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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2010| May-June  | Volume 42 | Issue 3  

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Access to essential medicines and standard treatment for chronic diseases p. 127
Anita Kotwani
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Animal models and biomarkers of neuropathy in diabetic rodents p. 129
AS Shaikh, RS Somani
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Topiramate for anger control: A systematic review p. 135
Bindu Susan Varghese, A Rajeev, Mark Norrish, Saleh Bin Mohammed Al Khusaiby
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Effect of saturated fatty acid-rich dietary vegetable oils on lipid profile, antioxidant enzymes and glucose tolerance in diabetic rats p. 142
Benson Mathai Kochikuzhyil, Kshama Devi, Santosh Raghunandan Fattepur
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Effect of centchroman coadministration on the pharmacokinetics of metformin in rats p. 146
Jawahar Lal, Girish K Jain
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Attitude and opinion towards essential medicine formulary p. 150
Sangeeta Sharma, Reeta Kh, R Roy Chaudhury
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Comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of telmisartan and enalapril in patients of mild to moderate essential hypertension p. 153
Pramod B Akat, Tushar R Bapat, Mangala B Murthy, Vitthal B Karande, Shreyas R Burute
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Antidiarrheal activity of extracts and compound from Trilepisium madagascariense stem bark p. 157
Gerald Ngo Teke, Jules-Roger Kuiate, Victor Kuete, Remy Bertrand Teponno, Leon Azefack Tapondjou, Gerard Vilarem
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Antiamnesic effect of stevioside in scopolamine-treated rats p. 164
Deepika Sharma, Munish Puri, Ashok K Tiwary, Nirmal Singh, Amteshwar Singh Jaggi
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Efficacy study of Prunus amygdalus (almond) nuts in scopolamine-induced amnesia in rats p. 168
Kirti S Kulkarni, SB Kasture, SA Mengi
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Expression of TNF-α and RANTES in drug-induced human gingival overgrowth p. 174
Tamilselvan Subramani, Loganathan Dhanaraj, Kamatchiammal Senthilkumar, Soundararajan Periasamy, Georgi Abraham, Suresh Rao
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Cleistanthus collinus induces type I distal renal tubular acidosis and type II respiratory failure in rats p. 178
Delinda Maneksh, Anita Sidharthan, Kavithapriya Kettimuthu, Praghalathan Kanthakumar, Amala A Lourthuraj, Anup Ramachandran, Sathya Subramani
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Determination of the antiulcer properties of sodium cromoglycate in pylorus-ligated albino rats p. 185
Vivek Srivastava, A.H.M Viswanathaswamy, Govind Mohan
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Zidovudine-induced reversible pure red cell aplasia p. 189
Anuja Balakrishnan, Rohith Valsalan, Shubha Sheshadri, Vinay R Pandit, Vikas Medep, Ravindra Kumar Agrawal
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Reproductive profile of artemisinins in albino rats p. 192
Bhabagrahi Rath, Jyotirmoyee Jena, Satyajit Samal, Bandana Rath
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Biliary pseudolithiasis secondary to ceftriaxone therapy p. 193
Syed Ahmed Zaki, Preeti Shanbag
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A mathematical model to understand the mechanisms of action of class 1 antiarrhythmic drugs p. 195
Dinesh K Jain, Raj K Arya, Ashok K Jain
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Irbesartan in experimental diabetic nephropathy p. 197
Rajiv Mahajan, Kapil Gupta, Navyug Raj Singh
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Authors' reply p. 197
Richa Vaishya, J Singh, Harbans Lal
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