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European Journal of General Dentistry

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2012| September-December  | Volume 1 | Issue 3  

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Applications of medicinal plants in dentistry p. 123
Robert A Halberstein
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Maxillary immediate implant loading: A comprehensive review p. 125
Sagar J Abichandani, Ramesh Nadiger
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Bisphosphonate related osteonecrosis of the jaws: An update p. 131
R Anil Kumar, Chand Sawhney, Santosh Kumar, Mohita Dhingra
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Biological width: No violation zone p. 137
Ashu Sharma, GR Rahul, Bhawna Gupta, Mozammil Hafeez
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Additive and synergistic effect of phytochemicals in prevention of oral cancer p. 142
Sunira Chandra, Kunal Sah, Anjana Bagewadi, Vaishali Keluskar, Arvind Shetty, Renuka Ammanagi, Zameera Naik
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Management of third molar teeth from an endodontic perspective p. 148
Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
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Correlative and comparative study of Fishman's skeletal maturity indicators with CVMI and chronological age in Lucknow population p. 161
Sachan Kiran, VP Sharma, Pradeep Tandon
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Determination of additional canals in maxillary first permanent molars in adult Nigerian population: Using in vivo and in vitro techniques p. 166
Helen O Oboro-Onuora, Obiajulu I Onuora, Mathew A Sede
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Color differences between maxillar and mandibular incisors p. 170
Ali Riza Tuncdemir, Serdar Polat, Caner Ozturk, Makbule Tugba Tuncdemir, Ahmet Yalcin Gungor
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In vivo cytotoxicity of injection molded and conventional pressure pack acrylic resin dentures p. 174
Ali Riza TunÁdemir, Ahmet KoÁ, Serdar Polat, H ÷nder GŁmŁs, Mehmet Dalkiz
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The effect of pre-heating silorane and methacrylate-based composites on microleakage of Class V restorations p. 178
Soley Arslan, Sezer Demirbuga, Yahya Orcun Zorba, Faruk Izzet Ucar, Oznur Tuncay
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The effect of wrapping of light-cure tips on the cure of composite resin p. 183
Maan Ibrahim Al-Marzok
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Dental enamel roughness with different acid etching times: Atomic force microscopy study p. 187
Bruno Bochnia Cerci, Lucimara Stolz Roman, Odilon Guariza-Filho, Elisa Souza Camargo, Orlando Motohiro Tanaka
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Comparison of centrifuged liquid based cytology method with conventional brush cytology in oral lesions p. 192
Nidhi Dwivedi, Akhil Agarwal, Vineet Raj, Bina Kashyap, Shaleen Chandra
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Endodontic management of maxillary second molar with 2 palatal roots and root canals: A rare case report p. 197
Padmanabh Jha, Vineeta Nikhil, Mesha Jha
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A maxillary central incisor with four root canals p. 201
FŠbio de Almeida-Gomes, Claudio Maniglia-Ferreira, Marcelo D. M. Vitoriano, Bruno C de Sousa, Roberto A dos Santos, Marco A. H. Duarte
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Mandibular bilateral unerupted non-obstructing supernumerary premolars as a rare paradental anomaly p. 204
Vineet Gupta, Puneet Kumar, Prince Kumar, Nishant Lakhani
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Use of recent diagnostic methods in locating multiple canals: A case series of six canals in maxillary first molar p. 207
Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Kulwinder Kaur Wadhwani, Aseem Prakash Tikku, Anil Chandra, Mukesh Hasija
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Aesthetic rehabilitation in a patient with tooth wear p. 211
Haroon Rashid, Fahim Ahmed Vohra, Mohsin Nazir
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Tobacco usage in Indian territory: An epigrammatic sketch on current scenario p. 215
Asha Raj, Roshni Goel, Prince Kumar, Ashish Kumar
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Infection control in prosthodontic perspective: An overview on the present scenario p. 216
Prince Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Ashish Khattar, Roshni Goel
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Periodontal defect associated with an inverted mesiodens p. 216
Lall Saurabh, Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra, KD Jithendra
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Linear enamel hypoplasia due to serious systemic infection p. 218
Vishwas Anjum, Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra, Jithendra Kajoor Dayakara
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