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Neural Regeneration Research

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2014| 15th February  | Volume 9 | Issue 4  

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Neuronal growth cones and regeneration: gridlock within the extracellular matrix p. 341
Diane M Snow
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Proteoglycans: Road Signs for Neurite Outgrowth p. 343
Justin A Beller, Diane M Snow
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Traffic lights for axon growth: proteoglycans and their neuronal receptors p. 356
Yingjie Shen
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Time dependent integration of matrix metalloproteinases and their targeted substrates directs axonal sprouting and synaptogenesis following central nervous system injury p. 362
Linda L Phillips, Julie L Chan, Adele E Doperalski, Thomas M Reeves
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In the presence of danger: the extracellular matrix defensive response to central nervous system injury p. 377
Lyn B Jakeman, Kent E Williams, Bryan Brautigam
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Regulatory effects of inhibiting the activation of glial cells on retinal synaptic plasticity p. 385
Lihong Zhou, Hui Wang, Jia Luo, Kun Xiong, Leping Zeng, Dan Chen, Jufang Huang
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Characterization of hippocampal Cajal-Retzius cells during development in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease (Tg2576) p. 394
Dongming Yu, Wenjuan Fan, Ping Wu, Jing Liu, Yanli Niu, Mingshan Li, Jinbo Deng
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The Pael-R gene does not mediate the changes in rotenone-induced Parkinson's disease model cells p. 402
Ting Zou, Xiangqi Tang, Zhiling Huang, Niangui Xu, Zhiping Hu
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Compound Formula Rehmannia alleviates levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease p. 407
Long Teng, Fang Hong, Chenguang Zhang, Jiancheng He, Haiying Wang
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A novel transgenic mouse model of Chinese Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2L p. 413
Ruxu Zhang, Fufeng Zhang, Xiaobo Li, Shunxiang Huang, Xiaohong Zi, Ting Liu, Sanmei Liu, Xuning Li, Kun Xia, Qian Pan, Beisha Tang
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Local inhibition of GABA affects precedence effect in the inferior colliculus p. 420
Yanjun Wang, Ningyu Wang, Dan Wang, Jun Jia, Jinfeng Liu, Yan Xie, Xiaohui Wen, Xiaoting Li
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7.0T nuclear magnetic resonance evaluation of the amyloid beta (1-40) animal model of Alzheimer's disease: comparison of cytology verification p. 430
Lei Zhang, Shuai Dong, Guixiang Zhao, Yu Ma
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Circadian fluctuations in three types of sensory modules in healthy subjects p. 436
Yong Hyun Kwon, Ki Seok Nam
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Examination of Huntington's disease in a Chinese family p. 440
Mingxia Yu, Xiaogai Li, Sanyun Wu, Ji Shen, Jiancheng Tu
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Posterior quadrantic disconnection maintains the activity of isolated temporal-parietal-occipital nerve tissue: neuroprotective measures in the surgical treatment of epilepsy p. 447
Shaoya Yin, Keke Feng, Mei Feng, Xueqing Zhang, Yuqin Zhang
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