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Neural Regeneration Research

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2014| 15th May  | Volume 9 | Issue 10  

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Visualization of peripheral nerve regeneration p. 997
Ting-Chen Tseng, Chen-Tung Yen, Shan-hui Hsu
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Two types of auditory glutamatergic synapses and their implications for repairing damaged central auditory pathways p. 1000
Charles C. Lee
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Intraspinal transplantation of motoneuron-like cell combined with delivery of polymer-based glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor for repair of spinal cord contusion injury p. 1003
Alireza Abdanipour, Taki Tiraihi, Taher Taheri
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Neural stem cell transplantation in a double-layer collagen membrane with unequal pore sizes for spinal cord injury repair p. 1014
Ning Yuan, Wei Tian, Lei Sun, Runying Yuan, Jianfeng Tao, Dafu Chen
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L-carnitine alleviates sciatic nerve crush injury in rats: functional and electron microscopy assessments p. 1020
Ümmü Zeynep Avsar, Umit Avsar, Ali Aydin, Muhammed Yayla, Berna Ozturkkaragoz, Harun Un, Murat Saritemur, Tolga Mercantepe
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Intranasal nerve growth factor bypasses the blood-brain barrier and affects spinal cord neurons in spinal cord injury p. 1025
Luigi Aloe, Patrizia Bianchi, Alberto De Bellis, Marzia Soligo, Maria Luisa Rocco
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Differential expression of microRNAs in dorsal root ganglia after sciatic nerve injury p. 1031
Anjie Lu, Zufa Huang, Chaoyue Zhang, Xianfang Zhang, Jiuhong Zhao, Haiying Zhang, Quanpeng Zhang, Song Wu, Xinan Yi
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A simple model of radial nerve injury in the rhesus monkey to evaluate peripheral nerve repair p. 1041
Dong Wang, Xijun Huang, Guo Fu, Liqiang Gu, Xiaolin Liu, Honggang Wang, Jun Hu, Jianhua Yi, Xiaofeng Niu, Qingtang Zhu
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The development of blood-retinal barrier during the interaction of astrocytes with vascular wall cells p. 1047
Huanling Yao, Tianshi Wang, Jiexin Deng, Ding Liu, Xiaofei Li, Jinbo Deng
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Analgesic effect of intrathecal bumetanide is accompanied by changes in spinal sodium-potassium-chloride co-transporter 1 and potassium-chloride co-transporter 2 expression in a rat model of incisional pain p. 1055
Yanbing He, Shiyuan Xu, Junjie Huang, Qingjuan Gong
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Chemokine receptor 4 gene silencing blocks neuroblastoma metastasis in vitro p. 1063
Xin Chen, Yongjie Zhu, Lulu Han, Hongting Lu, Xiwei Hao, Qian Dong
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The human δ2 glutamate receptor gene is not mutated in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia p. 1068
Jinxiang Huang, Aiyu Lin, Haiyan Dong, Chaodong Wang
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Bridging peripheral nerves using a deacetyl chitin conduit combined with short-term electrical stimulation p. 1075
Zhongli Zhang, Xin Li, Songjie Zuo, Jie Xin, Peixun Zhang
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Attenuated inhibition of medium spiny neurons participates in the pathogenesis of childhood depression p. 1079
Dandan Liu, Linghan Hu, Junqi Zhang, Ping Zhang, Shengtian Li
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