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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2015| January  | Volume 141 | Issue 1  

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World Leprosy Day 2015: Renewing commitment for a leprosy free world! p. 1
Bhushan Kumar
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Lung cancer: Prevalent trends & emerging concepts p. 5
Prabhat Singh Malik, Vinod Raina
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Proteomics of multidrug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates: A peep show on mechanism of drug resistance & perhaps more p. 8
Kishore Parsa, Seyed E Hasnain
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Health & nutritional status of HIV infected children p. 10
Rakesh Lodha, SK Kabra
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Mitochondrial disorders: Challenges in diagnosis & treatment p. 13
Nahid Akhtar Khan, Periyasamy Govindaraj, Angamuthu Kannan Meena, Kumarasamy Thangaraj
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Comparative proteomic analysis of sequential isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis turning from drug sensitive to multidrug resistant p. 27
Amit Singh, Krishnamoorthy Gopinath, Prashant Sharma, Deepa Bisht, Pawan Sharma, Niti Singh, Sarman Singh
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Health & nutritional status of HIV infected children in Hyderabad, India p. 46
G Krishna Swetha, R Hemalatha, UV Prasad, Vasudev Murali, K Damayanti, V Bhaskar
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Application of IS1311 locus 2 PCR-REA assay for the specific detection of 'Bison type' Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis isolates of Indian origin p. 55
Ajay Vir Singh, Devendra Singh Chauhan, Abhinendra Singh, Pravin Kumar Singh, Jagdip Singh Sohal, Shoor Vir Singh
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Serum lipoprotein ratios as markers of insulin resistance: A study among non-diabetic acute coronary syndrome patients with impaired fasting glucose p. 62
S Ray, A Talukdar, N Sonthalia, M Saha, S Kundu, D Khanra, S Guha, AK Basu, A Mukherjee, D Ray, S Ganguly
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Use of plasma triglyceride/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio to identify increased cardio-metabolic risk in young, healthy South Asians p. 68
Elena Flowers, César Molina, Ashish Mathur, Gerald M Reaven
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Quantitation of ethyl glucuronide in serum & urine by gas chromatography - mass spectrometry p. 75
Priyamvada Sharma, Venkatesh Bharat, Pratima Murthy
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Enhanced resistance to fluoroquinolones in laboratory-grown mutants & clinical isolates of Shigella due to synergism between efflux pump expression & mutations in quinolone resistance determining region p. 81
Neelam Taneja, Arti Mishra, Ajay Kumar, Garima Verma, Meera Sharma
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Sudarshan Kriya yoga improves quality of life in healthy people living with HIV (PLHIV): results from an open label randomized clinical trial p. 90
N Mawar, T Katendra, R Bagul, S Bembalkar, A Vedamurthachar, S Tripathy, K Srinivas, K Mandar, N Kumar, N Gupte, RS Paranjape
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Efficacy & safety evaluation of Ayurvedic treatment (Ashwagandha powder & Sidh Makardhwaj) in rheumatoid arthritis patients: a pilot prospective study. p. 100
Gajendra Kumar, Amita Srivastava, Surinder Kumar Sharma, T Divakara Rao, Yogendra Kumar Gupta
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Lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2 activity & its correlation with oxidized LDL & glycaemic status in early stages of type-2 diabetes mellitus p. 107
Seema Garg, SV Madhu, Shilpa Suneja
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Unmet need for contraception among married women in an urban area of Puducherry, India p. 115
Bahiya Sulthana, Hemant Deepak Shewade, Bhuvaneswary Sunderamurthy, Keerthana Manoharan, Manimozhi Subramanian
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Unexpected diagnostic findings in some HIV positive individuals in Bangladesh p. 119
SM Rashed U Islam, Saif U Munshi, Shahina Tabassum
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Knowledge, attitude & factors affecting potential use of emergency contraception in college students in Puducherry, south India p. 122
Gowri Dorairajan, Palanivel Chinnakali, Bharathi Mohan
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Antibody response to hepatitis B vaccination in isolated anti-HBc positive subjects p. 125
Hasan Tahsin Gozdas
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Authors' response p. 125
AP Sugunan, Haimanti Bhattacharya, Debdutta Bhattacharya, A Mandal, SR Ghosal, RC Rao, AK Mandal
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Establishing association p. 127
Sunil Kumar Raina
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Authors' response p. 128
AL Khandare, JJ Babu, M Ankulu, N Aparna, Amol Shirfule, GS Rao
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Left hepatic lobe herniation through an incisional anterior abdominal wall hernia p. 129
HJ Gayathri Devi, Deepti Naik
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Infectious purpura fulminans p. 130
J Harikrishna, Alladi Mohan
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Lichenoid skin lesions & mucosal erosions as a paraneoplastic syndrome p. 132
Keshavamurthy Vinay, Amrinder J Kanwar
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Testicular seminoma with early carcinomatous differentiation p. 134
Ali Murat Gokce, Selahattin Caliskan
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Proton pump inhibitors: A balanced view p. 136
UC Ghoshal
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The importance of immunonutrition p. 136
Rakesh Lodha
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