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Asian Journal of Transfusion Science

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2015| January-June  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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Platelet storage lesion: An update p. 1
Kshitija Mittal, Ravneet Kaur
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Waldenström's macroglobulinemia: The role of hospital transfusion medicine laboratory in the diagnosis and management p. 4
Shamee Shastry, Soumya Das, Mohandoss Murugesan
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Comparative analysis of activity of coagulation Factors V and VIII and level of fibrinogen in fresh frozen plasma and frozen plasma p. 6
Mitu Dogra, Meena Sidhu, Rahul Vasudev, Ashu Dogra
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Automated nucleic acid amplification testing in blood banks: An additional layer of blood safety p. 9
Pragati Chigurupati, K Srinivasa Murthy
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A multivariate analysis to assess the effect of packed red cell transfusion and the unit age of transfused red cells on postoperative complications in patients undergoing cardiac surgeries p. 12
Raj Nath Makroo, Vikas Hegde, Aakanksha Bhatia, Mohit Chowdhry, Bhavna Arora, NL Rosamma, Uday Kumar Thakur
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Blood donor notification and counseling: Our experience from a tertiary care hospital in India p. 18
Urvershi Kotwal, Veena Doda, Satyam Arora, Swati Bhardwaj
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A study of the noncompliance of blood banks on safety and quality parameters in blood donation camps in Bengaluru p. 23
Rajat Kumar Agarwal, Rakesh Dhanya, Lalith G Parmar, Arpit Vaish, Amit Sedai, Sundar Periyavan
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Evaluation of the Procleix Ultrio Plus ID NAT assay for detection of HIV 1, HBV and HCV in blood donors p. 29
Raj Nath Makroo, Mohit Chowdhry, Aakanksha Bhatia, Minimol Antony
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Defining an appropriate leucoreduction strategy by serial assessment of cytokine levels in platelet concentrates prepared by different methods p. 31
Daljit Kaur, Ratti Ram Sharma, Neelam Marwaha
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A cost effective model for appropriate administration of red cell units and salvaging un-transfused red cell units by using temperature sensitive indicators for blood component transportation in a hospital setting p. 36
Aseem K Tiwari, Pooja Sharma, Prashant K Pandey, Ganesh S Rawat, Surbhi Dixit, Vimarsh Raina, Richa Bhargava
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Serial changes in morphology and biochemical markers in platelet preparations with storage p. 41
Ashish Jain, Neelam Marwaha, Ratti Ram Sharma, Jyotdeep Kaur, Manish Thakur, Hari Krishan Dhawan
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Molecular basis of Rh blood group system in the Malaysian population p. 48
Rozi Hanisa Musa, Nor Asiah Muhamad, Afifah Hassan, Yasmin Ayob, Narazah Mohd Yusoff
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Impact of hemoglobin nitrite to nitric oxide reductase on blood transfusion for resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock p. 55
Chad Brouse, Daniel Ortiz, Yan Su, Bryan Oronsky, Jan Scicinski, Pedro Cabrales
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Prevalence of risk factors for platelet transfusion refractoriness in multitransfused hemato-oncological patients at tertiary care center in North India p. 61
Vijay Kumawat, Ratti Ram Sharma, Pankaj Malhotra, Neelam Marwaha
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Evaluation of a new serological test for syphilis based on chemiluminescence assay in a tertiary care hospital p. 65
Aseem K Tiwari, Prashant K Pandey, Ravi C Dara, Ganesh S Rawat, Vimarsh Raina, Richa Bhargava
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Circulating thrombopoietin levels in normal healthy blood donors and in aplastic anemia patients in relation to disease severity p. 70
Abhay Singh, Anupam Verma, Soniya Nityanand, Rajendra Chaudhary, Priti Elhence
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Detection of rare blood group, Bombay (Oh) phenotype patients and management by acute normovolemic hemodilution p. 74
Manisha Shrivastava, Seema Navaid, A Peethambarakshan, Kalpana Agrawal, Athar Khan
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Study of red blood cell alloimmunization in multitransfused thalassemic children of Jammu region p. 78
Ashu Dogra, Meena Sidhu, Raman Kapoor, Dinesh Kumar
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A case of Hepatitis E in a blood donor p. 82
Anita A Tendulkar, Sneha A Shah, Rohini A Kelkar
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Therapeutic platelet reduction: Use in postsplenectomy thrombocytosis p. 85
Gita Negi, Manjubala S Talekar, Sanjiv Kumar Verma, Babar Rehmani, Vibha Gupta, Amit Agarwal, Meena Harsh
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Guillain - Barre syndrome in a patient with acute myocardial infarction with ventricular septal defect repair treated with plasma exchange p. 87
Maitrey D Gajjar, Nidhi M Bhatnagar, Nirav J Patel, Tarak Patel
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Report of two cases of anti-M antibody in antenatal patients p. 89
Joseph Philip, Neerja Kushwaha, Neelesh Jain
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Anti-N antibody reacting at 37°C: An unusual occurrence interfering with routine testing: Two interesting cases p. 92
Vijay Kumawat, Ashish Jain, Neelam Marwaha, Ratti Ram Sharma
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Approach to a case of multiple irregular red cell antibodies in a liver transplant recipient: Need for developing competence p. 94
Ravi C Dara, Aseem K Tiwari, Prashant Pandey, Dinesh Arora
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Maternal anti-M induced hemolytic disease of newborn followed by prolonged anemia in newborn twins p. 98
Satyam Arora, Veena Doda, Arti Maria, Urvershi Kotwal, Saurabh Goyal
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In-house preparation of lectin panel and detection of Tn polyagglutination p. 102
Sudipta Sekhar Das
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Donor hemovigilance: Delayed vasovagal reaction with injury in a blood donor p. 104
Suchet Sachdev, Lakhvinder Singh, Ratti Ram Sharma, Neelam Marwaha
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Undetermined blood loss due to accidental injury and its management in a male patient of classical Bombay (Oh) phenotype in a hospital in the remote part of east India p. 104
Abhay Singh
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Clinical efficacy and applications of therapeutic plasma exchange: A tertiary care center experience from Jammu p. 106
Meena Sidhu, Ashu Dogra, Dinesh Kumar
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Further evidence for naturally occurring anti Jk a antibodies p. 107
Shamee Shastry, Sudha S Bhat, Manish Raturi, Aaditya Shivhare
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Incidence of Kell blood group in blood donors: A population-based study p. 107
Rekha Rani, Neeraj Sharma, Davsheen Bedi, Amarjit Singh, Aditi , Raman Sharma
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Rapid plasma reagin test: High false positivity or important marker of high risk behavior p. 109
Satyam Arora, Veena Doda, Sunita Rani, Urvershi Kotwal
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