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Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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2018| September  | Volume 21 | Issue 9  

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Comparison of the mechanical properties of platelet-rich fibrin and ankaferd blood stopper-loaded platelet-rich fibrin p. 1087
A Aktas, T Ozer, M Sen, M Turk, E Karabulut
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Effects of repeated bracket bonding on enamel color changes p. 1093
NI Tuncer, H Pamukcu, O Polat-Ozsoy
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Comparison of two different composite resins used for tooth reshaping and diastema closure in a 4-year follow-up p. 1098
E Ergin, ZB Kutuk, FY Cakir, S Gurgan
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Three-dimensional evaluation of the effect of low-level laser therapy on facial swelling after lower third molar surgery: A randomized, placebo-controlled study p. 1107
F Asutay, A Ozcan-Kucuk, H Alan, M Koparal
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Impact of abortion laws on women's choice of abortion service providers and facilities in southeastern Nigeria p. 1114
CC Chigbu, CO Chigbu, SE Iwuji, FC Emenalo, AK Onyebuchi
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Efficacy and safety of compound tri-metal stent placement for malignant perihilar biliary obstruction p. 1121
Kwang Min Kim, Chang-Uk Jeong, Sang Goon Shim, Hong Jang, Yun Gyu Song, Tae Gyu Kim, Jun Ho Ji
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Comparison of culture and real-time polymerase chain reaction methods for detection of Mycoplasma hominis in amniotic fluids samples p. 1127
F Keskin, S Ciftci, SA Keceli, MO Koksal, E Caliskan, Y Cakiroglu, A Agacfidan
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Oral health status and its relation with medication and dental fear in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder p. 1132
A Pinar-Erdem, S Kuru, ES Urkmez, E Sepet, H Gunes, N Yildiz, N Topcuoglu, G Kulekci
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Complement Levels in Nigeria Patients with Sickle Cell Anaemia in the Asymptomatic State p. 1139
TI Okeke, BO P Musa, AA Babadoko, BY Jamoh
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Comparison of mechanical and dynamic mechanical behaviors of different dental resins polymerized by different polymerization techniques p. 1144
R Durkan, P Oyar
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Clinical and biochemical effects of erbium, chromium: yttrium, scandium, gallium, garnet laser treatment as a complement to periodontal treatment p. 1150
K Ustun, M Hatipoglu, O Daltaban, R Felek, MZ Firat
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Impact of oral clefts on the oral health-related quality of life of preschool children and their parents p. 1158
M Zeraatkar, S Ajami, N Nadjmi, A Golkari
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Esthetic outcomes after immediate and late implant loading for a single missing tooth in the anterior maxilla p. 1164
P Yildiz, M Zortuk, E Kilic, M Dincel, H Albayrak
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Acetabular reconstruction using a cage in complex primary total hip replacement in a developing country: An assessment of early functional outcome p. 1171
AU Katchy, I Ezeobi, SC Katchy
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Effects of sandblasting and silicoating on bond strength between titanium and porcelain p. 1177
E Tamac, TO Kumbuloglu, S Toksavul, M Toman, M Sarikanat
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Perceived social support and quality of life of parents of children with Autism p. 1182
N Kuru, B Piyal
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Association of sociodemographic profile, dyslipidemias, and obesity in smoker, former smoker, and nonsmoker patients with coronary artery disease p. 1190
D Kafadar, FG Dogan, MM Oren, B Ayca, E Okuyan
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Is stent type used in snodgrass method a factor in fistula formation? p. 1198
M Sarac, U Bakal, T Tartar, S Canpolat, A Kazez
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Total knee replacement in Nigeria: An assessment of early functional outcome of 68 consecutive knees p. 1202
AU Katchy, SC Katchy, HC Ekwedigwe, I Ezeobi
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Effect of fibrin glue or suture on leakage in patients undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy p. 1209
S Usta, K Karabulut
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The effects of psychostimulants on oral health and saliva in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A case-control study p. 1213
CC Ertugrul, Z Kirzioglu, E Aktepe, HB Savas
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Efficacy of multimodal perioperative analgesia protocol with periarticular medication injection and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use in total knee arthroplasty p. 1221
ZB Shi, XQ Dang
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Is sino-nasal outcome test-22 reliable for guiding chronic rhinosinusitis patients for endoscopic sinus surgery? p. 1228
G Singla, M Singh, A Singh, I Kaur, K Harsh, K Jasmeen
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Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm of pancreas in pregnancy treated with tumor enucleation: Case report and review of the literature p. 1234
TT Huang, J Zhu, H Zhou, AM Zhao
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Pemphigus vegetans presenting as serpiginous oral, esophageal and genital mucosal ulcers undiagnosed for 3 years p. 1238
E Hadlaq, H Al Bagieh, A Qannam, IO Bello
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