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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2011| July-September  | Volume 29 | Issue 3  

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Greetings from Davangere, Karnataka, India: Pediatric dentistry-The present scenario p. 187
VV Subba Reddy
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Refractory epilepsy and the ketogenic diet: Pathophysiological aspects and possible implications in dental practice p. 188
A Sharma, VP Mathur
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Medical professional perception, attitude, knowledge, and experience about child abuse and neglect in Bagalkot district of north Karnataka: A survey report p. 193
SV Kirankumar, H Noorani, PK Shivprakash, S Sinha
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Awareness and attitude of patients' parents toward pulp therapy of the primary teeth: A clinical survey p. 198
JV Setty, I Srinivasan
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Fluoride rechargability of a non-resin auto-cured glass ionomer cement from a fluoridated dentifrice: An in vitro study p. 202
A Rao, A Rao, P Sudha
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A comparative study of pH modulation and trace elements of various fruit juices on enamel erosion: An in vitro study p. 205
S.V.S.G Nirmala, VV Subba Reddy
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The most effective and essential way of improving the oral health status education p. 216
S Chachra, P Dhawan, T Kaur, AK Sharma
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Clinical and radiographic evaluation of zinc oxide eugenol and metapex in root canal treatment of primary teeth p. 222
S Gupta, G Das
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Post-surgical dentofacial deformities and dental treatment needs in cleft-lip-palate children: A clinical study p. 229
V Krishna Priya, J Sharada Reddy, Y Ramakrishna, C Pujita Reddy
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Plaque removal efficacy of powered and manual toothbrushes under supervised and unsupervised conditions: A comparative clinical study p. 235
S Kallar, IK Pandit, N Srivastava, N Gugnani
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Feeding plate for a neonate with Pierre Robin sequence p. 239
J Radhakrishnan, A Sharma
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Dentigerous cyst containing multiple impacted teeth: A rare case report p. 244
M Rohilla, R Namdev, S Dutta
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Talon cusp in a primary incisor: A rare entity p. 248
A Kapur, A Goyal, S Bhatia
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Cleidocranial dysplasia: A report of two cases p. 251
DN Mehta, RV Vachhani, MB Patel
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Peripheral ossifying fibroma in the maxillary arch p. 255
VA Trasad, GM Devarsa, VV Subba Reddy, ND Shashikiran
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Vertex occlusal radiography in localizing unerupted mesiodentes p. 260
P Chalakkal, AM Thomas, F Akkara, Ida de Noronha de Ataide
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Laser-assisted gingivectomy in pediatric patients: A novel alternative treatment p. 264
G Gontiya, S Bhatnagar, U Mohandas, SR Galgali
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Lingual thyroid in children p. 270
P Singhal, KR Sharma, A Singhal
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Correction of skeletal Class III in a growing male patient by reverse pull facemask p. 273
P Kapoor, OP Kharbanda
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Familial hypophosphatemic rickets p. 278
S Vivekanandan
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