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AYU (An international quarterly journal of research in Ayurveda)

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2017| January-June  | Volume 38 | Issue 1  

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Clinical trials in Ayurveda: Issues, challenges and approaches p. 1
Mandip Goyal
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Physiological concept of hapten-carrier adduct vis-a-vis Garavisha p. 3
Saumi Datta, Abichal Chattopadhyay
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Physio-anatomical resemblance of inferior hypogastric plexus with Muladhara Chakra: A cadaveric study p. 7
KM Sweta, HH Awasthi, Amrit Godbole, Seema Prajapati
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Efficacy of Vamana Karma with Ikshvaku Ksheera Yoga in the management of Tamaka Shvasa (bronchial asthma) p. 10
Shweta G Patil, Anup B Thakar
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A clinical study to evaluate the role of Doshik predominance in the management of Amlapitta p. 15
Kuntal Ghosh, MS Baghel
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A simple dietary addition of fenugreek seed leads to the reduction in blood glucose levels: A parallel group, randomized single-blind trial p. 24
Manjiri Ranade, Nikhil Mudgalkar
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Assessment of significance of Yoga on quality of life in asthma patients: A randomized controlled study p. 28
Shruti Agnihotri, Surya Kant, Satyendra Kumar Mishra, Ajay Verma
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Clinical study on primary open-angle glaucoma with Ashchyotana, Tarpana and oral medication p. 33
Shweta Agrawal, Manjusha Rajagopala
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Self-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of Mukhakantivardhaka Lepa and Patoladi Ghanavati in Twakvaivarnya (hypermelanosis) p. 39
Madhumita Panigrahi, Mahesh Vyas, Kabi Prasad Mohanty
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A comparative clinical study of Yashtimadhu Ghrita and lignocaine-nifedipine ointment in the management of Parikartika (acute fissure-in-ano) p. 46
Jigna Ratilal Patel, Tukaram Sambhaji Dudhamal
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Role of Agni Karma with Pippali on Kadara- An open labeled clinical trial p. 52
Nitika Ganjoo
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A causal relationship between knowledge of Sanskrit language and results of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery examination: An analytical study p. 57
Vinay Ankush Pawar
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Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome - A case report p. 62
Sameer N Naik, Y Raghavendra
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An Ayurvedic treatment protocol to improve anti-mullerian hormone: A prerequisite for assisted reproductive technique- A case report p. 66
Anjaly Muraleedharan, Parvathy Unnikrishnan, Priyadarshana Narayan, Hemavathi Shivapura Krishnarajabhatt
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How efficacious are Neem, Tulsi, Guduchi extracts and chlorhexidine as intracanal disinfectants? A comparative ex vivo study p. 70
Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Nikhil Srivastava, Vivek Rana, Vivek Kumar Adlakha, Ashish Kumar Asthana
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Anti-Alzheimer activity of isolated karanjin from Pongamia pinnata (L.) pierre and embelin from Embelia ribes Burm.f. p. 76
Prachi Saini, L Lakshmayya, Vinod Singh Bisht
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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity of AHPL/AYTOP/0213 cream p. 82
Sanjay U Nipanikar, Dheeraj Nagore, Soham S Chitlange, Devashree Buzruk
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Effect of Dooshivishari Agada over MSG-induced reproductive toxicity w.s.r. ovary and follicle count p. 88
Jyoti Rani, Mahesh P Savalagimath
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“Srpayya”, praying song in Buddhism and its possible application for controlling of respiration problem p. 93
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Management strategies for knee osteoarthritis: Aflapin® (Boswellia serrata extract) p. 94
Manoj A Suva, Dharmesh B Kheni, Varun P Sureja
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