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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2016| March-April  | Volume 19 | Issue 2  

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An in vitro comparative evaluation of different intraorifice barriers on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated roots obturated with gutta-percha p. 111
Abhishek Gupta, Vipin Arora, Padmanabh Jha, Vineeta Nikhil, Parul Bansal
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The effect of temperature on rheological properties of endodontic sealers p. 116
Roshni U Rai, Kiran P Singbal, Vaishali Parekh
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Stereomicroscopic evaluation of defects caused by torsional fatigue in used hand and rotary nickel-titanium instruments p. 120
Geeta Asthana, Marsrat I Kapadwala, Girish J Parmar
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Apical extrusion of debris by supplementary files used for retreatment: An ex vivo comparative study p. 125
Ajinkya M Pawar, Mansing Pawar, Zvi Metzger, Bhagyashree Thakur
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The shear bond strength of MTA with three different types of adhesive systems: An in vitro study p. 130
Nimish Tyagi, Chandrakar Chaman, Shashi Prabha Tyagi, Udai Pratap Singh, Apoorv Sharma
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Antimicrobial effect of three disinfecting agents on Resilon cones and their effect on surface topography: An in vitro study p. 134
Mahesh Martur Chandrappa, Prasanna Mahadevasa Meharwade, Raghu Srinivasan, Shreetha Bhandary, Farhat Nasreen
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Assessment of the fracture resistance of teeth instrumented using 2 rotary and 2 reciprocating files versus the Self-Adjusting File (SAF): An ex vivo comparative study on mandibular premolars p. 138
Ajinkya M Pawar, Digesh Barfiwala, Mansing Pawar, Zvi Metzger, Anda Kfir, Niharika Jain
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Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) evaluation of sealing ability of MTA and EndoSequence as root-end filling materials with chitosan and carboxymethyl chitosan (CMC) as retrograde smear layer removing agents p. 143
Bolla Nagesh, Eppala Jeevani, Varri Sujana, Bharagavi Damaraju, Kaluvakolanu Sreeha, Penumaka Ramesh
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Role of ultrasound and color doppler in diagnosis of periapical lesions of endodontic origin at varying bone thickness p. 147
Aseem P Tikku, Ramesh Bharti, Neha Sharma, Anil Chandra, Ashutosh Kumar, Sunil Kumar
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Influence of operating microscope in the sealing of cervical perforations p. 152
Bruna Schwingel Schmidt, Ivana Maria Zaccara, Marcus Vinícius Reis Só, Milton Carlos Kuga, Regina Guenka Palma-Dibb, Patricia Maria Poli Kopper
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Effect of different bleaching regimens on the flexural strength of hybrid composite resin p. 157
Atiyeh Feiz, Noushmehr Samanian, Amin Davoudi, Hamid Badrian
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The effect of three different antioxidants on the dentinal tubular penetration of Resilon and Real Seal SE on sodium hypochlorite-treated root canal dentin: An in vitro study p. 161
Sarah Renjelina Christopher, Vijay Mathai, Rajesh Sasidharan Nair, Jeyabalaji Mano Christaine Angelo
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Shear bond strength evaluation of resin composite bonded to three different liners: TheraCal LC, Biodentine, and resin-modified glass ionomer cement using universal adhesive: An in vitro study p. 166
Velagala L Deepa, Bhargavi Dhamaraju, Indira Priyadharsini Bollu, Tandri S Balaji
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Evaluation of surface roughness of three different composite resins with three different polishing systems p. 171
Mohammed S Abzal, Mensudar Rathakrishnan, Venkatachalam Prakash, Paramasivam Vivekanandhan, Arunajatesan Subbiya, Vridhachalam Ganapathy Sukumaran
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Optimal power settings of aluminum gallium arsenide lasers in caries inhibition - An in vitro study p. 175
Sonali Sharma, Mithra N Hegde, Vandana Sadananda, Blessen Mathews
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Effect of phytic acid, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, and chitosan solutions on microhardness of the human radicular dentin p. 179
Vineeta Nikhil, Shikha Jaiswal, Parul Bansal, Rohit Arora, Shalya Raj, Pulkit Malhotra
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Cleaning efficacy of reciprocal and rotary systems in the removal of root canal filling material p. 184
Mustafa Murat Kocak, Sibel Kocak, Sevinc Aktemur Turker, Baran Can Saglam
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An in vivo assessment of the influence of needle gauges on endodontic irrigation flow rate p. 189
Velayutham Gopikrishna, Swamy Sibi, Durvasulu Archana, Angabakkam Rajasekaran Pradeep Kumar, Lakshmi Narayanan
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Canal projection using gutta-percha points: A novel technique for pre-endodontic buildup of grossly destructed tooth p. 194
Rambabu Tanikonda
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Retraction: Role of casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate in remineralization of white spot lesions and inhibition of Streptococcus mutans? p. 198
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