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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2016| April-June  | Volume 7 | Issue 2  

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Genetic determination through dental calculus: Promise and hope! p. 129
SG Damle
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Multimodal management of dental pain with focus on alternative medicine: A novel herbal dental gel p. 131
A Kumarswamy
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Immunoexpression of interleukin-6 in drug-induced gingival overgrowth patients p. 140
PR Ganesh
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Alteration in salivary properties and taste perception in OSMF p. 146
Sujatha Dyasanoor, Nishat Fatima Abdul Khader
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Reliability of Malayalam version of Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index among institutionalized elderly in Alleppey, Kerala (India): A pilot study p. 153
Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, Arunima Chauhan, Anitha Ann Koshy, P Rekha, Hemanth Kumar
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Comparative evaluation of efficacy of self-ligating interactive bracket with conventional preadjusted bracket: A clinical study p. 158
Balajee Jayachandran, Ratna Padmanabhan, Devaki Vijayalakshmi, Janardhanam Padmanabhan
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Clinical outcome following use of transconjunctival approach in reducing orbitozygomaticomaxillary complex fractures p. 163
Saurabh Kumar, S Shubhalaksmi
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Comparative assessment of the prevalence of periodontal disease in subjects with and without systemic autoimmune diseases: A case–control study p. 170
SG Ramesh Kumar, MB Aswath Narayanan, D Jayanthi
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Application of transtheoretical model to assess the compliance of chronic periodontitis patients to periodontal therapy p. 176
Shilpa Emani, Raison Thomas, Rucha Shah, Dhoom Singh Mehta
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Effectiveness of glucometer in screening diabetes mellitus using gingival crevicular blood p. 182
Kashyap S Rajesh, Rahmath Irshana, MS Arun Kumar, Shashikant Hegde
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Comparative evaluation of dexmedetomidine and midazolam-ketamine combination as sedative agents in pediatric dentistry: A double-blinded randomized controlled trial p. 186
Parul Uppal Malhotra, Seema Thakur, Parul Singhal, Deepak Chauhan, Cheranjeevi Jayam, Ritu Sood, Yagyeshwar Malhotra
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Comparison of the effect of shear bond strength with silane and other three chemical presurface treatments of a glass fiber-reinforced post on adhesion with a resin-based luting agent: An in vitro study p. 193
Vaibhavi Ramkrishna Belwalkar, Jaykumar Gade, Nikhil Purushottam Mankar
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Evaluation of salivary interleukin-6 in children with early childhood caries after treatment p. 198
Medhini Madhavan Menon, R Varma Balagopal, Krishnan Sajitha, Kumaran Parvathy, G Bhat Sangeetha, X Mamachan Arun, Janardhanan Sureshkumar
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The prevalence of dental fluorosis and its associated factors in Salem district p. 203
Maya Ramesh, Malathi Narasimhan, Ramesh Krishnan, Paul Chalakkal, Rita Mary Aruna, Sarah Kuruvilah
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Fracture toughness of bleached enamel: Effect of applying three different nanobiomaterials by nanoindentation test p. 209
Maryam Khoroushi, Hamid Mazaheri, Tahere Saneie, Pouran Samimi
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Comparison of removal of endodontic smear layer using ethylene glycol bis (beta-amino ethyl ether)-N, N, N', N'-tetraacetic acid and citric acid in primary teeth: A scanning electron microscopic study p. 216
Rahul J Hegde, Kavita Bapna
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PowerScope a Class II corrector – A case report p. 221
Joby Paulose, Palathottungal Joseph Antony, Brijesh Sureshkumar, Susha Mariam George, Manu Mundackal Mathew, Joseph Sebastian
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Implant success lies in complications management: A report of two cases p. 226
Sapna Rani, Jyoti Devi, Mahesh Verma
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Displacement of lower third molar into the lateral pharyngeal space in a case of mandibular angle fracture: An unusual complication p. 229
Akash Kasatwar, Nitin Bhola, Rajiv Borle, K Rajanikanth
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Early functional, esthetic, and psychological rehabilitation of preschool child with nonsyndromic oligodontia and anodontia in mixed dentition stage through conservative systematic approach: A case report with 5-year follow-up p. 232
Manu Rathee, Poonam Malik, Madhuri Dua, Vikas Yadav
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Tuberous sclerosis complex: A case report p. 236
Soumyabrata Sarkar, Tanya Khaitan, Rupam Sinha, Arpita Kabiraj
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Clinical findings, dental treatment, and improvement in quality of life for a child with Rothmund-Thomson syndrome p. 240
Katharina Morant Holanda De Oliveira, Raquel Assed Bezerra Silva, Fabricio Kitazono Carvalho, Lea Assed Bezerra Silva, Paulo Nelson-Filho, Alexandra Mussolino Queiroz
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Fate of pulpectomized deciduous teeth: Bilateral odontogenic cyst? p. 243
B Sandhyarani, Hina Noorani, PK Shivaprakash, A Huddar Dayanand
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Isolated lesions of gingiva: A case series and review p. 246
D Radha Bharathi, S Sangamithra, KV Arun, T.S.S. Kumar
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Diode laser: In treatment of recurrent verrucous leukoplakia p. 250
Debanti Giri, Nitin Agarwal, Abhishek Sinha, Sunita Srivastava, Anuj Mishra
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Endodontic management of mandibular first molar with seven canals using cone-beam computed tomography p. 255
Ankur Mahesh Banode, Vandana Gade, Sanjay Patil, Jaykumar Gade
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Calcium sulfate combined with guided tissue regeneration: A novel technique in treatment of gingival recessions p. 258
Arnav Mukherji
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Nonsyndromic localized aggressive periodontitis of primary dentition: A rare case report p. 262
Radhika Muppa, Srinivas Nallanchakrava, Mahesh Chinta, Ravi Teja Manthena
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Isolated gingival overgrowths: A review of case series p. 265
Shruti Raizada, Jothi M Varghese, KM Bhat, Kanishk Gupta
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Excellent response of infantile orofacio-orbital hemangioma to propranolol-pictorial depiction and literature review p. 269
Jonathan Theodore Gondi, Suhasini Gazula, A Rajasekhar, G Usharani
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Compound odontoma associated with impacted maxillary central incisor dictates a need to be vigilant to canine eruption pattern: A 2-year follow-up p. 273
Shilpy Singla, Sachin Gupta
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Classical presentation of Gardner's syndrome in an Indian patient: A case report p. 277
Priyanka Verma, Varun Surya, Sonali Kadam, Hemant R Umarji
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