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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2016| October  | Volume 48 | Issue 7  

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Revisiting and innovating pharmacology education p. 1
Chetna Desai
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Pharmacology education in India: Challenges ahead p. 3
Dinesh Kumar Badyal
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Competency-based medical education: An overview and application in pharmacology p. 5
Nilima Shah, Chetna Desai, Gokul Jorwekar, Dinesh Badyal, Tejinder Singh
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Medical curriculum and pharmacology: An appraisal p. 10
PSRK Haranath
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Undergraduate pharmacology curriculum at an international medical college in India p. 14
Vasudha Devi, Vishal Bhat, Ganesh K Shenoy
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Opinion of stakeholders on existing curriculum for postgraduate (MD) course in Pharmacology: A survey p. 19
Dinesh K Badyal, Sujit R Daniel
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Blended learning for reinforcing dental pharmacology in the clinical years: A qualitative analysis p. 25
Prashanti Eachempati, KS Kiran Kumar, KN Sumanth
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Assessment of knowledge and perceptions toward generic medicines among basic science undergraduate medical students at Aruba p. 29
P Ravi Shankar, Burton L Herz, Arun K Dubey, Mohamed A Hassali
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Role-play as an educational tool in medication communication skills: Students’ perspectives p. 33
SH Lavanya, L Kalpana, RM Veena, VD Bharath Kumar
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Role of concept map in teaching general awareness and pharmacotherapy of HIV/AIDS among second professional medical students p. 37
Suman Bala, DC Dhasmana, Juhi Kalra, Saurabh Kohli, Taruna Sharma
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Effectiveness of flipped classroom with Poll Everywhere as a teaching-learning method for pharmacy students p. 41
Kumar Shiva Gubbiyappa, Ankur Barua, Biswadeep Das, CR Vasudeva Murthy, Hasnain Zafar Baloch
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Introducing objective structured practical examination as a method of learning and evaluation for undergraduate pharmacology p. 47
Kirti Vishwakarma, Mukesh Sharma, Prithpal Singh Matreja, Vishal Prakash Giri
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Introducing structured viva voce examination in medical undergraduate pharmacology: A pilot study p. 52
DC Dhasmana, Suman Bala, Rajendra Sharma, Taruna Sharma, Saurabh Kohli, Neeraj Aggarwal, Juhi Kalra
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The need for a comprehensive medication safety module in medical education p. 57
Sujith John Chandy
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Poetry in teaching pharmacology: Exploring the possibilities p. 61
Juhi Kalra, Satendra Singh, Dinesh Badyal, Purnima Barua, Taruna Sharma, Dinesh Chandra Dhasmana, Tejinder Singh
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Use of prelecture assignment to enhance learning in pharmacology lectures for the 2nd year medical students p. 65
Marya Ahsan, Ayaz Khurram Mallick
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Implementation of a module to promote competency in adverse drug reaction reporting in undergraduate medical students p. 69
Raakhi Kaliprasad Tripathi, Sharmila Vinayak Jalgaonkar, Pankaj V Sarkate, Nirmala Narayan Rege
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Temporal trends in pharmacology publications by pharmacy institutes: A deeper dig p. 74
Parloop Amit Bhatt, Zarana Patel
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Effectiveness of student-led objective tutorials in pharmacology teaching to medical students p. 78
Kriti Arora, Nayana Kamalnayan Hashilkar
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Student-led objective tutorials in Pharmacology: An interventional study p. 83
Anupama Sukhlecha, Shilpa P Jadav, Tushar R Gosai, Divakar Balusamy
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Knowledge, awareness and practice of ethics among doctors in tertiary care hospital p. 89
Surjit Singh, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Bharti Bhandari, Rimplejeet Kaur
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Learning pharmacology by metaphors: A tale of aminoglycosides p. 94
Gurudas Khilnani, Ajeet Kumar Khilnani, Rekha Thaddanee
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Status of animal experiments in teaching pharmacology to undergraduate students p. 97
Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Pratap Shankar, Arpita Singh, Preet Lakhani, Sachin Tutu, Amod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Dixit
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