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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2012| January-March  | Volume 15 | Issue 1  

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Winds of change p. 1
Velayutham Gopikrishna
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A great loss p. 2
S Ramachandran
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Dr. Balaiah Perumal Rajan p. 3
A Parameswaran
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Research methodology in Dentistry: Part I - The essentials and relevance of research p. 5
Jogikalmat Krithikadatta
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Biologic width and its importance in periodontal and restorative dentistry p. 12
Babitha Nugala, BB Santosh Kumar, S Sahitya, P Mohana Krishna
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An in vitro comparative evaluation of depth of tubular penetration of three resin-based root canal sealers p. 18
Rupali Chadha, Sonali Taneja, Mohit Kumar, Sumit Gupta
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Antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine digluconate in dentin: In vitro and in situ study p. 22
Fátima Maria Cavalcante Borges, Mary Anne Sampaio de Melo, Juliana Paiva Marques Lima, Iriana Carla Junqueira Zanin, Lidiany Karla Azevedo Rodrigues
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Shear bond strength evaluation of resin composite bonded to glass-ionomer cement using self-etching bonding agents with different pH: In vitro study p. 27
Deivanayagam Kandaswamy, Karunamoorthy Jeyavel Rajan, Nagendrababu Venkateshbabu, Ilango Porkodi
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Comparative evaluation of apical extrusion of bacteria using hand and rotary systems : An in vitro study p. 32
Sheetal B Ghivari, Girish C Kubasad, Preethi Deshpande
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Comparative evaluation of sealing properties of different obturation systems placed over apically fractured rotary NiTi files p. 36
Sonali Taneja, Rupali Chadha, Ruchi Gupta, Anupama Gupta
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Relationship between sealing ability of Activ GP and Gutta Flow and methods of calcium hydroxide removal p. 41
Vineeta Nikhil, Vijay Singh, Simranjeet Singh
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Bactericidal effect of the 908 nm diode laser on Enterococcus faecalis in infected root canals p. 46
Thomas Preethee, Deivanayagam Kandaswamy, Ganesh Arathi, Rosaline Hannah
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Effect of 'Perceived control' in management of anxious patients undergoing endodontic therapy by use of an electronic communication system p. 51
Harpreet Singh, GK Meshram, MM Warhadpande, Pooja Kapoor
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Odontoplasty associated with clinical crown lengthening in management of extensive crown destruction p. 56
Márcio K da Cruz, Josué Martos, Luiz Fernando Machado Silveira, Poliana M Duarte, João Batista César Neto
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Remineralization of enamel subsurface lesions with casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate: A quantitative energy dispersive X-ray analysis using scanning electron microscopy: An in vitro study p. 61
Mithra N Hegde, Anu Moany
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Conventional apexification and revascularization induced maturogenesis of two non-vital, immature teeth in same patient: 24 months follow up of a case p. 68
Vivek Aggarwal, Sanjay Miglani, Mamta Singla
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Mineral trioxide aggregate apical plug method for the treatment of nonvital immature permanent maxillary incisors: Three case reports p. 73
Betül Günes, Hale Ari Aydinbelge
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Management and prognosis of teeth with trauma induced crown fractures and large periapical cyst like lesions following apical surgery with and without retrograde filling p. 77
Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed, Mohamed Hafiz Ibrahim Al Rayes, Deepti Saini
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Tooth fragment reattachment technique on a pluri traumatized tooth p. 80
Giuseppe Lo Giudice, Frank Lipari, Angelo Lizio, Gabriel Cervino, Marco Cicciù
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Plexiform ameloblastoma mimicking a periapical lesion: A diagnostic dilemma p. 84
Bina Kashyap, P Sridhar Reddy, Rajiv S Desai
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A facial talon cusp on maxillary permanent central incisors p. 87
Suneelkumar Chinni, Mayuri Nanneboyina, Anilkumar Ramachandran, Hanuman Chalapathikumar
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Endodontic management of a patient with oral submucous fibrosis using custom modified endodontic instruments p. 89
Vivek Aggarwal, Mamta Singla
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Morality, ethics, norms and research misconduct p. 92
Poramate Pitak-Arnnop, Kittipong Dhanuthai, Alexander Hemprich, Niels C Pausch
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Author's reply p. 93
Naseem Shah
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Event Report- 26 th FODI and 19 th IES National Conference, New Delhi, 2011 p. 95
Sanjay Miglani
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