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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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2017| October  | Volume 61 | Issue 10  

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Newer airway assessment techniques: A view on their utility p. 779
S Bala Bhaskar
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Enhancing airway assessment of patients with head and neck pathology using virtual endoscopy p. 782
Imran Ahmad, Oliver Keane, Sarah Muldoon
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Dose-reversal effect relationship of three different doses of neostigmine in obese patients: A randomised clinical trial p. 787
Satyen Parida, Venkatesan Kausalya, Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Sethuramachandran Adinarayanan
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Infusion dose requirement of rocuronium in patients on phenytoin therapy – A prospective comparative study p. 793
Veena Sheshadri, Arathi Radhakrishnan, Kusuma Halemani, Venkatesh H Keshavan
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Perioperative sildenafil therapy for children with ventricular septal defects and associated pulmonary hypertension undergoing corrective surgery: A randomised clinical trial p. 798
Sidharth Bhasin, Pooja Gogia, Rajeev Nair, Tapan Kumar Sahoo
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The effect of intravenous dextrose administration for prevention of post-operative nausea and vomiting after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A double-blind, randomised controlled trial p. 803
Abolfazl Firouzian, Alieh Zamani Kiasari, Gholamali Godazandeh, Afshin Gholipour Baradari, Abbas Alipour, Arman Taheri, Amir Emami Zeydi, Maryam Montazemi
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Awake orotracheal fibre-optic intubation: Comparison of two different doses of dexmedetomidine on intubation conditions in patients undergoing cervical spine surgery p. 811
Jaya Sharma, Shobha Purohit, Sonali Bhatia, Poonam Kalra, Mamta Sharma, Reema Meena
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Comparison of volume control and pressure control ventilation in patients undergoing single level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery p. 818
Srilata Moningi, Praveen Kumar Elmati, Prasad Rao, Geetha Kanithi, Dilip Kumar Kulkarni, Gopinath Ramachandran
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Evaluation of the role of dexmedetomidine in improvement of the analgesic profile of thoracic paravertebral block in thoracic surgeries: A randomised prospective clinical trial p. 826
Mohamed Elsayed Hassan, Essam Mahran
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Single bolus dose of epidural magnesium prolongs the duration of analgesia in cardiac patients undergoing vascular surgeries p. 832
Amarja Sachin Nagre, Nagesh Jambure
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Acute kidney injury following rhabdomyolysis and sepsis after non-poisonous desert monitor bite p. 837
Poonam Gupta, Pradeep Kumar Verma
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Quadratus lumborum block for post-operative pain relief in patient with Prune belly syndrome p. 840
Chitra Garg, Sangeeta Khanna, Yatin Mehta
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Changes in respiratory mechanics during extraperitoneal insufflation in inguinal hernia surgery p. 843
Bimla Sharma, Alok Kumar, Nitin Sethi, Jayashree Sood, Savitar Malhotra, Rathindra Sarangi
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Radiological images through an anaesthesiologists' looking glass: Airway management in cervical lipomatosis in an infant p. 846
Ketan Sakharam Kulkarni, Priyanka Pradeep Karnik, Nandini M Dave, Barkha Agrawal
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Newer design, newer problems: Unusual complication with Limb-O anaesthesia circuit p. 848
Chitra Rajeswari Thangaswamy, Patel Roushan, Lal Pooja, Guru Krishnakumar, Lenin Babu Elakkumanan
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Nil per oral instructions in chronic tobacco chewers: Are they enough? p. 849
Amit Rastogi, Supriya , Sandeep Sahu, Rudrashish Haldar
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Pectoralis block for breast surgery: A surgical concern? p. 851
Sumitra G Bakshi, Nupur Karan, Vani Parmar
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Ultrasound as a point-of-care tool for early detection of potential complications like pneumothorax associated with the pectoralis block p. 852
Saipriya Tewari, Sanjay Dhiraaj, Vertika Sachan, Tanvi Bhargava, Alka Verma
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Unfavourable outcome after uneventful anaesthesia and surgery in a child with Hurler syndrome p. 853
Renu Sinha, Kanil Ranjith Kumar, Rahul Kumar Anand, Bikash Ranjan Ray
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Recent advances in low temperature sterilization - Moving ahead from Cidex™/ETO to OPA/Ozone: An update p. 855
Shagun Bhatia Shah, Ajay Kumar Bhargava
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The baffling issues of Brugada electrocardiogram pattern for anaesthesiologist! p. 857
MC Rajesh, Sushma Kondi, EK Ramdas
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