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Journal of Pharmacy And Bioallied Sciences

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2010| April-June  | Volume 2 | Issue 2  

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Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences p. 63
Sandhya Bawa
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Structural modifications of quinoline-based antimalarial agents: Recent developments p. 64
Sandhya Bawa, Suresh Kumar, Sushma Drabu, Rajiv Kumar
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Cyclodextrins in delivery systems: Applications p. 72
Gaurav Tiwari, Ruchi Tiwari, Awani K Rai
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Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy in radiation research: Current status and perspectives p. 80
Sudha Rana, Raman Chawla, Raj Kumar, Shefali Singh, Antoaneta Zheleva, Yanka Dimitrova, Veselina Gadjeva, Rajesh Arora, Sarwat Sultana, Rakesh Kumar Sharma
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The role of assay methods in characterizing the quality of bulk pharmaceuticals p. 88
Wieslawa Misiuk
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Khamiras, a natural cardiac tonic: An overview p. 93
Sayeed Ahmad, Shabana Rehman, Aftab M Ahmad, Khalid M Siddiqui, Seemin Shaukat, Masood Shah Khan, YT Kamal, Tamanna Jahangir
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Synergistic activity of Fagonia arabica and Heteropneustes fossilis extracts against myocardial, cerebral infarction, and embolism disorder in mice p. 100
Atul Kaushik, Rakesh Das
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Determination of gallic acid in Phyllanthus emblica Linn. dried fruit powder by HPTLC p. 105
Laxman Sawant, Nancy Pandita, Bala Prabhakar
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Synthesis, spectral characterization, and pharmacological screening of some 4-[{1-(aryl)methylidene}-amino]-3-(4-pyridyl)-5-mercapto-4H-1,2,4-triazole derivatives p. 109
Anees A Siddiqui, Ravinesh Mishra, Rajiv Kumar, Mohd Rashid, Somila Khaidem
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Assessment of lithium ingestion on cognition and some subset of motor skill p. 113
PD Shallie, HB Akpan, AK Adefule, D Fakoya, TR Fagbohun
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Comparative bioavailability studies of citric acid and malonic acid based aspirin effervescent tablets p. 118
Anju Gauniya, Sanjita Das, Subrata Mallick, SP Basu
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Spectrophotometric estimation of betahistine hydrochloride in tablet formulations p. 121
Amit Kumar, Sanju Nanda, Rajiv Chomwal
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Chitosan superporous hydrogel composite-based floating drug delivery system: A newer formulation approach p. 124
Hitesh Chavda, Chhaganbhai Patel
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Current scenario of attitude and knowledge of physicians about rational prescription: A novel cross-sectional study p. 132
Rajiv Mahajan, Navyug R Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Alok Dixit, Amit Jain, Ashwani Gupta
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Substance use among adolescent high school students in India: A survey of knowledge, attitude, and opinion p. 137
Dechenla Tsering, Ranabir Pal, Aparajita Dasgupta
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Microsatellites in varied arenas of research p. 141
KS Remya, Sigimol Joseph, PK Lakshmi, S Akhila
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Effect of soybean supplementation on the memory of alprazolam-induced amnesic mice p. 144
Nitin Bansal, Milind Parle
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Bromocriptine mesylate: Food and Drug Administration approved new approach in therapy of non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus with poor glycemic control p. 148
Yogendra Keche
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Attitude of doctors towards physical characteristics of solid oral dosage forms p. 151
AA Hasamnis, SS Patil, BK Mohanty, Kyaw Thu, Arun Kumar
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To study the effect of 'Isabgol' on absorption of 'Aspirin' p. 152
Muhammad Shahid, Afshan Siddiq, Haris Mazhar, Sadia Ghousia Baig
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Release behavior of different physicochemical properties drug models from the ethylcellulose microcapsules p. 153
Ghulam Murtaza, Mahmood Ahmad, Shujaat Ali Khan
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