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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2014| March-April  | Volume 25 | Issue 2  

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Patient safety and quality assurance and improvement p. 139
Nermin Yamalik
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Research, publication and reward mechanism p. 142
SM Balaji
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Histological evaluation after electrothermal debonding of ceramic brackets p. 143
Vignesh Kailasam, Ashima Valiathan, Nirmala Rao
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Sediment cytology in diagnostic evaluation of oral neoplasms p. 147
Vishakha V Chaudhari, Rishikesh Dandekar, Aarti M Mahajan, Nilima Prakash
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Assessing consequences of untreated carious lesions using pufa index among 5-6 years old school children in an urban Indian population p. 150
Abhishek Mehta, Sumati Bhalla
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Early diagnostic evaluation of mandibular symmetry using orthopantomogram p. 154
Francesca Silvestrini-Biavati, Alessandro Ugolini, Nicola Laffi, Carola Canevello, Armando Silvestrini-Biavati
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Effect of chlorhexidine, povidone iodine, and ozone on microorganisms in dental aerosols: Randomized double-blind clinical trial p. 160
Ravleen Kaur, Inderjot Singh, KL Vandana, Rajendra Desai
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Clinical and cone beam computed tomography comparison of NovaBone Dental Putty and PerioGlas in the treatment of mandibular Class II furcations p. 166
Asmita , Vivek Gupta, Vivek Kumar Bains, GP Singh, Rajesh Jhingran
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Dental caries experience in high risk soft drinks factory workers of South India: A comparative study p. 174
Sandeep Kumar, Shashidhar Acharya, Ramprasad Vasthare, Siddharth Kumar Singh, Anjali Gupta, Nitai Debnath
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Relationship between the morphology of the maxillary central incisor and horizontal and vertical measurements of the face p. 178
Gisela Crippa Furtado, Alvaro Furtado, Ossam Abu El Haje, Luis Eduardo Butignon, Aldieris Alves Pesqueira, Luiz Renato Paranhos
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A comparative evaluation of tray spacer thickness and repeat pour on the accuracy of monophasic polyvinyl siloxane impression material: In vitro study p. 184
Sandeep Kumar, Deepti Yadav, Reena Yadav, Aman Arora
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Anti-fungal activity of Morinda citrifolia (noni) extracts against Candida albicans: An in vitro study p. 188
K Barani, Sunayana Manipal, D Prabu, Adil Ahmed, Preethi Adusumilli, C Jeevika
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Comparison of shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets bonded using two different hydrophilic primers: An in vitro study p. 191
M Kumaraswamy Anand, Kaberi Majumder, Sundaram Venkateswaran, N Rengarajan Krishnaswamy
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A comparative evaluation of linear dimensional accuracy of the dies obtained using three conceptually different die systems in the fabrication of implant prosthesis: An in vitro study p. 197
Manawar Ahmad, Dhanasekar Balakrishnan, Aparna Ichangod Narayan
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Evaluation and comparison of anti-Candida effect of heat cure polymethylmethacrylate resin enforced with silver nanoparticles and conventional heat cure resins: An in vitro study p. 204
S Suganya, SC Ahila, B Muthu Kumar, M Vasantha Kumar
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An in-vitro study to compare the force degradation of pigmented and non-pigmented elastomeric chains p. 208
Palathottungal Joseph Antony, Joby Paulose
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Conventional and digital radiographic assessment of tooth enamel de-/remineralization processes: An experimental study p. 214
Patrícia Leite-Ribeiro, Thais Feitosa Leitão de Oliveira, Paula Mathias, Elisângela de Jesus Campo, Viviane Almeida Sarmento
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Multicentric variant of peripheral ossifying fibroma p. 220
Srikanth A Choudary, Archana R Naik, Madhukeshwara S Naik, D Anvitha
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A rare case of bilateral nasolabial cysts in a postpartum lady p. 225
Ramanathan Chandrasekharan, Ajoy Mathew Varghese, John Mathew, Gaurav Ashish
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Oral manifestion of Langerhans cell histiocytosis mimicking inflammation p. 228
KS Divya
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Treatment of paraesthesia following root canal treatment by intentional tooth replantation: A review of the literature and a case report p. 231
Igor Tsesis, Silvio Taschieri, Eyal Rosen, Stefano Corbella, Massimo Del Fabbro
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Oral dirofilariasis p. 236
Mahija Janardhanan, S Rakesh, Vindhya Savithri
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Inverted papilloma of the hard palate masquerading as a carcinoma p. 240
AA Kallianpur, S Goyal, R Yadav, DK Muduly
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Lobster claw deformity p. 243
Ashish Agrawal, Rahul Agrawal, Rajat Singh, Romi Agrawal, Seema Agrawal
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Healing of large periapical lesions following delivery of dental stem cells with an injectable scaffold: New method and three case reports p. 248
Vahab Shiehzadeh, Farhad Aghmasheh, Farideh Shiehzadeh, Mohammad Joulae, Emad Kosarieh, Farid Shiehzadeh
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"Platform switching": Serendipity p. 254
N Kalavathy, J Sridevi, Roshni Gehlot, Santosh Kumar
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Reorientation simplified: A device for recording and reproducing the path of insertion for removable partial dentures p. 260
Vaibhav D Kamble, Rambhau D Parkhedkar
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Infraorbital nerve schwannoma: A rare cause of upper jaw swelling p. 263
P Naina, Dipti Masih, Suma Susan Mathews
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Allergic contact stomatitis from bisphenol-a-glycidyl dimethacrylate during application of composite restorations: A case report p. 266
Dexton A Johns, Sajna Hemaraj, Ramesh Kumar Varoli
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Interradicular dentin dysplasia associated with amelogenesis imperfecta with taurodontism or trichodentoosseous syndrome: A diagnostic dilemma p. 269
Veda Hegde, K Srikanth
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Non-syndromic multiple talon cusps in siblings p. 272
Gaurav Sharma, Anudeep R Mutneja, Archna Nagpal, Puneet Mutneja
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Prevalence and determinants of early childhood caries among the children attending the anganwadis of Wardha district India p. 275
Ramya Shenoy
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