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Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

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2015| April  | Volume 63 | Issue 4  

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Plagiarism - one disease, many manifestations p. 299
Sundaram Natarajan
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Reproducibility of retinal nerve fiber layer measurements across the glaucoma spectrum using optical coherence tomography p. 300
Jayesh Vazirani, Sushmita Kaushik, Surinder Singh Pandav, Pramod Gupta
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Ophthalmic surgical training in Karnataka and Southern India: Present status and future interests from a survey of final-year residents p. 306
K Ajay, R Krishnaprasad, DS Divya
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Comparison of aqueous concentrations of angiogenic and inflammatory cytokines based on optical coherence tomography patterns of diabetic macular edema p. 312
Moosang Kim, Yonguk Kim, Seung-Jun Lee
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Pulse cyclophosphamide therapy in the management of patients with macular serpiginous choroidopathy p. 318
Pradeep Venkatesh, Varun Gogia, Shikha Gupta, Akshay Tayade, Neha Shilpy, Bhavin M Shah, Randeep Guleria
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Comparison of intraocular pressure measurement with Scheimpflug-based noncontact tonometer with and without hydrogel contact lenses p. 323
Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Shetty, Chaitra Jayadev, Debarun Dutta, Maneck D Nicolsan, Sriharsha Nagaraj, Rajesh S Kumar
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In vivo confocal microscopy of meibomian glands and palpebral conjunctiva in vernal keratoconjunctivitis p. 327
Qiaoling Wei, Qihua Le, Jiaxu Hong, Jun Xiang, Anji Wei, Jianjiang Xu
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Intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma: First Indian report p. 331
Pukhraj Rishi, Tarun Sharma, Vikram Koundanya, Nishat Bansal, M Saravanan, R Ravikumar, Satheesh Ramamurthy
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Mitomycin-C in dacryocystorhinostomy: From experimentation to implementation and the road ahead: A review p. 335
Akshay Gopinathan Nair, Mohammad Javed Ali
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Isolated superior oblique myositis causing acquired Brown's syndrome p. 340
R Muralidhar, K Gautam, D Christopher, N Vidhya, D Ramamurthy
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Spectral domain optical coherence tomography in the diagnosis and monitoring of dengue maculopathy p. 342
Mohsina Mehkri, Chaitra Jayadev, Namita Dave, Anand Vinekar
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A case of acute postoperative keratitis after deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty by multidrug resistant Klebsiella p. 344
Leena Bajracharya, Binita Sharma, Reeta Gurung
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Bilateral optic disc pit with maculopathy in a patient with cleft lip and cleft palate p. 346
Anisha Seth, Rajat Gupta, Anika Gupta, Usha K Raina, Basudeb Ghos
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Bilateral macular colobomata: Temporal dragging of optic disc p. 348
David J Mathew
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Ligneous conjunctivitis in a patient of juvenile colloid milia: A rare association p. 350
Shubhangi Sudhir Bhave, Sanyogita Swapnil Joshi
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No evidence for a genetic blueprint: The case of the "complex" mammalian photoreceptor p. 353
G Kumaramanickavel, MJ Denton, M Legge
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Isolated clival metastasis as the cause of abducens nerve palsy in a patient of breast carcinoma: A rare case report p. 354
Akhil Kapoor, Vimla Beniwal, Surender Beniwal, Harsh Mathur, Harvindra Singh Kumar
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Considerations in the management of aphakia p. 358
Somdutt Prasad, Andrzej Grzybowski
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Comment on: Augmented surgical amounts for intermittent exotropia to prevent recurrence p. 358
Amit R Yadav, Pradhnya A Sen, Khushbu R Bhattad, Elesh B Jain
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Etiology and clinical profile of childhood optic nerve atrophy at a tertiary eye care center in South India p. 359
Mahmood Dhahir Al-Mendalawi
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Author's Reply p. 360
Supriya Chinta, Batriti Wallang, Virender Sachdeva, Amit Gupta, Preeti Patil-Chhablani, Ramesh Kekunnaya
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Comparison of clinical outcomes, patient and surgeon satisfaction following topical versus peribulbar anesthesia for phacoemulsification: A randomized controlled trial p. 360
Parikshit Gogate
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Author reply to comment on subconjunctival limbus oblique incision for mature cataracts p. 361
Jun Yang, Pinghong Lai
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Full thickness macular hole following intravitreal ranibizumab injection for diabetic macular edema; a rare complication or coincidence? p. 362
Hasan Basri Arifoglu, Arzu Seyhan Karatepe Hashas, Tülay Ersekerci, Mustafa Atas
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Author response: Repeat gas insufflation for successful closure of idiopathic macular hole following failed primary surgery p. 364
Pukhraj Rishi, Sumanth Reddy, Ekta Rishi
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Bilateral optic neuropathy and intraretinal deposits after pars plana vitrectomy in amyloidosis: Erratum p. 365
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