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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2018| September-October  | Volume 21 | Issue 5  

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Heartiset greetings from the editorial team p. 461
Aditya Mitra, Chandrani Adhikari
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Apexification: A systematic review p. 462
Fabricio Guerrero, Asunción Mendoza, David Ribas, Karla Aspiazu
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Biodentine versus mineral trioxide aggregate as a direct pulp capping material for human mature permanent teeth – A systematic review p. 466
Salah H Mahmoud, Salwa A El-Negoly, Ahmed M Zaen El-Din, Mona H El-Zekrid, Lamyaa M Grawish, Hala M Grawish, Mohammed E Grawish
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The influence of ProTaper and WaveOne on apically extruded debris: A systematic review and meta-analysis p. 474
Chen Zhang, Jun Liu, Lingshuang Liu
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The internal anatomy of danger zone of mandibular molars: A cone-beam computed tomography study p. 481
Sheila Silva Leite Pinto, Renata Ximenes Lins, Marília Fagury Videira Marceliano-Alves, Michelle Da Silveira Guimarães, Barbara Alves Da Fonseca, Antonio Ermelindo Radetic, Ália Regina Neves De Paula Porto, Hélio Pereira Lopes
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Clinical evaluation of self-adhering flowable composite versus conventional flowable composite in conservative Class I cavities: Randomized controlled trial p. 485
Omar Osama Shaalan, Eman Abou-Auf, Amira Farid El Zoghby
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Porosity analysis of mineral trioxide aggregate Fillapex and BioRoot cements for use in endodontics using microcomputed tomography p. 491
Fabricio Guerrero, Esther Berástegui, Karla Aspiazu
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Comparative evaluation of a low-level laser and topical desensitizing agent for treating dentinal hypersensitivity: A randomized controlled trial p. 495
R Praveen, Sophia Thakur, M Kirthiga, M Narmatha
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Effect of different concentrations of carbamide peroxide on the staining susceptibility of resin composites p. 500
Behnaz Esmaeili, Ghazaleh Ahmadi Zenouz, Faezeh Khazaei, Ghazaleh Daryakenari, Ali Bizhani
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Stress distribution in a tooth treated through minimally invasive access compared to one treated through traditional access: A finite element analysis study p. 505
Chad Allen, Clark A Meyer, Eunguk Yoo, Jose Aldair Vargas, Ying Liu, Poorya Jalali
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Clinical performance of resin-modified glass ionomer cement, flowable composite, and polyacid-modified resin composite in noncarious cervical lesions: One-year follow-up p. 510
Syed Nazia Hussainy, Iffat Nasim, Toby Thomas, Manish Ranjan
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Comparative evaluation of grape seed and cranberry extracts in preventing enamel erosion: An optical emission spectrometric analysis p. 516
Mahalakshmi Nandakumar, Iffat Nasim
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Effect of root canal preparation, obturation, and retreatment on the induction of dentinal microcracks: A microcomputed tomography study p. 521
Apoorva Jain, Vineeta Nikhil, Parul Bansal
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Cone-beam computed tomographic analysis of middle mesial canals and isthmus in mesial roots of mandibular first molars-prevalence and related factors p. 526
Swati Srivastava, Noura A Alrogaibah, Ghadeer Aljarbou
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Spectrophotometric evaluation of white spot lesion treatment using novel resin infiltration material (ICON®) p. 531
Krishna L Prasada, Purnima Kumari Penta, KM Ramya
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Comparative evaluation of remineralizing efficacy of biomimetic self-assembling peptide on artificially induced enamel lesions: An in vitro study p. 536
Dina Kamal, Hassan Hassanein, Dina Elkassas, Heba Hamza
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Effect of alcoholic beverages on shear bond strength of composites to enamel p. 542
Udaya Kumar Palani Swamy, Ankita Reddy Amravai, Sairam Reddy Mandadi, Aisha Habeeb
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Assessment of pain and dissolution of apically extruded sealers and their effect on the periradicular tissues p. 546
Govind Shashirekha, Amit Jena, Satabdi Pattanaik, Jyotirmayee Rath
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Effect of ultrasonic activation on calcium ion quantification, smear layer removal, and canal cleaning efficacy of demineralizing irrigants p. 551
Naren Ramachandran, Rajesh Podar, Shishir Singh, Gaurav Kulkarni, Shifali Dadu
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Stress distribution in endodontically treated abfracted mandibular premolar restored with different cements and crowns: A three-dimensional finite element analysis p. 557
Mamta Kaushik, Uday Kumar, Roshni Sharma, Neha Mehra, Ajita Rathi
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Prevention of coronal discoloration induced by root canal sealer remnants using Dentin Bonding agent: An in vitro study p. 562
Tan Peik Khim, Venukumar Sanggar, Tey Wei Shan, Koay Chong Peng, J Sylvia Western, Daniel Devaprakash Dicksit
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Intracanal heating of sodium hypochlorite: Scanning electron microscope evaluation of root canal walls p. 569
Alfredo Iandolo, Massimo Amato, Alberto Dagna, Claudio Poggio, Dina Abdellatif, Vittorio Franco, Giuseppe Pantaleo
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Endodontic management of double dens invaginatus in maxillary central incisor p. 574
Vishnupriya Koteeswaran, Sooriaprakas Chandrasekaran, Velmurugan Natanasabapathy
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Endodontic management of invasive cervical resorption: Report of two cases p. 578
P Karunakar, Raji Viola Soloman, Buragadda Anusha, Madanala Nagarjun
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Deducing a surgical dilemma using a novel three dimensional printing technique p. 582
Dhaval Bhadra, Nimisha C Shah, Ankit Arora, Meetkumar S Dedania
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