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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2016| February  | Volume 143 | Issue 2  

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Antiretroviral pre-exposure prophylaxis: A new opportunity to slow HIV spread in India p. 125
Kenneth H Mayer, Nomita Chandhiok, Beena Thomas
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Breaking dogma for future therapy using stem cell - Where we have reached? p. 129
Rama S Verma
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Understanding complexity of Fanconi anaemia p. 132
Dipika Mohanty
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Immune based therapy for melanoma p. 135
Robert Ancuceanu, Monica Neagu
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Targeting the AKT pathway: Repositioning HIV protease inhibitors as radiosensitizers p. 145
Jayant S Goda, Tejaswini Pachpor, Trinanjan Basu, Supriya Chopra, Vikram Gota
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Epidemiology of childhood overweight & obesity in India: A systematic review p. 160
Harish Ranjani, TS Mehreen, Rajendra Pradeepa, Ranjit Mohan Anjana, Renu Garg, Krishnan Anand, Viswanathan Mohan
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Hair & skin derived progenitor cells: In search of a candidate cell for regenerative medicine p. 175
Anil Kumar, Sujata Mohanty, Sushmita Bose Nandy, Somesh Gupta, Binod K Khaitan, Shilpa Sharma, Balram Bhargava, Balram Airan
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Investigation of FANCA gene in Fanconi anaemia patients in Iran p. 184
Ali Akbar Saffar Moghadam, Frouzandeh Mahjoubi, Nahid Reisi, Parvaneh Vosough
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Clinical & radiological evaluation of atherosclerotic changes in carotid & coronary arteries in asymptomatic & clinically symptomatic individuals as a tool for pre-symptomatic diagnosis of cardiovascular disease p. 197
Venkatraman Bhat, TN Prasad, S Ananthalakshmi, GA Karthik, George Cherian, Yaligar Dayananda
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Impaired systemic vascular reactivity & raised high-sensitivity C reactive protein levels in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease p. 205
Parul Khare, Anjana Talwar, Dinu Chandran, Randeep Guleria, Ashok Kumar Jaryal, Guresh Kumar, Anjali Trivedi, KK Deepak
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Quantitative & qualitative analysis of endothelial cells of donor cornea before & after penetrating keratoplasty in different pathological conditions p. 213
Aruna K.R. Gupta, Roopam K.R. Gupta
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Perioperative time course of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), its tissue inhibitor TIMP-1 & S100B protein in carotid surgery p. 220
Bálint Nagy, Gábor Woth, Ákos Mérei, Lilla Nagy, János Lantos, Gábor Menyhei, Lajos Bogár, Diána Mühl
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Measles & rubella outbreaks in Maharashtra State, India p. 227
Sunil R Vaidya, Madhukar B Kamble, Deepika T Chowdhury, Neelakshi S Kumbhar
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An alternative strategy to generate coding sequence of macrophage migration inhibitory factor-2 of Wuchereria bancrofti p. 232
Nikhil Chauhan, SL Hoti
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Compromised zinc status of experimental rats as a consequence of prolonged iron & calcium supplementation p. 238
S Jayalakshmi, Kalpana Platel
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Adherence to anti-retroviral drugs p. 245
Manas Pratim Roy
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Authors' response p. 245
S Pahari, S Roy, A Mandal, S Kuila, S Panda
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Drug-induced diseases (DIDs) p. 247
Subodh Kumar
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Authors' response p. 248
Vishal R Tandon, Vijay Khajuria, Vivek Mahajan, Aman Sharma, Zahid Gillani, Annil Mahajan
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Uncommon presentation of a less common tumour p. 249
Keshavamurthy Vinay, Savita Yadav
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Primary testicular plasmablastic lymphoma: unique case in a 30 year old p. 251
Ritesh Sachdev, Shalini Goel
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Endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA): A practical approach p. 253
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Hysteria: The rise of an enigma p. 254
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Podocytopathy p. 255
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