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Indian Journal of Otology

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2016| January-March  | Volume 22 | Issue 1  

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Nitric oxide Bhramari Pranayam and deafness p. 1
MK Taneja
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Proportion of hearing loss in chronic renal failure: Our experience p. 4
EK Reddy, DR Surya Prakash, Manda G. K. D. Rama Krishna
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Correlation between video-otoscopic images and tympanograms of patients with acute middle ear infection p. 10
Ching-Shiung Ting, Kuo-Wei Huang, Yuan-Chung Tzeng
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Prevalence, awareness, and preventive practices of noise-induced hearing loss in a plywood industry p. 14
Mukesh Edward, Sai Manohar, Gangadhara Somayaji, Hebin H Kallikkadan
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Reasons for nonacceptance of hearing aid in older adults p. 19
G Archana, Y Krishna, Ruth Shiny
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Adult auditory training is it part of aural rehabilitation? Focused group discussion p. 24
G Archana, Y Krishna, B Rajashekhar, PG Bhargavi
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Smoking and its influence on success of tympanoplasty: A prospective study p. 28
Leena Jain, Sadat Qureshi, Ashish Maurya, Shalini Jadia, Manish Jain
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Butterfly cartilage graft versus fat graft myringoplasty p. 31
Sonika Kanotra, Anil Suri, Sunil Kotwal, J Paul
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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss in adults: Our experience with multidrug high dose steroid regimen at tertiary care hospital p. 35
Vivek Gupta, Abhineet Jain, Praveer K Banerjee, Sonam Rathi
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Pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma of the ear and temporal bone: An analysis of seven cases in Sokoto, Nigeria p. 40
Mohammed Abdullahi, SB Amutta, KR Iseh, D Aliyu, SS Yikawe, K Abdullahi
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Intracochlear schwannoma p. 44
Manoj Manikoth Puthiyaparambil, Sandeep Puthiya Koiloorveetil
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Congenital aberrant internal carotid artery in the middle ear: 10 years follow-up p. 48
Ahmad Marai Aldhafeeri, Munahi M Alqahtani, Ali Khalaf Alhaidey
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A rare complication due to button battery cell in ear p. 52
Sharad Hernot, Samar Pal Singh Yadav, Bhushan Kathuria, Madhuri Kaintura
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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss posthypothyroidism: A case study p. 56
Priya Karimuddanahally Premkumar, Varsha Vijayan, Rajith Begur Nataraj, Chandni Jain
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Is cholesteatoma a precursor of verrucous carcinoma: A diagnostic dilemma p. 59
Rohit Singh, Divya Hari Nair, Aarushi Mishra, Anshul Singh
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Neurofibroma of external auditory canal: An unusual differential diagnosis of aural polyp p. 62
Panduranga M Kamath, Vijendra S Shenoy, D Deviprasad, Flora D Lobo, Oj Giri
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Migrated aural foreign body in parapharyngeal space p. 66
Surya Kanta Pradhan, Sanjeev Gupta
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Experiences of wearing hearing aids for past 15 years p. 70
Vagish Kumar Laxman Shanbhag
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