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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2015| March  | Volume 6 | Issue 5  

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Our duty to promote local emergency services for traumatic dental injuries p. 1
Lars Andersson
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Viral evolution: Influenza evolves - From rhetoric to reality? p. 3
SG Damle
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Estimation of changes in C-reactive protein level and pregnancy outcome after nonsurgical supportive periodontal therapy in women affected with periodontitis in a rural set up of India p. 5
Mayur S Khairnar, Babita R Pawar, Pramod P Marawar, Darshana M Khairnar
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Assessment of the relationship between maxillary rotation and nasal morphology in males p. 12
Rajarshi Bhushan, Santosh Kumar, Arun K Chauhan, Stuti Mohan, Manish Shekhar, Aditya Narnoly
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Retention of resin-based filled and unfilled pit and fissure sealants: A comparative clinical study p. 18
V Rajashekar Reddy, Nagalakshmi Chowdhary, KS Mukunda, NK Kiran, BS Kavyarani, MC Pradeep
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Cavity disinfection in minimally invasive dentistry - comparative evaluation of Aloe vera and propolis: A randomized clinical trial p. 24
AR Prabhakar, YM Karuna, C Yavagal, BM Deepak
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Neodymium:Yttrium aluminum garnet laser in the management of oral leukoplakia: A case series p. 32
Somdipto Das, Shadab Mohammad, Vibha Singh, Shalini Gupta
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Use of buccal myomucosal flap for palatal lengthening in cleft palate patient: Experience of 20 cases p. 36
Don Varghese, Shubharanjan Datta, Annie Varghese
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Versatile retraction mechanics: Implant assisted en-masse retraction with a boot loop p. 41
Pramod Philip, Nidhin Philip Jose
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A comparative evaluation of the effect of dentin desensitizers on the retention of complete cast metal crowns p. 45
Saili M Chandavarkar, Sabita M Ram
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Comparison between stainless steel staples and silk sutures for primary closure of skin in patients undergoing neck dissection: A comparative clinical study p. 51
Abhishek Ghosh, Madan Nanjappa, Vaibhav Nagaraj, GC Rajkumar
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'Sutureless' transconjunctival approach for infraorbital rim fractures p. 56
Vaibhav Nagaraj, Abhishek Ghosh, Madan Nanjappa, Keerthi Ramesh
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Prevalence of glutathione S-transferase M1 null polymorphism in tobacco users, oral leukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinoma patients in South Indian population: A polymerase chain reaction study p. 59
Renu Tanwar, Asha R Iyengar, KS Nagesh, Seema Patil, BV Subhash
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Estimation of salivary flow rate, pH, buffer capacity, calcium, total protein content and total antioxidant capacity in relation to dental caries severity, age and gender p. 65
Pallavi Pandey, N Venugopal Reddy, V Rao, Aditya Saxena, CP Chaudhary
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Loss on drying, calcium concentration and pH of fluoride dentifrices p. 72
Arella Cristina Muniz Brito, Livia Rocha Dantas, Andre Luiz Fiquene De Brito, Ana Cristina Silva Muniz, Ianny Alves Ramos, Andreia Medeiros Rodrigues Cardoso, Alidianne Fabia Cabral Xavier, Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti
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Analysis of time-dependent changes in Bitemarks on Styrofoam sheets p. 77
Djeapragassam Parimala, Mariappan Jonathan Daniel, Subramanian Vasudevan Srinivasan, Jimsha Vannathan Kumaran
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Appraisal of the remineralizing potential of child formula dentifrices on primary teeth: An i n vitropH cycling model p. 81
M Kiranmayi, S V S G Nirmala, Sivakumar Nuvvula
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Sealing ability of three hydrophilic single-cone obturation systems: An in vitroglucose leakage study p. 86
Vibha Hegde, Shashank Arora
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Denture acceptance among newly rehabilitated elderly population in old age homes in South India p. 90
Mallika S Shetty, Ganesh Shenoy Panchaml, K Kamalakanth Shenoy
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Orofacial granulomatosis affecting lip and gingiva in a 15-year-old patient: A rare case report p. 94
Monika Bansal, Nootan Singh, Shashikant Patne, Satyendra Kumar Singh
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Gingival depigmentation: A split mouth comparative study between scalpel and cryosurgery p. 97
Kaustubh P Patil, Vaibhav Joshi, Vijay Waghmode, Vinayak Kanakdande
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Multiple jaw cysts-unveiling the Gorlin-Goltz syndrome p. 102
S Manjima, Zameera Naik, Vaishali Keluskar, Anjana Bagewadi
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Five years follow-up of a keratocyst odontogenic tumor treated by marsupialization and enucleation: A case report and literature review p. 106
Rafael Scaf de Molon, Mario H Verzola, Luana C Pires, Vinicius I Mascarenhas, Rodrigo B da Silva, Joni A Cirelli, Roberto H Barbeiro
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Maxillary palatal ramp prosthesis: A prosthodontic solution to manage mandibular deviation following surgery p. 111
Sampa Ray (Bhattacharya), Dibyendu Majumdar, Dilip K Singh, MD Rabiul Islam, Pradip K Ray, Nilanjana Saha
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Prosthetic rehabilitation of severe Siebert's Class III defect with modified Andrews bridge system p. 114
Manu Rathee, Neha Sikka, Sahil Jindal, Ashutosh Kaushik
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Metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma in the maxilla and mandible, an extremely rare presentation p. 117
Satya Ranjan Misra, Y Uday Shankar, Varun Rastogi, G Maragathavalli
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Accurate registration of peri-implant soft tissues to create an optimal emergence profile p. 122
Ibraheem Fahad Alshiddi, D Clin Dent
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Clinical evaluation of the marginal gingiva as a donor tissue to augment the width of keratinized gingiva: Series of 2 cases with 3-year follow-up p. 126
Palka Kaur Khanuja, RK Sharma, Shikha Tewari, SC Narula, Palka Kaur Khanuja, RK Sharma, Shikha Tewari, SC Narula
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Splinted mandibular protraction appliance p. 129
Ashok Kumar Jena, Satinder Pal Singh, Ashok Kumar Jena, Satinder Pal Singh
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