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National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery

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2013| July-December  | Volume 4 | Issue 2  

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Editor's desk - Own laws of work p. 135
US Pal
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Blood gas analysis for bedside diagnosis p. 136
Virendra Singh, Shruti Khatana, Pranav Gupta
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Dental implant survival in diabetic patients; review and recommendations p. 142
Rajendra Kumar Dubey, Deepesh Kumar Gupta, Amit Kumar Singh
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Bisphophonates related osteonecrosis of the jaw p. 151
Swati Gupta, Hemant Gupta, Devendra Mandhyan, Sanjeev Srivastava
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Soft tissue cephalometric analysis applied to regional Indian population p. 159
Jay S Upadhyay, Sandhya Maheshwari, Sanjeev K Verma, Syed Naved Zahid
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To evaluate the efficacy of biodegradable plating system for fixation of maxillofacial fractures: A prospective study p. 167
Rishi K Bali, Parveen Sharma, Shalu Jindal, Shivani Gaba
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Use of anteriolateral wall of maxilla for reconstruction of orbital floor fracture: A clinical study p. 173
Anshul Rai, Abhay Datarkar
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Study over the clinical picture and histopathology of leukoplakia and to establish the correlation between causative factors in the patients of Garhwal hill region p. 177
Ravindra S Bisht, Amit K Singh, Vikas Sikarwar, Anshuman Darbari
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Zygomatic complex fracture: A comparative evaluation of stability using titanium and bio-resorbable plates as one point fixation p. 181
Nalini Tripathi, Manoj Goyal, Brijesh Mishra, Satish Dhasmana
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Evaluation of temporomandibular joint disc-repositioning surgery with Mitek mini anchors p. 188
Gökhan Göçmen, Altan Varol, Berfin Karatas, Selcuk Basa
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Single puncture arthrocentesis of temporomandibular joint; introducing a novel device: A pilot study p. 193
Sourav Singh, Don Varghese
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Turmeric - A new treatment option for lichen planus: A pilot study p. 198
Vibha Singh, Mahesh Pal, Shalini Gupta, SK Tiwari, Laxman Malkunje, Somdipto Das
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Cancers of upper gingivobuccal sulcus, hard palate and maxilla: A tertiary care centre study in North India p. 202
Vijay Kumar, VA Sindhu, Sivaprakash Rathanaswamy, Jaswant Jain, Jaipalreddy R Pogal, Naseem Akhtar, Sameer Gupta
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Distraction osteogenesis for correction of mandibular abnormalities p. 206
Vinayak Karun, Navneet Agarwal, Virendra Singh
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The epidemiological characteristics of zygomatic complex fractures: A comparison between the surgically and non-surgically treated patients p. 214
Erik Gerrit Salentijn, Paolo Boffano, Jolanda Boverhoff, Bart van den Bergh, Tymour Forouzanfar
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Association between mitochondrial C-tract alteration and tobacco exposure in oral precancer cases p. 219
Rahul Pandey, Divya Mehrotra, Abbas Ali Mahdi, Rajiv Sarin, Pradnya Kowtal, Shailendra S Maurya, Devendra Parmar
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Matrix miniplate versus locking miniplate in the management of displaced mandibular angle fractures p. 225
RK Singh, Sharad Chand, US Pal, Sanjib K Das, VP Sinha
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Temporalis myofascial flap transfer into the oral cavity without zygomatic arch osteotomy p. 229
David P Tauro, Madan Mishra, Gaurav Singh
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Management of unicystic ameloblastoma of the mandible in a 5-year old child p. 232
Ongkila Bhutia, Ajoy Roychoudhury, Ankit Arora, Saumya Mallick
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Malignant myoepithelioma of the maxilla posing a diagnostic dilemma p. 235
Sheeraz Badal, Syed Ahmed, Padmakar S Patil, Afreen Badal
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Aggressive monophasic synovial sarcoma involving sublingual gland: First case p. 239
Arsheed H Hakeem, Imtiyaz H Hakeem
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Chondrosarcoma of body of the mandible p. 242
Hari Ram, Shadab Mohammad, Geeta Singh, Satya Vrat Singh
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Extraosseous calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor: An uncommon variant p. 245
Navin Mittal, Kunal Sah, Sunira Chandra, Suchitra Gupta, Shaksham Mittal, Mansi Agarwal
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Necrosis of maxilla, nasal, and frontal bone secondary to extensive rhino-cerebral mucormycosis p. 249
Ajay Verma, Virendra Singh, Naveen Jindal, Sunil Yadav
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Bilateral cavernous sinus thrombosis and facial palsy as complications of dental abscess p. 252
Rajesh Verma, Vivek Junewar, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Hari Ram, Uma Shanker Pal
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Unilateral temporomandibular joint ankylosis with contralateral aplasia p. 256
Nimisha Singh, US Pal, S Mohammad, RK Singh, Gagan Mehta, Hardik S Makadia
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Hemisection-hope for last survival p. 260
Mukesh Hasija, Kulvinder K Wadhwani, Rakesh K Yadav, Deepti Wadhwa Hasija, Virendra Kumar
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