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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2011| October-December  | Volume 2 | Issue 4  

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Drug trials: Risk, benefit analysis p. 271
SG Damle
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Guest Editorial: Current scenario of dental education in India p. 272
Dibyendu Mazumdar
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Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor p. 274
Sangeeta Palaskar, Supriya Koshti, Mahesh Maralingannavar, Anirudha Bartake
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Analysis of inorganic ions in gingival crevicular fluid as indicators of periodontal disease activity: A clinico-biochemical study p. 278
Arati C Koregol, Shobha P More, Sangamesh Nainegali, Nagaraj Kalburgi, Siddharth Verma
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Application of osteomucoperiosteal flap in large unicystic ameloblastoma to promote early bone healing: An alternative to primary bone grafting p. 283
Gagan Khare, Sanjeev Kumar
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Effect of xylitol, sodium fluoride and triclosan containing mouth rinse on Streptococcus mutans p. 287
Priya Subramaniam, N Nandan
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Evaluation of calcium ion, hydroxyl ion release and pH levels in various calcium hydroxide based intracanal medicaments: An in vitro study p. 291
Punit Fulzele, Sudhindra Baliga, Nilima Thosar, Debaprya Pradhan
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Effects of mineral trioxide aggregate and formocresol on vital pulp after pulpotomy of primary molars: An in vivo study p. 296
Brinda Godhi, PB Sood, Arun Sharma
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Efficacy of various disinfectants on microbially contaminated toothbrushes due to brushing p. 302
Usha Konidala, Sivakumar Nuvvula, Abinash Mohapatra, S. V. S. G. Nirmala
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Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among dental surgeons: A pilot study p. 308
Abdul Rahim Shaik, BH Sripathi Rao, Akhter Husain, Juliana D'sa
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Flexible denture base material: A viable alternative to conventional acrylic denture base material p. 313
JP Singh, RK Dhiman, R. P. S. Bedi, SH Girish
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Effects of oral hygiene, residual caries and cervical Marginal-gaps on the survival of proximal atraumatic restorative treatment approach restorations p. 318
Arthur M Kemoli, Willem E Van Amerongen
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Comparative evaluation of the length of resin tags, viscosity and microleakage of pit and fissure sealants - an in vitro scanning electron microscope study p. 324
AR Prabhakar, Sankriti A Murthy, S Sugandhan
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Interceptive orthopedics for the correction of maxillary transverse and sagittal deficiency in the early mixed dentition period p. 331
Ashok Kumar Talapaneni, Karnati Praveen Kumar, Pradeep Babu Kommi, Sivakumar Nuvvula
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Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy: Report of a case associated with high urinary excretion of Vanilmandelic acid p. 337
PN Tandon, Kunal Sah, Alka Kale, Ajit Kadam, Hetul Shah, Sunira Chandra
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Interim obturator in an infant with Treacher Collins syndrome: Review and chairside modification in impression making p. 342
Sudhir Bhandari, Meena Aras, Sonika Bakshi
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A rare case report of peri-implant bone necrosis: Mapping the distance of initial peri-implant complication toward a path of success p. 347
SK Salaria, Rajni Aggarwal, Veenu Madaan Hans, Mayank Hans
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Non-rigid connector: The wand to allay the stresses on abutment p. 351
Saurav Banerjee, Arlingstone Khongshei, Tapas Gupta, Ardhendu Banerjee
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Prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient after partial maxillectomy: A clinical report p. 355
Shobha J Rodrigues, Sharon Saldanha
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Conservative management of unicystic ameloblastoma in a young child: Report of two cases p. 359
Ritesh Kalaskar, Ashok S Unawane, Ashita R Kalaskar, Prashant Pandilwar
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An adult case of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis treated with splint therapy and the subsequent orthodontic occlusal reconstruction p. 364
Hanefi Kurt, Evren ÷ztas, BurÁ GenÁel, Demet Ataman Tasan, Derya ÷ztas
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Conservative non-surgical management of an infected radicular cyst p. 368
Harleen Narula, Bhoomika Ahuja, Ramakrishna Yeluri, Sudhindra Baliga, Autar Krishen Munshi
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Herpes associated erythema multiforme p. 372
KA Kamala, L Ashok, Rajeshwari G Annigeri
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Two-phase treatment of class II malocclusion in young growing patient p. 376
US Krishna Nayak, Varun Goyal, Nikhil Malviya
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White mineral trioxide aggregate pulpotomies: Two case reports with long-term follow-up p. 381
Sen Tunc Emine, Ulusoy Ayca Tuba
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Solitary median maxillary central incisor in association with hemifacial microsomia: A rare case report and review of literature p. 385
Ashok Utreja, Syed Naved Zahid, Richa Gupta
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Clinicopathologic correlation of chondrosarcoma of mandible with a case report p. 390
Sanchita Kundu, Mousumi Pal, Ranjan R Paul
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Unilateral pathology associated with bilateral etiologies p. 394
Shantanu Choudhari, Gowri Pendyala, Ashish Raurale, Saurabh Joshi
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Non syndromic unilateral dentigerous cyst in a 4-year-old child: A rare case report p. 398
TN Tilakraj, NK Kiran, KS Mukunda, Shwetha Rao
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Prefabricated light-polymerizing plastic pattern for partial denture framework p. 402
Atsushi Takaichi, Noriyuki Wakabayashi, Yoshimasa Igarashi
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