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Neural Regeneration Research

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2017| January  | Volume 12 | Issue 1  

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Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Neural Regeneration Research p. 5
Kwok-fai So, Xiao-Ming Xu
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Therapeutic potential of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and a small molecular mimics of BDNF for traumatic brain injury p. 7
Mary Wurzelmann, Jennifer Romeika, Dong Sun
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Blood microRNAs as potential diagnostic markers for hemorrhagic stroke p. 13
Bridget Martinez, Philip V Peplow
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Emerging potential of exosomes for treatment of traumatic brain injury p. 19
Ye Xiong, Asim Mahmood, Michael Chopp
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A new computational approach for modeling diffusion tractography in the brain p. 23
Harsha T Garimella, Reuben H Kraft
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Restoring axonal localization and transport of transmembrane receptors to promote repair within the injured CNS: a critical step in CNS regeneration p. 27
Lindsey H Forbes, Melissa R Andrews
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Glial kon/NG2 gene network for central nervous system repair p. 31
Maria Losada-Perez, Neale Harrison, Alicia Hidalgo
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Endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondrial crosstalk: a novel role for the mitochondrial peptide humanin p. 35
Parameswaran G Sreekumar, David R Hinton, Ram Kannan
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Kynurenine pathway metabolism and neuroinflammatory disease p. 39
Nady Braidy, Ross Grant
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The prospects of regenerative medicine combined with rehabilitative approaches for chronic spinal cord injury animal models p. 43
Syoichi Tashiro, Masaya Nakamura, Hideyuki Okano
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Platelet-rich plasma, an adjuvant biological therapy to assist peripheral nerve repair p. 47
Mikel Sánchez, Ane Garate, Diego Delgado, Sabino Padilla
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Three-dimensional histology: new visual approaches to morphological changes during neural regeneration p. 53
Hei Ming Lai, Ho Man Ng, Wutian Wu
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A revisit of rod microglia in preclinical studies p. 56
Yanxia Rao, Yu-Xiang Liang, Bo Peng
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Past, present and future of preserving and restoring function in the visual system: removing galectin-3 as a promising treatment p. 58
Silmara de Lima, Henrique Rocha Mendonça, Camila Oliveira Goulart, Ana M. Blanco Martinez
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Advancing mesenchymal stem/stromal cells-based therapies for neurologic disease p. 60
Donald G Phinney
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Tauroursodeoxycholic acid: more than just a neuroprotective bile conjugate p. 62
Lorenzo Romero-Ramírez, Manuel Nieto-Sampedro, Natalia Yanguas-Casás
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Insights into the protective role of immunity in neurodegenerative disease p. 64
Cristoforo Comi, Giacomo Tondo
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Intracerebral interplay and neurotransmitter systems involvement in animal models of neurodegenerative disorders: EEG approach expectations p. 66
Vasily Vorobyov, Natalia Bobkova
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Neural regeneration after spinal cord injury treatment by lavandula angustifolia and human umbilical mesanchymal stem cell transplantation p. 68
Kayvan Yaghoobi
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Neuroprotective effects of vascular endothelial growth factor A in the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis model of multiple sclerosis p. 70
Wensheng Lin
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Challenges and opportunities identifying therapeutic targets for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy resulting from oxidative DNA damage p. 72
Mark R Kelley, Jill C Fehrenbacher
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State-of-art modelling of inflammatory astrocyte-synapse interactions in injury and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis p. 75
András Lakatos
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Traumatic brain injury and palliative care: a retrospective analysis of 49 patients receiving palliative care during 2013–2016 in Turkey p. 77
Kadriye Kahveci, Metin Dinçer, Cihan Doger, Ayse Karhan Yaricı
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Neural differentiation of choroid plexus epithelial cells: role of human traumatic cerebrospinal fluid p. 84
Elham Hashemi, Yousef Sadeghi, Abbas Aliaghaei, Afsoun Seddighi, Abbas Piryaei, Mehdi Eskandarian Broujeni, Fatemeh Shaerzadeh, Abdollah Amini, Ramin Pouriran
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Breviscapine reduces neuronal injury caused by traumatic brain injury insult: partly associated with suppression of interleukin-6 expression p. 90
Ling Jiang, Yue Hu, Xiang He, Qiang Lv, Ting-hua Wang, Qing-jie Xia
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Inhibition of cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury-induced apoptosis: nicotiflorin and JAK2/STAT3 pathway p. 96
Guang-qiang Hu, Xi Du, Yong-jie Li, Xiao-qing Gao, Bi-qiong Chen, Lu Yu
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Computed tomography perfusion and computed tomography angiography for prediction of clinical outcomes in ischemic stroke patients after thrombolysis p. 103
Jia-wei Pan, Xiang-rong Yu, Shu-yi Zhou, Jian-hong Wang, Jun Zhang, Dao-ying Geng, Tian-yu Zhang, Xin Cheng, Yi-feng Ling, Qiang Dong
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Evidence of cortical reorganization of language networks after stroke with subacute Broca's aphasia: a blood oxygenation level dependent-functional magnetic resonance imaging study p. 109
Wei-hong Qiu, Hui-xiang Wu, Qing-lu Yang, Zhuang Kang, Zhao-cong Chen, Kui Li, Guo-rong Qiu, Chun-qing Xie, Gui-fang Wan, Shao-qiong Chen
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Correlation between receptor-interacting protein 140 expression and directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into neural stem cells p. 118
Zhu-ran Zhao, Wei-dong Yu, Cheng Shi, Rong Liang, Xi Chen, Xiao Feng, Xue Zhang, Qing Mu, Huan Shen, Jing-zhu Guo
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Propofol protects against blood-spinal cord barrier disruption induced by ischemia/reperfusion injury p. 125
Li-jie Xie, Jin-xiu Huang, Jian Yang, Fen Yuan, Shuang-shuang Zhang, Qi-jing Yu, Ji Hu
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Real-time and wearable functional electrical stimulation system for volitional hand motor function control using the electromyography bridge method p. 133
Hai-peng Wang, Zheng-yang Bi, Yang Zhou, Yu-xuan Zhou, Zhi-gong Wang, Xiao-ying Lv
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Transfer of the extensor indicis proprius branch of posterior interosseous nerve to reconstruct ulnar nerve and median nerve injured proximally: an anatomical study p. 143
Pei-ji Wang, Yong Zhang, Jia-ju Zhao, Ju-pu Zhou, Zhi-cheng Zuo, Bing-bing Wu
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Immunohistochemical evidence of axonal regrowth across polyethylene glycol-fused cervical cords in mice p. 149
C-Yoon Kim, Hanseul Oh, Xiaoping Ren, Sergio Canavero
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Multiple injuries of the ascending reticular activating system in a stroke patient: a diffusion tensor tractography study p. 151
Sung Ho Jang, Jeong Pyo Seo
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Molecular chaperones and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy p. 153
Cong Hua, Wei-na Ju, Hang Jin, Xin Sun, Gang Zhao
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Correction: Multi-site spinal stimulation strategies to enhance locomotion after paralysis p. 161
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