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Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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2013| July-September  | Volume 16 | Issue 3  

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Urinary free cortisol in the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome: How useful? p. 269
AO Ifedayo, AF Olufemi
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The value of international prostate symptom scoring system in the management of BPH in Jos, Nigeria p. 273
OC Amu, EI Udeh, AI Ugochukwu, NK Dakum, VM Ramyil
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Accuracy of impressions with different impression materials in angulated implants p. 279
S Reddy, K Prasad, H Vakil, A Jain, R Chowdhary
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Gender difference on patients' satisfaction and expectation towards mental health care p. 285
Abdulbari Bener, Suhaila Ghuloum
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Utilization of insecticide treated nets among pregnant women in Enugu, South Eastern Nigeria p. 292
EO Ugwu, PC Ezechukwu, SN Obi, AO Ugwu, TC Okeke
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C-reactive protein a better indicator of inflammation after third molar extraction p. 297
PM Chander, FM Ali, V Aher
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Adherence counseling and reminder text messages improve uptake of antiretroviral therapy in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria p. 302
O Maduka, CI Tobin-West
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Prevalence and pattern of sickle cell disease in premarital couples in Southeastern Nigeria p. 309
GA Nnaji, DA Ezeagwuna, IJF Nnaji, JO Osakwe, AC Nwigwe, OW Onwurah
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Measurement of normal ocular volume by the use of computed tomography p. 315
BO Igbinedion, OU Ogbeide
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Relationship between admission serum C-reactive protein and short term outcome following acute ischaemic stroke at a tertiary health institution in Nigeria p. 320
SA Abubakar, NU Okubadejo, OO Ojo, O Oladipo, FI Ojini, MA Danesi
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Anatomic study of the pterion in Nigerian dry human skulls p. 325
U Ukoha, CK Oranusi, JI Okafor, OO Udemezue, AE Anyabolu, TC Nwamarachi
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Malaria diagnosis and treatment amongst health workers in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu, Nigeria p. 329
MD Ughasoro, HU Okafor, CC Okoli
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A prospective clinical evaluation of the longevity of resorbable sutures in oral surgical procedures p. 334
B Fomete, BD Saheeb, AC Obiadazie
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Pattern of liver disease admissions in a Nigerian tertiary hospital p. 339
SC Nwokediuko, PC Osuala, UV Uduma, AK Alaneme, CC Onwuka, C Mesigo
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Cranial bony decompressions in the management of head injuries: Decompressive craniotomy or craniectomy? p. 343
WC Mezue, C Ndubuisi, SC Ohaegbulam, M Chikani, U Erechukwu
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Accuracy of Prader orchidometer in measuring testicular volume p. 348
TU Mbaeri, JC Orakwe, AM Nwofor, KC Oranusi, OO Mbonu
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Viral infections among couples for assisted reproduction in a fertility clinic in Nigeria p. 352
AB Ajayi, A Oladokun, FA Bello, IO Morhason-Bello, MO Ogundepo
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Short term results of pterygium surgery with adjunctive amniotic membrane graft p. 356
O Okoye, NC Oguego, CM Chuka Okosa, M Ghanta
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Common echocardiographic abnormalities in Nigerians of different age groups p. 360
EC Ejim, CB Ubani-Ukoma, UC Nwaneli, BJ Onwubere
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Teachers' knowledge and attitudes towards seizure disorder: A comparative study of urban and rural school teachers in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria p. 365
MU Akpan, EE Ikpeme, E-OE Utuk
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Trend in asthma severity in steroid naive asthmatic children in Benin city, Nigeria p. 371
O Oviawe, WO Osarogiagbon
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Prevalence of β thalassemia carrier state in Sindhi community of Wardha and evaluation of risk factors for β thalassemia trait p. 375
R Rakholia, P Chaturvedi
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Unusual foreign bodies in the orofacial soft tissue spaces: A report of three cases p. 381
SB Aregbesola, VI Ugboko
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Intraosseous acinic cell carcinoma p. 386
V Hiremath, N Mishra, SG Patil
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Rare malformation of glans penis: Arteriovenous malformation p. 389
Y Akin, M Sarac, S Yucel
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Isolated gallbladder perforation following blunt abdominal trauma: A missed diagnosis p. 392
CN Ekwunife, JI Ofoegbu
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Dicephalus dipus tetrabrachius conjoined twins of Zaria: Case report and literature review p. 395
PO Ibinaiye, PM Mshelbwala, N Abdulgafar, AK Lawal
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Isolated gallbladder rupture following blunt abdominal trauma p. 398
BM Gali, N Ali, AA Bakari, IE Suleiman
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Congenital granular cell lesion in newborn mandible p. 401
O Gupta, R Arora, K Gupta, U Sharma
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Transabdominal ultrasonographic assessment of prostate size and volume in Nigerians with clinical diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia p. 404
SM Ma'aji, B Adamu
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Ante-partum bleeding: Is determination of its risk factors clinically significant? p. 405
Shigeki Matsubara
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