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Pharmacognosy Research

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2017| April-June  | Volume 9 | Issue 2  

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Honey and health: A review of recent clinical research p. 121
Saeed Samarghandian, Tahereh Farkhondeh, Fariborz Samini
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Pharmacognostic specification, chlorogenic acid content, and In vitro antioxidant activities of Lonicera japonica flowering bud p. 128
Chayanon Chaowuttikul, Chanida Palanuvej, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi
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Antiprotozoal activities of tiliroside and other compounds from Sphaeralcea angustifolia (Cav.) G. don p. 133
Fernando Calzada, Jose Correa Basurto, Elizabeth Barbosa, Claudia Velázquez, Normand García Hernández, RM Ordoñez Razo, David Mendez Luna, Lilian Yepez Mulia
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Preclinical toxicological evaluation of IDM01: The botanical composition of 4-Hydroxyisoleucine- and trigonelline-based standardized fenugreek seed extract p. 138
Pallavi O Deshpande, Vishwaraman Mohan, Prasad Arvind Thakurdesai
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The mealiness and quality of herbal medicine: Licorice for example p. 151
Xueying Liu, Weilong Hou, Deqiang Dou
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Effects of Ligusticum porteri (Osha) root extract on human promyelocytic leukemia cells p. 156
Khanh Nguyen, Jean Sparks, Felix Omoruyi
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Evaluation of antioxidant, hypolipidemic, and antiatherogenic property of lycopene and astaxanthin in atherosclerosis-induced rats p. 161
Rajesh Kumar, Kartik Janardan Salwe, Manimekalai Kumarappan
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Potential roles of Kleinhovia hospita L. leaf extract in reducing doxorubicin acute hepatic, cardiac and renal toxicities in rats p. 168
Yulia Yusrini Djabir, M Aryadi Arsyad, Sartini Sartini, Subehan Lallo
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Neutralization of inflammation by inhibiting In vitro and In vivo secretory phospholipase A2by ethanol extract of Boerhaavia diffusa L. p. 174
Aladahalli S Giresha, Siddanakoppalu N Pramod, AD Sathisha, KK Dharmappa
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Hepatoprotective, antihyperlipidemic, and anti-inflammatory activity of Moringa oleifera in diabetic-induced damage in male wistar rats p. 182
Elizabeth I Omodanisi, Yapo G Aboua, Novel N Chegou, Oluwafemi O Oguntibeju
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Biological effects of hesperetin on Interleukin-6/phosphorylated signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 pathway signaling in prostate cancer PC3 cells p. 188
Moein Shirzad, Esfandiar Heidarian, Pezhman Beshkar, Mostafa Gholami-Arjenaki
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Effect of Tamarindus indica L. and Manihot esculenta extracts on antibiotic-resistant bacteria p. 195
Zenon Machado Lima, Lenilson Santos da Trindade, Genelane Cruz Santana, Francine Ferreira Padilha, Marcelo da Costa Mendonça, Luiz Pereira da Costa, Jorge A López, Maria Lucila Hernández Macedo
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Protective effect of sorrel extract on adult rats treated by carbon tetrachloride p. 200
Abdullah Glil Alkushi
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Botanical and chemical fingerprinting of medicinal roots of Justicia gendarussa burm f. p. 208
Deepa Yadav, Mohd Salim Reshi, Chhavi Uthra, Sadhana Shrivastava, Nalini Srivastava, Sunil Kumar Koppala Narayana, Sangeeta Shukla
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Rapid development and validation of improved reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography method for the quantification of mangiferin, a polyphenol xanthone glycoside in Mangifera indica p. 215
P Naveen, HB Lingaraju, K Shyam Prasad
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Erratum: Bioactivity of diterpens from the ethyl acetate extract of kingiodendron pinnatum Rox. Hams p. 220
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