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Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences

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2016| October-December  | Volume 11 | Issue 4  

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Congenital extra calvarial plexiform neurofibroma in occipito-cervical region with Occipital bone defect with neurofibromatosis type 1 and segmental neurofibromatosis: Case report and review of literature p. 295
Vivek Kumar Kankane, Gaurav Jaiswal, Tarun Kumar Gupta
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Infantile tremor syndrome: A review and critical appraisal of its etiology p. 298
Jatinder Singh Goraya, Sukhjot Kaur
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Infantile tremor syndrome: Role of Vitamin B12 revisited p. 305
Rajesh Gupta, Jagdish Mandliya, Pavan Sonker, Vandana Patil, Manish Agrawal, Ashish Pathak
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Value of electroencephalographic monitoring in newborns with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy treated with hypothermia p. 309
Hatem Hamed Elshorbagy, Ahmed A Azab, Naglaa M Kamal, Naglaa Fathy Barseem, Mohamed M Bassiouny, Mostafa A Elsayed, Tohamy H Elkhouly
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Methylphenidate-induced obsessive-compulsive symptoms: A case report and review of literature p. 316
Soumya Jhanda, Neha Singla, Sandeep Grover
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Paediatric calcified intramedullary schwannoma at conus: A common tumor in a vicarious location p. 319
Aniruddha Tekkatte Jagannatha, Krishna Chaitanya Joshi, Shilpa Rao, Umesh Srikantha, Ravi Gopal Varma, Anita Mahadevan
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Acute bulbar palsy plus syndrome: A rare variant of Guillain–Barre syndrome p. 322
Sanghamitra Ray, Prakash Chand Jain
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Extra-axial giant falcine ependymoma with ultra-rapid growth in child: Uncommon entity with literature review p. 324
Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar
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Emergency anesthesia for evacuating a traumatic acute subdural hemorrhage in a child overdosed with hypertonic saline p. 328
Chulananda Goonasekera, James Bedford, Sodhi Harpreet, Mariangela Giombini, Asme Sheikh
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Extra-axial medulloblastoma in the cerebellopontine angle: Report of a rare entity with review of literature p. 331
Ishita Pant, Sujata Chaturvedi, Vinod K. S Gautam, Pranjal Pandey, Rima Kumari
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Managing tracheal extubation in infants with stridor and congenital neuraxial anomalies p. 335
Deepti Saigal, Pragati Ganjoo, Megha U Sharma, Daljit Singh
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Primary angiitis of the central nervous system: A rare and reversible cause of childhood stroke p. 338
Aashima Dabas, Sangeeta Yadav
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Posttraumatic giant fronto-orbito encephalocele causing cosmetic disfiguring forehead swelling with proptosis: Management p. 341
Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Amandeep Kumar
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A rare case of giant occipital meningocele with Dandy Walker Syndrome: Can it grow bigger than this? p. 344
Dipanker Singh Mankotia, Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Bhoopendra Singh, Bhawani Shankar Sharma
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Pediatric central neurocytoma: Case report and review of literature p. 348
Basanta Kumar Baishya, Rishi Kant Singh, Deep Dutta, Zakir Hussain
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Primary intraspinal extradural primitive neuroectodermal tumor: A rare case p. 351
Shrikant V Rege, Jitendra Tadghare, Harshad Patil, Sharadendu Narayan
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Headband sign on magnetic resonance imaging: An unusual finding of scurvy in a 5-year-old child described first time p. 355
Umesh I Patel, Jayendra R Gohil, Alpa N Parekh, Hardik R Chauhan
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Multifocal myoclonus as a heralding manifestation of Wilson disease p. 358
Rajesh Verma, Vikram V Holla, Suchit Pandey, Imran Rizvi
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Russell–Silver syndrome associated with low conus medullaris p. 361
Larisa Gabor, Huseyin Canaz, Gokhan Canaz, Nursu Kara, Ibrahim Alatas, Hakan Bozkus
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Idiopathic bilateral chronic subdural hematoma with left internal carotid artery infarct in a 3 months infant: A rare case report p. 364
Mahesh Kumar, Krishan Yadav, Saurabh Kumar Verma, Vikas Maheshwari
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Psychiatric presentation of childhood epilepsy: Case series and review p. 367
Rahul Saha, MK Srivastava, Kuljeet Singh Anand
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Neuroblastoma presenting as opsoclonus-myoclonus: A series of six cases and review of literature p. 373
Jagdish P Meena, Rachna Seth, Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Sheffali Gulati, Sandeep Agrawala, Priyanka Naranje
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Adenoma sebaceum: Dermatological finding unmasking central nervous system pathology p. 378
Prasad Krishnan, Sachinkumar Maheshbhai Patel
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Kissing carotids: An unusual cause of dysphagia in a healthy child p. 380
Shruti Chandak, Anirban Mandal, Amitabh Singh
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Moyamoya disease involving anterior and posterior circulation p. 382
Rajesh Verma, Ajay Panwar, Kamal Nagar
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Lyme polyradiculitis masquerading Guillain-Barre syndrome p. 384
Mritunjay Kumar, Ragini Singh, Mohsin Rashid
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