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Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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2015| July-August  | Volume 18 | Issue 4  

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Health care financing in Nigeria: Implications for achieving universal health coverage p. 437
BSC Uzochukwu, MD Ughasoro, E Etiaba, C Okwuosa, E Envuladu, OE Onwujekwe
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Obstetrics and gynaecology residents' knowledge of the informed consent process and its practice in their training institutions p. 445
PI Okonta
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Obstetric outcomes of human herpes virus-2 infection among pregnant women in Benin, Nigeria p. 453
EI Kalu, CK Ojide, A Chuku, II Chukwuonye, FE Agwu, VU Nwadike, FC Korie, GOC Okafor
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Pattern of femoral fractures and associated injuries in a Nigerian tertiary trauma centre p. 462
UE Anyaehie, OC Ejimofor, FC Akpuaka, CU Nwadinigwe
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Effects of ultrasonic and sonic scaling on surfaces of tooth-colored restorative materials: An in vitro study p. 467
D Erdilek, S Sismanoglu, B Gumustas, BG Efes
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Assessment of the periapical health of abutment teeth: A retrospective radiological study p. 472
B Gumru, B Tarcin, E Iriboz, DE Turkaydin, T Unver, HS Ovecoglu
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Use of fetal biometry in the assessment of gestational age in South East Nigeria: Femur length and biparietal diameter p. 477
CO Adiri, GE Anyanwu, KK Agwuna, EN Obikili, OJ Ezugworie, AU Agu, J Nto, SN Ezeofor
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Bladder perforations in children p. 483
U Bakal, M Sarac, T Tartar, F Ersoz, A Kazez
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Maternal views and experiences regarding repeat Caesarean section p. 489
BA Olofinbiyi, RO Olofinbiyi, OP Aduloju, BP Atiba, OD Olaogun, OR Ogundare
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The prevalence of early childhood caries and its associated risk factors among preschool children referred to a tertiary care institution p. 493
OO Olatosi, V Inem, OO Sofola, P Prakash, EO Sote
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Effects of edentulism in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome p. 502
R Oksayan, O Sökücü, M Uyar, T Topçuoglu
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Effects of azithromycin versus metronidazole-amoxicillin combination as an adjunct to nonsurgical periodontal therapy of generalized aggressive periodontitis p. 506
E Ercan, BC Uzun, G Ustaoglu
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Assessment of hygiene habits and attitudes among removable partial denture wearers in a university hospital p. 511
U Cakan, E Yuzbasioglu, H Kurt, HB Kara, R Turunç, A Akbulut, KC Aydin
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Co-infections of hepatitis B and C with human immunodeficiency virus among adult patients attending human immunodeficiency virus outpatients clinic in Benin City, Nigeria p. 516
CK Ojide, EI Kalu, E Ogbaini-Emevon, VU Nwadike
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Red cell alloimmunization in multi-transfused patients with sickle cell anemia in Benin City, Nigeria p. 522
NI Ugwu, OA Awodu, GN Bazuaye, AE Okoye
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Epidemiology of active epilepsy in a suburban community in Southeast Nigeria: A door-to-door survey p. 527
PO Nwani, MC Nwosu, LA Asomugha, KO Enwereji, EO Arinzechi, AO Ogunniyi
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Knowledge of conversion disorder in children by pediatricians in a developing country p. 534
AC Ndukuba, RC Ibekwe, PC Odinka, RC Muomah, SO Nwoha, C Eze
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Which is the most effective disinfection method in primary root canals: Conventional or newly developed ones? p. 538
A Kapdan, A Kustarci, T Tunc, Z Sumer, S Arslan
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Availability and functionality of sphygmomanometers at health care institutions in Enugu, Nigeria p. 544
CP Chijioke, TO Okolo, KI Nwadike, EC Ejim, FC Ekochin, GN Aronu, SI Ghasi, OU Chijioke
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Holdaway's analysis of the nose prominence of an adult Nigerian population p. 548
GI Isiekwe, OO daCosta, IL Utomi, OO Sanu
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Pattern of hormone receptors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 status in sub-Saharan breast cancer cases: Private practice experience p. 553
CC Nwafor, SO Keshinro
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Comprehensive dental management in a Hallermann-Streiff syndrome patient with unusual radiographic appearance of teeth p. 559
O Erken Gungor, B Guzel Nur, H Yalcin, H Karayilmaz, E Mihchi
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Multiple tooth anomalies in a nonsyndromic patient with class II division 2 malocclusions: A case report and a literature review p. 563
E Isman, O Isman, AM Aktan, E Ciftci, T Topcuoglu
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Machete-cut injuries are occurring in the maxillofacial region in Zaria, Nigeria p. 569
OA Chukwudi, A Rowland, O Uche
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Diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia in a dental hospital; report of a case with severe gingival hypertrophy p. 573
M Misirlioglu, MZ Adisen, S Yilmaz
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