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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2010| September-October  | Volume 42 | Issue 5  

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Re-engineering pharmacology teaching and research: Can we adopt translational approach? p. 259
SK Kulkarni
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New insights into molecular targets for urinary incontinence p. 261
Manoj K Poonia, Ginpreet Kaur, Meena Chintamaneni, Ilesh Changela
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Evaluation of rationality of promotional drug literature using World Health Organization guidelines p. 267
Smita N Mali, Sujata Dudhgaonkar, NP Bachewar
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Antipyretic and antibacterial activity of Chloranthus erectus (Buch.-Ham.) Verdcourt leaf extract: A popular folk medicine of Arunachal Pradesh p. 273
Hui Tag, Nima D Namsa, M Mandal, P Kalita, AK Das, SC Mandal
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Preliminary studies on local anesthetic and antipyretic activities of Spilanthes acmella Murr. in experimental animal models p. 277
A Chakraborty, B.R.K Devi, R Sanjebam, S Khumbong, IS Thokchom
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In vitro study on α-amylase inhibitory activity of an Indian medicinal plant, Phyllanthus amarus p. 280
Iniyan G Tamil, B Dineshkumar, M Nandhakumar, M Senthilkumar, A Mitra
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Effects of Ocimum sanctum and Camellia sinensis on stress-induced anxiety and depression in male albino Rattus norvegicus p. 283
Imrana Tabassum, Zeba N Siddiqui, Shamim J Rizvi
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The effect of intracerebroventricular injection of histamine in visceral nociception induced by acetic acid in rats p. 289
Ali Zanboori, Esmaeal Tamaddonfard, Ali Mojtahedin
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Kaurenic acid: An in vivo experimental study of its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects p. 293
Miriam C Sosa-Sequera, Omar Suarez, Nelson L Dalo
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Antimicrobial consumption and impact of "Reserve antibiotic indent form" in an intensive care unit p. 297
Purabi Reang Sharma, Purabi Barman
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Evaluation of anti-diabetic potential of leaves and stem of Flacourtia jangomas in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats p. 301
Ajay Kumar Singh, Jyoti Singh
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Antiovulatory and abortifacient effects of Areca catechu (betel nut) in female rats p. 306
Jyoti Shrestha, Tara Shanbhag, Smita Shenoy, Arul Amuthan, Krishnananda Prabhu, Stuti Sharma, Samik Banerjee, Sajala Kafle
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Possible mechanism of benign prostatic hyperplasia induced by androgen-estrogen ratios in castrated rats p. 312
Liu Xiang-Yun, Xu Ying-Wen, Xie Chen-Jing, Wang Jiu-Jiu, Pan Qi, Gui Bo, Sun Zu-Yue
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Flucytosine for treatment of Candida albicans in H1N1-positive patient p. 318
Tanvir Samra, Amlendu Yadav, Neerja Banerjee, Mridula Pawar, Desh Deepak
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Sitagliptin-induced hemolysis p. 320
Ragini Bekur, MV Nagaraja, KN Shivashankara, Weena Stanley
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A case of paroxetine-induced galactorrhoea with normal serum prolactin level p. 322
Suddhendu Chakraborty, Debasish Sanyal, Ranjan Bhattacharyya, Subhendu Dutta
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Atorvastatin-induced pancreatitis p. 324
Samir Prajapati, Samidh Shah, Chetna Desai, Mira Desai, RK Dikshit
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An unusual case of capecitabine hyperpigmentation: Is hyperpigmentation a part of hand-foot syndrome or a separate entity? p. 326
Biju Vasudevan
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"Mean ± SEM" or "Mean (SD)"? p. 329
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Efficacy and safety of streptokinase in prosthetic valve thrombosis (total 5 years clinical registry) p. 330
Kamal H Sharma, Nishith M Mewada
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Practical Manual of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology p. 332
Mira Desai, Chetna Desai
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