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Journal of Postgraduate Medicine

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2011| January-March  | Volume 57 | Issue 1  

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Chronic disease burden in rural India attributable to diet, obesity, and tobacco use p. 1
PN Singh
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Good news for women with antiphospholipid syndrome? p. 3
F Serrano
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Study of impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular risk in a south Indian population p. 4
S Martha, S Ramreddy, N Pantam
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High prevalence of tobacco use, alcohol use and overweight in a rural population in Tamil Nadu, India p. 9
P Kaur, SR Rao, E Radhakrishnan, R Ramachandran, R Venkatachalam, MD Gupte
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The obstetric outcome following treatment in a cohort of patients with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome in a tertiary care center p. 16
V Dadhwal, AK Sharma, D Deka, B Gupta, S Mittal
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Impact of parenting practices on parent-child relationships in children with specific learning disability p. 20
S Karande, S Kuril
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A cross-sectional evaluation of computer literacy among medical students at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Mumbai (Bombay) p. 31
TS Panchabhai, NS Dangayach, VS Mehta, CV Patankar, NN Rege
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Isolated left innominate vein aneurysm: A rare cause of mediastinal widening p. 40
SG Dua, AV Kulkarni, NC Purandare, S Kulkarni
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Pneumatosis intestinalis and mesenteric venous gas - A manifestation of bacterascites in a patient with cirrhosis p. 42
RK Yellapu, H Rajekar, JD Martin, TD Schiano
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Kissing anterior communicating artery aneurysms: Diagnostic dilemma and management issues p. 44
SS Baldawa, G Menon, S Nair
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Hirayama's disease: The importance of flexion magnetic resonance imaging p. 48
S Jakhere, V Wagh
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Calcific uremic arteriolopathy while on cinacalcet p. 51
E Gonzalez-Parra, C Martín-Cleary, J Martin, A Ortiz
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FDG positron emission tomography/computed tomography in the detection of aortic endograft infection p. 52
SG Dua, NC Purandare, S Shah, V Rangarajan
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Incidental detection of upper extremity deep venous thrombosis on a Technetium-99m pertechnetate thyroid scan p. 53
F Sen, U Ogur, AT Akpinar, S Orcan
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An unusual case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia following primary breast carcinoma on chemotherapy p. 55
H Chandra, S Chandra, SK Verma, VP Pathak
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Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis: Alveoli are an answer to anemia p. 57
S Bhatia, MS Tullu, P Vaideeswar, KR Lahiri
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Amyloidosis of exocrine pancreas p. 61
P Vaideeswar, R Chetty
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'Bull on Neck': Dissection of right common carotid artery p. 63
V Gupta, ND Karnik, M Itolikar, P Somani
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Clinical uses of the medicinal leech: A practical review p. 65
BS Porshinsky, S Saha, MD Grossman, PR Beery II, SPA Stawicki
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Glutathione as an antioxidant in inorganic mercury induced nephrotoxicity p. 72
AT Jan, A Ali, QMR Haq
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Pneumococcal infections and immunization in diabetic patients p. 78
V Mohan, R Unnikrishnan, N Thomas, A Bhansali, SK Wangnoo, K Thomas
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Reporting of the methodological quality and ethical aspects in clinical trials published in Indian journals: A survey p. 82
Jaykaran , ND Kantharia, P Yadav, S Deoghare
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Efficacy of anti-scorpion venom serum over prazosin in severe scorpion envenomation: Is the current evidence enough? p. 83
AB Thirunavukkarasu, V Chandrasekaran
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Authors' reply p. 84
VS Natu, SB Kamerkar, K Geeta, K Vidya, V Natu, S Sane, R Kushte, S Thatte, DA Uchil, NN Rege, RD Bapat
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