyun Lee, SungAe Jung, Jin-Tae Kim, Hee-Soo Kim
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Comparative evaluation of 2 g single dose versus conventional dose azithromycin in uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections p. 365
Sudipta Kumar Dey, Amal Kanti Das, Sumit Sen, Avijit Hazra
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Study of acute transfusion reactions in a teaching hospital of Sikkim: A hemovigilance initiative p. 370
Dhruva Kumar Sharma, Supratim Datta, Amlan Gupta
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Antimicrobial drug prescribing patterns for community-acquired pneumonia in hospitalized patients: A retrospective pilot study from New Delhi, India p. 375
Anita Kotwani, Santosh Kumar, Prafulla Kumar Swain, JC Suri, SN Gaur
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Evaluation of acute effects of melatonin on ethanol drinking in ethanol naïve rats p. 383
Zahoor Ahmad Rather, Mukta N Chowta, Ganaraja Bolumbu, KB Rakesh
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Modulation of muscarinic system with serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor antidepressant attenuates depression in mice p. 388
Paramdeep Singh, Thakur Gurjeet Singh
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Immunoprophylactic potential of wheat grass extract on benzene-induced leukemia: An in vivo study on murine model p. 394
Neelofar Khan, Aditya Ganeshpurkar, Nazneen Dubey, Divya Bansal
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Anti-hyperbilirubinemic and wound healing activity of aqueous extract of Calotropis procera leaves in Wistar rats p. 398
Rupali Arun Patil, Aakash B Makwana
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Neuroprotective potential of Beta vulgaris L. in Parkinson's disease p. 403
Vandana S Nade, Laxman A Kawale, Shankar S Zambre, Amit B Kapure
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Evaluation of skeletal muscle relaxant activity of aqueous extract of Nerium oleander flowers in Albino rats p. 409
Jayasree Tirumalasetti, Maulik Patel, Ubedulla Shaikh, K Harini, J Shankar
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Antioxidant, mutagenic, and antimutagenic activities of Tragopogon longirostis var. longirostis, an edible wild plant in Turkey p. 414
Nurdan Sarac
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Calotropis procera : A potential cognition enhancer in scopolamine and electroconvulsive shock-induced amnesia in rats p. 419
Rohit Malabade, Ashok D Taranalli
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In-vitro α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of Adiantum caudatum Linn. and Celosia argentea Linn. extracts and fractions p. 425
Madhusudhan Telagari, Kirankumar Hullatti
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Efficacy of Spirulina platensis in improvement of the reproductive performance and easing teratogenicity in hyperglycemic albino mice p. 430
Pranay Punj Pankaj
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Short and long-term impact of pharmacovigilance training on the pharmacovigilance knowledge of medical students p. 436
M Aylin Arici, Ayse Gelal, Yucel Demiral, Yesim Tuncok
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Nicotine quantity and packaging disclosure in smoked and smokeless tobacco products in India p. 440
Priyamvada Sharma, Pratima Murthy, Parul Shivhare
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Dual inhibition of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase enzymes by allicin p. 444
Suresh Kumar
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Anti-inflammatory activity of Nerium indicum by inhibition of prostaglandin E2 in murine splenic lymphocytes p. 447
Priyankar Dey, Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri
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Pentazocine-induced contractures: Dilemma in management p. 451
Dileep Kumar, Anil Gupta, VP Sharma, Ganesh Yadav, Arpita Singh, Ajay Kumar Verma
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Ketamine-induced affective switch in a patient with treatment-resistant depression p. 454
Girish Banwari, Prutha Desai, Prahlad Patidar
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Medication error report: Intrathecal administration of labetalol during obstetric anesthesia p. 456
Baisakhi Laha, Avijit Hazra
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Oxcarbazepine induced toxic epidermal necrolysis - a rare case report p. 459
Vivek S Guleria, Chetan Sharda, Tanuja Rana, AK Sood
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Nebivolol: A unique drug in acute and chronic renal disorders p. 462
Fateme Shamekhi Amiri
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