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Neural Regeneration Research

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2014| 15th December  | Volume 9 | Issue 24  

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Hydrogen sulfide controls peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration: a novel therapeutic strategy for peripheral demyelinating disorders or nerve degenerative diseases p. 2119
Junyang Jung, Na Young Jeong
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Diffusion weighted MRI and tractography for evaluating peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration p. 2122
Neil G Simon, Michel Kliot
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A novel mode of retinal regeneration: the merit of a new Xenopus model p. 2125
Masasuke Araki
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Activities of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors modulate neurotransmission and synaptic architecture p. 2128
Akira Oda, Hidekazu Tanaka
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A novel artificial nerve graft for repairing long-distance sciatic nerve defects: a self-assembling peptide nanofiber scaffold-containing poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) conduit p. 2132
Xianghai Wang, Mengjie Pan, Jinkun Wen, Yinjuan Tang, Audra D Hamilton, Yuanyuan Li, Changhui Qian, Zhongying Liu, Wutian Wu, Jiasong Guo
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The Achyranthes bidentata polypeptide k fraction enhances neuronal growth in vitro and promotes peripheral nerve regeneration after crush injury in vivo p. 2142
Qiong Cheng, Chunyi Jiang, Caiping Wang, Shu Yu, Qi Zhang, Xiaosong Gu, Fei Ding
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The effects of claudin 14 during early Wallerian degeneration after sciatic nerve injury p. 2151
Leilei Gong, Yun Zhu, Xi Xu, Huaiqin Li, Weimin Guo, Qin Zhao, Dengbing Yao
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Transplantation of human amniotic epithelial cells repairs brachial plexus injury: pathological and biomechanical analyses p. 2159
Qi Yang, Min Luo, Peng Li, Hai Jin
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Long-term treatment with PP2 after spinal cord injury resulted in functional locomotor recovery and increased spared tissue p. 2164
Odrick R Rosas, Aranza I Torrado, Jose M Santiago, Ana E Rodriguez, Iris K Salgado, Jorge D Miranda
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Thermomineral water promotes axonal sprouting but does not reduce glial scar formation in a mouse model of spinal cord injury p. 2174
Dubravka Aleksic, Milan Aksić, Nevena Divac, Vidosava Radonjić, Branislav Filipović, Igor Jakovčevski
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves local microenvironment after spinal cord injury p. 2182
Yang Wang, Shuquan Zhang, Min Luo, Yajun Li
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Mild hypothermia combined with a scaffold of NgR-silenced neural stem cells/Schwann cells to treat spinal cord injury p. 2189
Dong Wang, Jinhua Liang, Jianjun Zhang, Shuhong Liu, Wenwen Sun
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Transplantation of placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cell-induced neural stem cells to treat spinal cord injury p. 2197
Zhi Li, Wei Zhao, Wei Liu, Ye Zhou, Jingqiao Jia, Lifeng Yang
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Melatonin lowers edema after spinal cord injury p. 2205
Cheng Li, Xiao Chen, Suchi Qiao, Xinwei Liu, Chang Liu, Degang Zhu, Jiacan Su, Zhiwei Wang
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